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The Quarterly Journal of Defense Policy Studies

  • - 주제 : 사회과학분야 > 정치/외교학
  • - 성격 : 학술지
  • - 간기: 계간
  • - 국내 등재 : KCI 등재
  • - 해외 등재 : -
  • - ISSN : 1598-6101
  • - 간행물명 변경 사항 : 국방논집(~1994) → 국방정책연구(1995~)
수록 범위 : 129권 0호 (2020)

비전통 안보의 재조명: 코로나 19 시대 이후의 새로운 방향 모색

한국국방연구원|국방정책연구  129권 0호, 2020 pp. 9-57 ( 총 49 pages)
This paper attempts to examine the importance of non-traditional security threats and new security paradigm, which has been reemphasized ever since the COVID-19 pandemic crisis. At first, we point out the reasons why the existing academic efforts have fallen short of suggesting the new expectation and direction of international cooperation. This paper also focuses on the current tendency toward state-centric view which has been reappeared by the combining effects between military and non-military factors. Finally, we try to analyze our future challenges in the post-COVID 19 pandemic era, which mainly stemmed from the breakdown of governance and following security failure in the middle of rapid transition toward digitized society.

포스트 코로나 시대의 국제질서

한국국방연구원|국방정책연구  129권 0호, 2020 pp. 59-86 ( 총 28 pages)
This study is to explore the Post-COVID-19 international order through caused process. The findings of this study are followed. The COVID-19 outbreak ended in a short period of time brought in the protectionism due to the collapse of the GSC, low growth, and high unemployment. The rise of China may accelerate power transition between US and China, which could intensify the US-China relations from strategic rivalry to 'New Cold War'. If the COVID-19 prolongs more than 4 years, the world will suffer from the great depression. Under the great depression "economic nationalism" is likely to replace globalization, and international trade will be done on strict reciprocity. In international politics, The U.S. and China can voluntarily reduce their global roles, which transform G2 into a multipolarity. Moreover, the weakness of global governance and the absence of a world police state could lead to an rule-less anarchy. International disputes are intensified, self-reliance is strengthened, and states seeking low-cost and high efficiency security means will be tempted by WMD. The relationship between the US and China is likely to develop into uneasy, fluid coexistence.

비전통 위협에 대한 군의 역할 연구: 재난 분야를 중심으로

한국국방연구원|국방정책연구  129권 0호, 2020 pp. 87-110 ( 총 24 pages)
The importance of comprehensive security at the national level has been emphasized with direct and indirect experiences with various disasters, terrorism, and cyber events since 2000 along with the Corona 19 incident. Futhermore, there is a demand for an active role expansion against non-traditional threats at the defense level. Accordingly, the Ministry of Defense has emphasized omnidirectional security threats, including non-traditional threats, as the core contents of the basic defense policy and defense reform. However, the disaster field is still recognized as a concept of an ancillary mission that utilize the remaining capacity of the defense. Therefore, the role of the military was re-established in order to expand its role in the disaster field more actively in the wake of the Corona 19 incident, and a direction of development was suggested to efficiently perform the perform the role of the military.

코로나 19 이후 국방예산 획득 환경 전망

한국국방연구원|국방정책연구  129권 0호, 2020 pp. 111-137 ( 총 27 pages)
This study examined the New-Normal and examined the changes in the environment of acquiring defense budget after COVID-19. When the Ministry of Strategy and Finance judges the size of the government budget, it looks at what the major variables are considered, and what changes the major variables cause after COVID-19. In other words, as a security threat, we examined non-traditional security threats and neighboring countries and inter-Korean relations. We have looked at the economic and financial environment, and it is predicted that our economy will be seriously hit by the accelerated de-globalization of COVID-19. The expansionary fiscal expenditures such as additional budgets worsen the fiscal soundness and the defense financial conditions are not good, and the changes in the internal conditions of the defense due to COVID-19 were examined. As a resolution, the paradigm shift in defense operations and policy alternatives to defense finance operations were presented.

북한의 ‘4대 강군화 노선’ 연구: 중국과의 비교와 함의

한국국방연구원|국방정책연구  129권 0호, 2020 pp. 139-172 ( 총 34 pages)
Nuclear weapons do not have the same reliability as “All-round sword” that can deter all levels of conflict or provocation. Therefore, nuclear states must seek an appropriate “Mix of forces” of nuclear weapons and conventional forces for their security. And, in this process, “Security environment” and “Resource constraints” function as important variables. In the 1980s, China implemented a policy that prioritized economic construction in the construction of military forces while pushing for reform and opening. Then, after economic growth reached a certain level, it pursued full-fledged conventional military buildup. On the other hand, North Korea, under the reign of Kim Jong Un has been pursuing a strategy to concentrate all its energy on economic construction since possessing nuclear weapons, but rather is pursuing a policy to strengthen its conventional military power called the “Four powerful military lines.” This is because North Korea’s military policy is continuing with the strategic goal of “Changing the status quo” and controlling the reduction of its military armaments.

승자연합 네트워크 분석을 통해 본 김정은 정권의 안정성 평가

박종윤 , 임도빈
한국국방연구원|국방정책연구  129권 0호, 2020 pp. 173-207 ( 총 35 pages)
This study aims to analyze the characteristics and changes of the network through social network analysis based on the field guidance attendant under the Kim Jong-un regime's winning coalition. And we would like to apply the results to the electorate theory to examine Kim Jong-un's control of the North Korea’s winning coalition. The analysis found evidence that the Kim Jong-un regime's winning coalition was shrinking and reshaping, and that it was not grouped independently. If this is applied to the electorate theory, it can be said that Kim Jong-un has control over the winning coalition. This can be interpreted as a basis for the stability of the Kim Jong-un regime.

미군기지이전사업 관련 한미 간 쟁점, 해소 과정, 시사점

우정범 , 권남연 , 오승익
한국국방연구원|국방정책연구  129권 0호, 2020 pp. 209-233 ( 총 25 pages)
Relocation of U.S. military bases in Korea is in the final stage. This study aims to identify major issues during the relocation, analyze the causal relationship, and track the progress to draw implications in the process of resolving the issues. As a result, it was noted that the issues in terms of alternative facility requirement, cost sharing, in-kind provision, and moving service were eventually resolved through reasonable efforts by two countries. Although SOFA Joint Committee resolved differences in general, the agenda was treated by the diplomatic and security channels if necessary. In this process, Korea and the U.S. consented a considerable number of principles and standards, which can be referred to for future relocation of U.S. military facilities in Korea. The study suggests that both Korea and the U.S. should make a co-operative effort for the further development of the RoK-US alliance when pursuing the relocation of U.S. military facilities in Korea.

군 간부의 알코올 문제 잠재 프로파일 분석 및 자살 위험과의 관련성 탐색

박지연 , 박찬빈
한국국방연구원|국방정책연구  129권 0호, 2020 pp. 235-260 ( 총 26 pages)
This study aims to examine the subtypes of problematic alcohol use among ROK officers and non-commissioned officers(NCOs) and investigated the relationships between problematic alcohol use patterns and suicide risk variables. This research adopted a person-centered approach using latent profile analysis to understand the heterogeneity of individual response patterns on alcohol use which was undetected in variable-centered analyses. The problematic alcohol use group was selected based on the score of the alcohol addiction questionnaire in the Service Adaptation Inventory for officers and NCOs. The result of the latent profile analysis indicated that there were four latent profiles(α1, α2, β1, β2). Except for α1 profile, the other three profiles showed the risk of suicide ideation and suicide intention. These findings will be helpful in designing for mental health policies for ROK Officers and NCOs.
In a sample of 334 R.O.K Air Force fighter pilots, this study examined a mediated moderation model in which devil’s advocate moderated the relationship between leader openness and subordinate voice intention, and this moderating effect was mediated by psychological safety. Findings revealed that subordinate voice intention was positively related to leader openness. In addition, devil’s advocate moderated the relationship between leader openness and subordinate voice intention. Specifically, subordinate voice intention was significantly increased in low leader openness condition with presence of devil’s advocate, and this effect was mediated through psychological safety. The authors discuss the implications for these finding.

귀화자 병역의무화 정책의 타당성에 관한 연구

신다윗 , 김성현 , 김영곤
한국국방연구원|국방정책연구  129권 0호, 2020 pp. 299-328 ( 총 30 pages)
The people of South Korea are very sensitive when it comes to the subject of mandatory military service, and the discussion of the conscription of naturalized citizens may become a social issue. Therefore, this paper seeks to analyze the feasibility of conscripting naturalized citizens by identifying issues and conflicting views. The feasibility analysis of conscription of naturalized citizens is conducted through three criteria: military adaptability, social equity, and policy effectiveness. The analysis results show that the conscription of naturalized citizens is appropriate as Korean society faces inevitable flow toward diversified society. Further, this new policy will achieve greater social integration through the creation of the social capital and expansion of shared national sentiments.