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Journal of Korean Language and Culture

  • - 주제 : 어문학분야 > 언어학
  • - 성격 : 학술지
  • - 간기: 연3회
  • - 국내 등재 : KCI 등재
  • - 해외 등재 : -
  • - ISSN : 1598-1576
  • - 간행물명 변경 사항 : 한양어문(~2001) → 한국언어문화(2001~)
수록 범위 : 46권 0호 (2011)

인문학으로 새 지평 열기 - 언어학을 중심으로 -

윤석민 ( Youn Soeg-min )
The saying “Crisis of Humanities” does not mean the uselessness of humanities, but an earnest wish for new humanities which is different from humanities until now. I think that the very new humanities must show new prospect which can make us get over many problems of this ages. Therefore that humanities must be a communicative humanities which gets over alienation and conflict, and have such central codes as diversity, combine and consilience. diversity can compensate for weakness of unicity, combine can remedy weakness of separation and consilience can make us transgress weakness of obstinateness. I prove it with linguistic examples which help us to have solved many periodic problems. In 1444 Invention of new writting system, Hun-min-jeong-eum, by king Sejong helped to make our society be a information oriented society and Study on korean by scholars of Silhak in middle of Joseon dynasty have function to make people feel national sprit. Moreover study on korean and korean orthography in japanese colonial era means directly to show the sprit of korean independence.

질문의 경로를 바꿔라 - 시대 변화와 인문학적 사유 -

정민 ( Jung Min )
The oldest one is the newest. Just as every new one appears, it`s already old. It is the substance of humanities craze these days to find out new meaning with excitement. Are humanities really an alternative? Is it a new hope? As far as the cycle of humane destiny doesn`t change, every human life is same in the beginning, the Middle Ages, modern times, or even today. The speed doesn`t make difference between Joseon period`s letter delivered by people through days and super high speed optical LAN e-mail. As it speeds up millions times, they think the speed of life and culture is improved. It`s a tragic misunderstanding. If it speeds up, thought is gone. It`s useless to be too excited at sudden craze of humanities. Although it can be better than failure, the rosy future that the craze will expand to employment and social activity is not to be expected. The call for humanities has increased explosively, but people don`t know what they want about humanities. Therefore humanities are always in a crisis. There isn`t new one under the sun. All the new ones we devised are just a variation of worn-out old one. The culture has power when it confirms universality not spreads particularity. It is the time when we should believe that the most Korean thing has global power. The harder I make a sound, the easier others can hear. One should have their own color and voice, when studying.

애플, 인문학 그리고 하이컨셉 시대

這文章分析强調人文學的「?果」公司的事例察看我們時代人文學的方向。 爲了這個, 首先察看了「?果」的人文學特性。我整理「?果」CEO,史?夫ㆍ喬布斯對人文學影響科技中心的尖端産業。 他是初次經營者人把文學感性給科技。所以,「?果」能生産創新的産品,創造新市場。他提出方向成功以來,「英特爾公司」,「谷歌」, 「三星公司」表示,我們正在把人文學特性添企業中。現在,除非科技具有人文學的眼界, 才能知道具備成功得基礎。由于這時代搬到?高槪念于信息社會, 因此這樣變化能做。 我察看感性, 創造性, 美學的判斷重要高槪念時代和人文學發達條件。最后, 我把現階段人文學任務提示結論。 現在人文學正在造 `成功好像人的面孔` 再産業資本的世界。 在?高槪念的時代, 人文學和人文學想象力要受到歡迎,擴散出去領域

박영근 시의 탈식민주의적인 고찰

강정구 ( Kang Jeong-gu ) , 김종회 ( Kim Jong-hoi )
Park, Yeong-gun`s literature shows post-colonialism. But Many scholars have read the tendency that is a sort of ideology of the theory of minjokmunhak in the Park, Yeong-gun`s literature. This paper studys on post-colonialistic nature in the Park, Yeong-gun`s literature. Firstly, in the In front Public Notice on the Working laborer show mimic desire on the desire of capital and variety of life. In his poem, labor is being of variety and plural images. Laber is mimic on the capital. And in his work The Rank and KIm, Mi-sun`s Biography, Laborer is being gotten between capital and labor. Laborer is expressed with contradictive, and divisive. So laborer in his poem occure the overturn of discourse of labor. In his work Does the Star open Eyes?, That Flowers is Inconvenient, and I flow and lay down a Constellation, Poetic narrator reflect the Symbolic of capital fundamental. He denies the images on the Symbolic of capital, and finds laborer or human`s being itself.

염상섭의 시조(時調)론과 조선정서론

김경수 ( Kim Kyung-soo )
Yeom Sang-Seop`s literary view on the Sijo(時調), the traditional Korean literary form is exemplary. His concerns on Sijo is, in some extent, related with the discussion of revival of the genre of Sijo in 1920s. But his active concerns on Sijo is in principle rooted in the awareness that the literary taste of a national community is decided by mother-tongue language of a country. His ideas on Sijo was stirred by experiences of the Japanese traditional poetry genre, Waka(和歌), and Haiku(俳句) during his second trip to the colonial Japan. Through this comparative literary perspective, he could recognize the inevitable relations of the modern Korean literature and the Korean language. His awareness og the Korean alpgabet, Hangeul is the result of this sort of literary quests. Thist is the reason that he continually pointed out many damages of using the Chinese alphabet(漢文), in despite of the background of his growth and education as a Confucian student. And this awakening made propeled him to the protection and propagation of Hangeul and Hangeul fiction as a genre that was novelized into the modern Korean during the colonial ages of 18th centuries.

영화 < 일 포스티노(Il Postino) >의 `비유` 연구

김중철 ( Kim Joong-chul )
This thesis is a study on the aspects and meaning of `metaphor` in the film Il postino directed by Michael Radford. This film treats of poetry and metaphor. This film has many explanations and scenes about poetry and metaphor. In this film story, Pablo Neruda and Mario tells about those. In addition to that, this film shows many poetic scenes and metaphoric images. Therefore Il postino suggests that there is some resemblance between a film and a poetry(literature). Metaphor connotes a similarity or an analogy between A and B. From the viewpoint of that Il postino explains metaphorically about metaphor. Because this film deals with metaphor in contents and in method. In contents, Mario and Neruda become intimate with mutually through metaphorical expressions, and the other characters make free use of abundant metaphor. In method, this film has many lyrical, symbolic scenes, and romantic, pathetic background music. Il postino connects between Mario and Neruda, mediates between daily language and poetic language, intervenes between literature and film. In brief, Il postino is filled with metaphor. Metaphor is not only literary embellishments or rhetorical flourishes but also method of understand and explain the world. To sum up, Metaphor is a frame of analyze and interpretate this film.
This article has the aim to improve the discussion education in a university. About 21C, the universities of Korea have decided the speaking or the debate course into a general education system for reconsidering the communicative competence and the problem-solving ability of students. The discussion education has been performing a role as a general education to build the qualification to be a subject leaders who is able to lead autonomously himself in the critical and creative thinking, the smoothly and open communication and the communality and cultural life in the knowledge and information society. However, as they have taught mainly an insistence of a topic and an inspection of evidence for it and the importance of rational decision in the discussion education, it has been promoted the sense of excessive competition. Therefore, the discussion education need to improve this problem through `How` rather than `What` There were applied the study collecting student`s instructional materials and studying it. According to this procedure, the discussion education was applied to the transactional perspective. It is the course that the students are able to learn that the transaction is possible between `You` and `I` in a positive competition, also the organizing ability and the activity to make and operate a team, as well as the behavior of the mutual respect and the mutual cooperation, ultimately Sympathies through collaborative learning. As a result, the students were heightened their sense of accomplishment and confidence. Because the education in universities vary depending on learning students and it`s time, the longitudinal study for improvement of it`s curriculum will be the progressive study.

<마녀배달부 키키>, 성장과 수행의 거리

박기수 ( Park Ki Soo )
< Kiki`s Delivery Service > is an initiation story. Since it has such a stable storyline and plot, it is considered as a very high-quality work. Usage of typical initiation story and a higher destiny of narrative may power the degree of completion of the narrative structure however; it does not mean that it is going to support the legitimacy of the growth. Therefore, this article investigated the narrative structure in < Kiki`s Delivery Service > by analyzing the text. The girl was determined as the alternative signifiers, and the Coriko, which is the setting with beautiful landscapes and plastic space was determined in the view of the characteristic of the setting. This article arranged `growing up` under three categories, the separation of the passage rite, development, integration. `Separation`, which follows the symbolic actions as isolation from the society, is shown when Kiki wears the witch clothes and leaves her house. `Development` is a learning process of interiorizing the value, which is shown when she finds her identity and develops her abilities in an unfamiliar city. `Integration`, accomplishing the virtue that a society requires, is shown when Kiki saves Tombo by using her abilities, finds her identity, and gets a new status. By passing these passage rites, Kiki internalizes her identity and the fact that she has to work hard to improve her abilities, and that she has to have kindness and empathy to others. This is the alternative to distinguish her with male or a boy; however, its results came up with a reterritorialization. In addition, the Coriko, which is a land of no conflicts nor incongruity, unlike reality shows the limit since it is too romantic.Lack of researching of reality cannot be the alternative of the reality. This is why the < Kiki`s Delivery Service > pursuits for story of practice but cannot be the genuine initiation story.

문화콘텐츠로서 도깨비 서사의 가치와 활용 가능성

박수진 ( Park Su-jin )
This paper is aimed at not only grasping how Doggaebi narrative is being utilized in the age of cultural contents, but also suggesting better direction of developing contents with investigating values of the cultural original form revealed by Doggaebi narrative. Doggaebi narrative is widely used as cultural contents, including juvenile literature, a cartoon, a theme park, a performance, and a character design and so on. Since classical epics are perceived as significant contents in the present, this current situation that Doggaebi narrative is used as cultural contents is positive. However Doggaebi narrative or character used for individual contents has been passed down without our own traditional and original properties. We need to appreciate the mental mechanism our race has had about Doggaebi to vitalize One Source Multi Use with traditional value as the cultural contents. To achieve this, I study the aspect how Doggaebi narrative has been transmitted in both the lore and the literary-type story. I attempt to grasp the origin of Doggaebi in the literary-type story, and comprehend the universal awareness and emotion in the lore. Thereby the origin of Doggaebi is confirmed as the God of civil engineering and the God of disease, and this substance is also accepted in the lore. In the lore, particularly, I can confirm that Doggaebi is comprehended as a being which has moral, friendly, enjoyable, fantastic, transcendental properties. On the basis of this, I sustain the properties of the cultural original form, and suggest storytelling which can evoke sympathy from a current point of view. As classical epics can lead sympathy based on the universality of our race in a new age and a cultural environment, classical epics used for cultural contents are distinctly inspiring. However we have to consider identity of the appreciation class and the individual works for classical epics to have value invariably. And we must discuss mentality and desire of the public about classical epics in depth.
The Korean language has a number of expressions about Ki (氣) and Do (道); we often hear, write, and understand expressions such as `ki-ka sey-ta (strong-minded)` `ki-ka yakha-ta (weak-minded)`, `doin (guru)` `do-lul tak-ta (cultivate oneself).` Language and culture are closely related from the point of cultural linguistics and linguistic anthropology. The fact that a language contains many expressions about a certain phenomenon means that there exists a related culture. The fact that Korean utilizes Ki and Do in its vocabulary means that there is a cultural significance in it. This paper examines the relationship between breathing, Ki and Do, specifically how ki is made in our body through breathing and how the Ki is related to Do. Taekuk Breathing, which is a kind of `Tanjun breathing`, gathers Ki towards lower tanjun and moves it around the Kido in our body. We can reach the level of do through Kido. I believe that it is important to grow our Ki and Do physically and mentally in this modern society. This paper will explain why it is so and what `Taekukjungdo` is striving for in this respect.
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