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  • - ISSN : 1598-2475
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수록 범위 : 15권 2호 (2010)

인간공학적 접근을 통한 화학제품 제조업체의 설비개선 방안 연구

양성환 ( Sung Hwan Yang )
The goal of this study is to propose the effective method of making improvement plans that prevents the workers against musculoskeletal disorders at chemical product companies and the same business field with similar working conditions and process. A questionnaire were adopted to analyze the symptoms of workers` musculoskeletal disorders, and an ergonomic assessment method such as RULA, OWAS were performed to find out harmful factors of workplace and working posture. Based on the result of the evaluation, to enhance the working environment, improvement of worktable, working space, tools, and outfit was suggested, and induction of mechanical system was also suggested. It can be concluded that the method and process described in this paper could be helpful for diagnosing the musculoskeletal disorders and making improvement plans to the chemical product companies and the same business field with similar working conditions and process.

T.A.B 실시 유무에 따른 대공간의 열환경 특성

승삼선 ( Sam Sun Seung ) , 이승철 ( Seung Chul Lee )
It is important to evaluate thermal environmental characteristics and the amenities in a large space such as a building with a performance hall. Because there are sometimes occurred inefficient HVAC system operation and excessive energy consumptions. Especially in a thermal environmental view, people feel thermal displeasure because of temperature differences between vertical and horizontal directions. We have performed thermal environmental characteristics analysis for N Korean performance arts center by using CFD techniques. Consequently we confirmed that supply flow balancing after T.A.B decreased thermal stratification locally and increased people`s thermal comfort. So it is necessary to carry out T.A.B for HVAC system in a large space. And it can be used as a fundamental design data for large space design.

대도시권의 교통 접근성 제고 방안

김현기 ( Hyun Gi Kim )
Accessibility is the generalized definition on how ease of access. Accessibility is used to appraise transportation project such as capturing the quality of the existing state of the transportation system at diverse spatial levels. It also reflects on the effect of improvements to the existing travel modes. The overall goal of this study is to propose a measure of traffic accessibility in the Metropolitan area which can analyze various behavior of travelers in the city and present applications. In this study, to analyze the comparison of 2001 and 2002 based on network data in the Metropolitan area. we show how the trips affect household income, auto ownership, mode choice and trip purpose in the transport system. In general, both high household income and male were increased trip in the Metropolitan area. Also, In case the number of cars in a household is one and more, trip in the Busan/Ulsan Metropolitan area was the biggest(76.0%), but Gwangju was the smallest(56.1%).

사출 성형품의 미성형 불량 최소화를 위한 6시그마 적용 사례 연구

문제옥 ( Je Ok Mun ) , 장중순 ( Joong Soon Jang )
This study is to apply the six sigma problem solving procedure for reducing informing defects in an injection molding process. various causes of informing defects were identified and then the several methods were derived through the DMAIC process. it was resulted in that defect rate was decreased to one queuter and the sigma level was increased form 3.91 to 4.31.

PCA 와 ICA 다변량 모니터링 성능 비교

김기태 ( Ki Tae Kim ) , 박부희 ( Boo Hee Park ) , 장중순 ( Joong Soon Jang ) , 정기윤 ( Ki Yoon Jeong ) , 김덕진 ( Duck Jin Kim )
In this paper, we compare a performance of principal component analysis(PCA) and independent component analysis (ICA) process monitoring which are multivariate process monitoring technique. ICA monitoring which is recently developed has been evaluated by compared with PCA monitoring. However there is only simple case to evaluate a performance of these monitoring in the many researches. It is not covered with many cases which can occur in diverse processes. In this paper, the monitoring performance is compared with applications to various simulations. The results of simulation present that these monitorings have a different preference according to process situations.

제품 공급사슬관리를 위한 최적 트레이 운용 시뮬레이션

김원경 ( Won Kyung Kim )
This paper studies the pull manufacturing system having four step distribution structure which is consisted of customer, factory, warehouse, and collaboration company. The loaded trays and empty trays are circulated through the system to supply the products to the customers. But if there is any instance making input and output unbalance, the circulation will be ceased which results in production stop because of the improper tray supply. This paper search the condition to prevent such problem by simulation. The optimal ordering and dispatching policy and tray supply chain management will be searched by controlling the oder and dispatch timing. The changes of inventory amount of each warehouse and factory are illustrated including the case of unbalance circulation. Promodel simulation language is used to implement this model.

고객만족 향상을 위한 HACCP 시스템의 관리방안 -소규모 베이커리를 중심으로-

임충묵 ( Choong Mook Lim ) , 엄기수 ( Kee Soo Eum )
The purpose of this study is to present HACCP management method for improving customer satisfaction in bakery industry. As a study method, literature review on HACCP and customer satisfaction and developing questionnaires through model design were done. Then, a survey was done to 206 customers who had experiences of visiting small size bakeries in Seoul or the national capital region. It was then statistically analyzed and examined. In conclusion, even though the respondents showed positive expectation that the certification of HACCP will have an effect on the factors of customer satisfaction like brand image, quality of product and service, facility and physical environment and so on, but as we proved in the course of study model`s hypothesis confirmation, actually, current promoting efforts and strategies of the government or related institutions to spread recognition of HACCP don`t have an meaningful effect on the factors of customer satisfaction.

밴딩크랙방지를 위한 자동차 도어체크 마운트 브라켓 고속생산시스템 개발

배용환 ( Yong Hwan Bae )
The anisotropy of sheet metal is important in bendability. The anisotropy in cold rolling sheets appears by the alignment of impurities, inclusions, and voids. The material ductility is reduced by this anisotropy. This anisotropy leads to cracks. Therefore, it is important to consider this anisotropy when designing progressive die. A automatic production system was developed for high productivity and safety. The conventional semi-progressive die is unfavorable for safety, material saving and high-speed production. By introducing two array type new progressive die for automobile door checker mount bracket, four times productivity more than conventional production methods is achieved. The press die parts solid modeling system is built by using Pro-Engineerⓡ through this research and verified allowable tolerance and possibility of assembly and disassembly of parts. Therefore, die manufacturing time and cost was reduced. The conventional die can produce 1000 products per hour, but new progressive die is able to produce 2000 an hour. The manufacturing cost curtailment effect is accomplished more than 40% in comparison with traditional method.

섬유표백 및 염색업종의 재해발생 현황과 예방대책

신승헌 ( Sung Heon Shin ) , 권용준 ( Yong Jun Kwon )
During the 1960`s through the 1970`s the bleaching and dyeing industry was the foundation of the industrial development of Korea as well as being the main industry of the Daegu area. Nowadays, the industry has declined and only small shops are still operating. In this study the status of the bleaching and dyeing industry and tendencies of industrial accidents in during 2002 to 2008 in the Daegu area has been conducted. The results indicate the number of shops and workers have both declined but the accident rate has increased slightly from 1.03% in 2002 to 1.26% in 2008. The cause for the slight increase in the accident rate was due to aged equipment, hazardous working conditions, and aging work force. The type of equipment related to the accidents were dyeing machines, rotary washers, and tenter. The type of accidents were dyeing machines, rotary washers, and tenter. The type of accidents were jamming, electrical shock, and collisions. When the shop size was classified in to groups of over 50 or under 50 workers, the accident rate of smaller shops were higher. The caused of accidents and a number of preventive actions to be taken are suggested in this study.

제조물 결함사고에 따른 제조물책임 관리활동 방안

장석주 ( Seog Ju Chang )
The rapid introduction of product liability has recently been a prevalent phenomenon, as global changes arising from rapid development in science and the economy have resulted in a highly interconnected world economy. This paper was based on current literature and business cases in the position of companies, and is one of the operating subjects in a system for legal responsibility in manufactured products. We analysed the customer`s behavior about the product defectiveness. There are limitations in the fact that research theories are only able to present a theoretical model and directions. In this context, managers and personnel of multiple companies cannot adequately respond to the recently enforced Product Liability Act (PL Act).
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