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Environmental and Resource Economics Review

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  • - 성격 : 학술지
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  • - 국내 등재 : KCI 등재
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  • - ISSN : 1229-9146
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수록 범위 : 11권 4호 (2002)
This paper investigates effect of gasoline price liberalization on price elasticity of gasoline demand. By using a model where a consumer optimizes her gasoline consumption and number of visits to gas station, we derive price elasticity of gasoline demand and its response to variation of size and frequency in price changes. It shows that price elasticity is decreased with increase in the size and frequency when the price rises. Since price liberalization increases the frequency but reduces the size, the effect of the liberalization on the price elasticity may not be determined. However, price liberalization can make the elasticity higher when the size reduction effect exceeds the frequency increase effect, which the size reduction effect exceed the frequency increase effect, which is consistent with empirical evidence provided by existing studies.
In recent days, it has been significantly suggested that the promotion of sustainable forest management will play an important role in ameliorating atmospheric carbon. In this respect, we intend to investigate the dynamic impact of the global timber market on carbon flux of forest through net carbon release into the atmosphere. For this purpose, we integrated the TSM 2000 with TCM to simulate the projection of net carbon release of the global timber market over 90 years, starting 1995. As a result, we identified that the global timber market increases the carbon dioxide concentration about 1.9% over next 90 years; hence results in a positive effect on global warming. For sensitivity analysis, we performed these procedures under three different timber demand growth scenarios.

발전부문별 국민경제적 파급효과 분석 - 산업연관분석을 적용하여 -

곽승준 ( Seung Jun Kwak ) , 유승훈 ( Seung Hoon Yoo ) , 한상용 ( Sang Yong Han )
The electric power industry has played an important role in dramatic economic development in Korea and the electricity has constituted a critical factor sustaining the well-being of the Korean people. This study uses input-output analysis to investigate the role of four electric power sectors (hydro-electric, fossil-fuels, nuclear and non-utility) in the Korean national economy for the period 1985-1998, focusing on four topics: the impacts of electricity supply investments, the electricity supply shortage effects, and the impacts of the rise in electricity rates, and the inter-industry linkage effect. The overall results reveal that non-utility electric sector is superior in terms of the national economy-wide effects to other three sectors throughout the period. Finally, potential uses of the results are illustrated from the perspective of policy instruments and some policy implications are discussed.

Multinomial Probit 모형을 이용한 가정용 난방연료 선택에 관한 연구

김연배 ( Yeon Bae Kim ) , 신성윤 ( Seong Yun Shin )
국민소득이 빠르게 증가함에 따라 1990년대 이후 가정용 난방연료의 소비구조 역시 크게 변화하고 있다. 본 연구는 에너지 및 교통수요분석에 많이 사용되는 Multinomial Probit 모형을 이용하여 가정용 난방연료의 선택 행태를 분석하였다. 모형의 추정방법으로는 베이지안(Baysian) 방법론에 의한 Gibbs Sampling기법(McCollluch et al., 2000)을 이용하여 Multinomial probit 모형에서 선택대안이 3개 이상일 경우 발생할 수 있는 추정상의 어려움을 극복하였다. 한국가구패널조사(KHPS)자료를 이용하여 서울과 경기도 대도시 지역을 대상으로 분석한 결과, 석유와 천연가스가 연탄에 비해 더 밀접한 상호 대체관계를 가지고 있는 것으로 나타났다. 또한 소득이 높은 가구일수록 천연가스에 대한 선호도가 더 높은 것으로 나타나서 향후 공급망 확대에 따라 난방연료용 가스 소비가 더욱 늘어날 것으로 예상된다.

지역냉방 열원의 수요모형에 관한 연구

김진형 ( Jin Hyung Kim ) , 최병렬 ( Byung Ryeal Choi )
This study presents a demand modeling for landfill gas, which is used as alternative energy source for district cooling business. By analyzing the cost minimizing behavior of producer facing with three alternative energy sources such as electricity, cooling heat water, and gas, a demand function for landfill gas is derived fro, the optimal operating time of gas fired production facility, and estimated using unpublished data, which are associated with Seoul city`s development plan for Sang-am area. The estimation results repeals that Seoul City could supply the land-fill gas of 13.76 million cubic meters each year at the price of about 16 won per cubic meters. However, if the investment costs associated with installation of gas collecting facilities are treated as sunk costs, annual amount of gas supplied is expected to increase to 14.22 million cubic meters at a lower unit price of 14.76 won.
This study used a discrete choice model to investigate an association between air pollution and hospital visits for acute respiratory symptoms with the national health interview survey conducted in 1998 in South Korea. The results showed that NO₂ and TSP were significantly related to hospital visits in a single-pollutant model, but when they were simultaneously considered, only NO₂ remained significant. It was estimated as NO₂ level increased by 10% (0.0027ppm) from 0.027ppm (the mean NO₂ level), hospital visits increase by 0.176%. This study also measured respondent`s out-of-pocket expense and the time cost for commuting and waiting for the visit. We found that on the average, out-of-pocket expense is 5,600 won per hospital visits, but the total cost per hospital visit is measured at 33,440 won with time cost of commuting and waiting at 27,840 won. Time cost was over 63.6∼83.3% of the total cost per hospital visit.
This paper makes some contributions on optimal environmental taxes in the generalized utilitarian social welfare function. It is not to suggest as to appropriate environmental tax rates but to contribute the direction of environmental tax policy. The tax rates depend on parameters of individual utility function (CES utility function) and social welfare function and income tax rate. The major findings are that, as the elasticity of substitution between labor and leisure and the concavity of social welfare function increase, both the optimal tax rates and the government demogrants rise. And, as the parameter of environmental pollution in the individual utility function increases, the optimal tax rates also increase. For the future study, this model involves the income tax and the capital tax as endogenous variables and the wage changes due to international trade.

헤도닉가격기법을 이용한 자동차속성의 수요탄력성 추정

이성태 ( Sung Tae Lee ) , 이광석 ( Kwang Suck Lee )
본 연구는 헤도닉가격기법과 비교정태분석을 사용하여 휘발유가격에 대한 자동차의 연료효율성과 속성의 수요탄력성을 추정한 것이다. 탄력성을 추정하는 데에는 휘발유가격에 대한 장기간의 시계열자료 대신 분석의 기준년도인 2001년의 평균휘발유 가격이 사용되었으며, 그리고 2001년에 한국에서 새로 출시된 110개 자동차 모델에 대한 자료가 이용되었다. 분석의 대상이 되는 자동차의 속성으로는 디자인, 실내공간의 넓이, 엔진 배기량, 장착가능한 편의장치, 그리고 연비 등을 포함시켰다. 휘발유가격에 대한 연료효율성의 장기적인 수요탄력성은 0.366으로 추정되었다. 그 외 속성들의 수요탄력성도 비탄력적인 것으로 도출되었다. 따라서, 휘발유가격은 자동차의 속성들과 연료효율성의 소비에 큰 영향을 미치지 않는 것으로 해석할 수 있다.