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Journal of Special Education & Rehabilitation Science

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  • - 성격 : 학술지
  • - 간기: 계간
  • - 국내 등재 : KCI 등재
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  • - ISSN : 1738-7205
  • - 간행물명 변경 사항 :
수록 범위 : 42권 1호 (2003)

웹(Web) 기반 발달장애 진단 평가 시스템의 개발과 활용

이상복 ( Lee Sang Bok ) , 서경희 ( Seo Kyung Hee ) , 권명옥 ( Kwon Myung Ok ) , 서은정 ( Seo Eun Jung ) , 신윤희 ( Shin Yoon Hee ) , 이미경 ( Lee Mi Kyoung ) , 조민경 ( Jo Min Kyoung )
This study aimed at providing people dealing with developmental disabilities with web-based assessment application. it also aimed at supporting people dealing with developmental disabilities by providing them scientific, effective, and exact assessment instrument on-line. The results of the study showed as follows. Fist, the assessment program developed in the study provides a definite on-line system to assemble all the available data on each individual`s assessment. Second, it offers clear and definite methods for construction web-based assessment instruments. Third, it proves cost-effectiveness in terms of saving time, convenient recording, effective management, and exactness of its result. Fourth, it offers the base of Facilitating its standardization and of development of further assessment instruments.

치매 의심증상과 우울증상의 변별

김정모 ( Kim Jung Mo ) , 박선희 ( Park Sun Hee ) , 전영숙 ( Jeon Young Sook )
We reviewd symptoms of beginning dementia and depression in older adult and examined the differential characteristics of symptoms between them. Apathy, loss of initiative activity and decline of attention are the common symptoms, but the older adult with dementia see these symptoms as trivial, report the physical than affective symptoms and show effort for performance, whereas the older adult with depression overesmate the symptoms, ask for help, report the physicalas well as affective symptoms and show the loss of motivation. Results of this study suggest that the common symptoms like loss of activity can be differentiated with relation to dementia or to depression and enable initial diagnosis between beginning dementia and depression.

자기표출훈련이 학습부진아의 자기주장 행동과 대인관계에 미치는 효과

여광응 ( Yeo Kwang Eung ) , 박현옥 ( Park Hyeon Ok ) , 강옥화 ( Kang Ok Hwa )
The purpose of this study was to examine the effect on the degree of self-assertions and the change of the personal relations of children with learning disabilities through self-expression training. In this study, after appling the program for self-expression training to children with learning disabilities, we took three weeks of pre-test with ten of children with learning disabilities under the assumption that the degree of their self-assertions and the level of their personal relations would improve. And then we produced the average score and the standard deviation using data obtained from the results of applying the program for self-expression training for three months, and utilized t-testing in relation to the difference between the pre-test and post-test. The conclusion attained through this study was as follows: First, the program for self-expression training had not the effect on improving the self-assertion behaviors of children with learning disabilities. Second, the program for self-expression training had the effect on the positive change of personal relations of children with learning disabilities. The conclusion like this provides children with learning disabilities with the grounds for self-growth, and has the large significance in the guiding method for forming valuable personal relations.

웹지원 IEP 효율성에 관한 연구

이효신 ( Lee Hyo Shin ) , 김춘희 ( Kim Chun Hee ) , 김향지 ( Kim Hyang Ji ) , 유은정 ( Yoo Eun Jeong ) , 진홍신 ( Jin Hung Shin ) , 전미혜 ( Chon Mi Hae )
The purpose of this study was to clarify Web-supporting IEP efficiency. The subjects were 31 teachers of Kukje Rehabilitation Center and 11 parents of children with disabilities. As methodology, author formed questionnaire consistent with purpose of study based on previous researches, and used the frequency and percentage in the type of multiple-choice questions, then calculated the mean and standard deviation in the type of evaluation scale-applied questions, and arranged for descriptive questions by each subject. The results of research are shown like following; First, when compared with the existing manner of framing IEP based on manual work, the web-supporting IEP decreases the time and effort of framing it, in addition to be capable of revising, supplementing and deleting contents, and can get information from expert, which may lead to achieve qualitative educations. Second, in the web-supporting IEP which reflects the requests for supplementation, revision and deletion of IEP contents according to condition of children with the disabilities, group of experts provide teaching materials easy to use in home for users. And at same time, it controls overall educational procedure, and makes parents continually and systematically participate in the procedure that produces very high educational effect.

중증 마비성 실어증자의 언어재활 프로그램 개발을 위한 예비 연구 -연하 장애 치료 프로그램을 중심으로-

백은아 ( Paik Eun A ) , 노동우 ( Noh Dong Woo ) , 강수균 ( Kang Soo Kyoon ) , 구향숙 ( Koo Hyang-sook )
Swallowing is an important function for hydration and nourishment of the human body. The treatment of dysphagia is important because it reduces the chance of aspiration, which can lead to pneumonia. Neurological damage to any part of the swallowing mechanism-including tongue, teeth, lips, pharyx, larynx-cause dysphagia. The purpose of this study was to review the literature on the cause and treatment of dysphagia. The treatment options for dysphagia include direct/physical modification, such as posture control, sensory training, and massage, and indirect food modification. Based on data from treatment efficacy studies, an extensive intervention program that is suitable for Korean elderly patients in terms of their body type, age, and dietary custom.

교사중재의 구조화된 협동놀이가 발달지체유아에 대한 일반유아의 태도 변화에 미치는 영향

이효신 ( Lee Hyo-shin ) , 김태경 ( Kim Tae-kyung )
The purpose of this study was to investigate change of general preschoolers` attitude toward developmentally delayed preschooler when applying structured cooperation play to the latter in the integrated class. To identify the purpose, this study conducted survey to 40 preschoolers in 6~7 ages including 5 developmentally delayed preschoolers from the each of 2 integrated kindergartens. Results of study can summarized like followings; the structured cooperation play changed general preschoolers`s attitude toward developmentally delayed preschoolers in the positive way. In the post-period of experiment, they showed only prosocial behavior among positive interactions. And they showed one kind of negative interaction such as behavior of refusal in parts. Especially, they changed positive interaction voluntarily from mere curiosity to spontaneousness, which represents that teacher`s intervention through structured cooperation play is very important to positive interaction.

치매 노인의 언어재활 프로그램을 위한 의사소통 능력 분석 연구

손은남 ( Son Eun Nam ) , 강수균 ( Kang Soo Kyoon ) , 최경희 ( Choi Kyung Hee )
A discourse analysis provide important clinical information on how language is organized and used to express ideas in brain-injured patients. Both qualitative analysis of the discourse reveals the type or severity of language disorder that each patient exhibit. Most of standardized language assessment procedures do not give the speech-language pathologists full clinical picture about the functional of language, particularly in the elderly patient with dementia. Underidentification of language disorders in the elderly demented population is partly due to the lack of standardized procedures that can assess their languages use on a discourse level. The present study provide a theoretical bases for developing a qualitative and quantitative analysis of discourse in elderly patients with dementia.

노인성 마비성 조음 장애 환자의 언어재활프로그램 구안에 대한 예비연구

노동우 ( Noh Dong Woo ) , 백은아 ( Paik Eun A ) , 강수균 ( Kang Soo Kyoon ) , 구향숙 ( Koo Hyang Sook )
Dysarthria is a speech disorder that is due to a weakness or incoordination of the speech muscles. Speech is slow. weak. imprecise or uncoordinated. In the aged population, dysarthria can be caused by stroke, degenerative disease, infections, brain tumours, and toxins. Depending on the extent and location of damage to the nervous system, a person with dysarthria may experience abnormal voice production, reduced intellegible speech, slow or rapid rate of speech, and chewing or swallowing difficulties. Treatment depends on the cause, type, and severity of the symptoms. Speech therapy goals may include direct and indirect therapy, medical or surgical treatment, environmental control, and AAC. A interdisciplinary team approach and other treatment strategies were discussed in order to develop a intervention program for the older disarthric patients in Korea.