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  • - ISSN : 1598-2475
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수록 범위 : 15권 3호 (2010)

만족 극대화 측면의 경제적 접근에 따른 분임조 활동 분석

김만규 ( Man Kyun Kim )
This paper has the purpose to find out the causal model between CCA(Control Circle Activity) and performance. The core of the Economic approach is costs and benefits, and then give that to consider the relative price of the value of marginal utility to increase productivity in the concept of economic rationality, efficiency and profit are the interrelated concepts. Increased anger into action for the benefit of employees reflects the will of the employees performing work when given the economic interests of the company`s productivity improvement over the opposite side is the fact that you never know Select all of human behavior from stable to maximize their effectiveness in many types of environmental information and other inputs, the optimal amount of leverage that can be seen.

6시그마 기법을 적용한 제어인자의 작은 변동에 대한 반응인자의 개선사례

황인극 ( In Keuk Hwang ) , 최면중 ( Myun Jung Choi ) , 정락채 ( Lak Chae Chung )
Successful Six Sigma Development involves continual success of projects, each incrementally moving the organization closer to its strategic goals of shareholder return and customer satisfaction. Each project, in turn, progresses from its initial definition through the DMAIC cycle to maturity of financial reward. The objective of this paper is to develop a case study for the improvement of response factors in the small variation of control factors using Six Sigma method.

분말야금공장에서의 RFID/USN을 이용한 POP 시스템 설계 및 구현

박정재 ( Jung Jae Park ) , 조재형 ( Jae Hyung Cho )
This study develops a POP(point of production) system for real-time process control. There are many obstacles in the production line when the manufacturing system has no automatic data updating system such as MES/POP. To avoid serious problems, the product information of work-in-process should be updated automatically. In this study, ZigBee and RFID(Radio Frequence Identification) that is emerging technology in many different fields are used, and the system performs to a sintering industry to show the effectiveness. The system can reduce the entire production time and the manufacturing cost. The resulting of this study is to design and construct the automatic manufacturing system for sintering industry by integrating RFID and Zigbee in the system.

차기호위함 및 검독수리함 운영유지비 추정

최봉완 ( Bong Wan Choi ) , 안재경 ( Jae Kyoung Ahn )
In this study, attempts have been made to construct a standard cost specification structure fit for Korean Navy, and to estimate maintenance and operating costs of FFX, PKX-A, and PKX-B. The maintenance and operating costs of FFX along its whole life cycles, 30 years are estimated as 716.7 billion won via engineering analysis methods, while PKX-A, and PKX-B as 154.4billion won and 86.6 billion won, respectively. This study is expected to be able to provide meaningful decision making data for not only short and/or mid term operating planning but military budgeting.

가변적인 보관공간 크기가 가능한 창고시스템에서 동적 보관공간 계획 모형

장석화 ( Suk Hwa Chang ) , 신현재 ( Hyun Jae Shin )
This paper addresses the determination of the sizes and the numbers of storage bins in a warehouse system with variable storage bin size for the discrete and finite time period. The sizes of products that are stored in the warehouse are diverse and different according to the product. The maximum inventory amount of the product in a warehouse is changed dynamically for given time periods. The warehouse needs several sizes of storage bins to store products that are different in size. In each period, the sizes and the numbers of storage bins can be changed according to the size and the inventory amount of the products. The sizes and the numbers of storage bins which minimize cost are determined in each period during given time period. The cost factors are fixed cost when the sizes or the numbers of storage bin are changed and use cost for cubic size of total storage bins. The problem is analyzed and a mathematical model is formulated. And a dynamic programming algorithm is developed. A numerical example is shown to explain the algorithm.

현장 작업자를 위한 6시그마 DMAIC 추진 방법론 사례

문제옥 ( Je Ok Mun ) , 장중순 ( Joong Soon Jang )
Six sigma has been widely used in mast manufacturing industrial. the DMAIC process in adopted as the standard problem solving procedure. in these days, even field workers are to use that kind of problem solving procedure to prevent quality problems. it were it in not always easy too them to apply the standard DMAIC process equipped with various statistical tools are methods. this paper is to propose a new DMAIC procedure for field workers by selecting and rearranging those tools suitable for daily eye field problem from the conventional 6σ procedure.

방화화재의 방재대책에 관한 연구

공하성 ( Ha Sung Kong ) , 하헌우 ( Hun Woo Ha )
The arson fire of the Soong-rye gate, the National Treasure No 1, occurred last on Feb 20, 2008 and the arson fire of the Daegu Subway on 2003 are large terrible disaster and the accidents to give a tremendous shock to our society and to make all the people feel severity of the arson fire and the necessity of the disaster prevention measures. This research presents as disaster prevention measure of the arson fire; first, to appoint the day of cultural assets arson like Japan and to protect the cultural assets from the arson fire by instructing a regular prevention of fire and regulating a collaborative system on disaster prevention, second, to install surveillance cameras for illegal parking or stopping and to prevent that the fire engine is late for the fire site from illegal parking or stopping vehicles, third, to open the crime-ridden area of arson in advance and devise the measures on the arson fire beforehand, forth, to prevent the second conviction by personal disclosure and fifth, to reinforce the information activity of the arson fire through various media.

ISO 9000 품질경영시스템과 관련하여 조직구성원의 참여에 관한 연구

장경 ( Kyung Chang ) , 고현민 ( Hyun Min Ko ) , 곽신영 ( Shin Young Gwak )
Recently, internationally and domestically many business firms have confronted serious competitiveness, and they have been looking for how to be able not to perish and how to advance powerfully. One of the ways is to apply quality management system tools, where one of the most important goals is customer satisfaction. Customers exist inside and outside business firms. Without the full involvement of the latter customers, the powerful development of business firms would be but an empty dream. This paper studied consideration for the involvement of members in business organizations, its relationship with organization`s performance, member`s loyalty, etc. We found that various meaningful hypotheses hold, and they are necessary to be considered for the reinforcement of the active and positive involvement of employees.

기업가지향성, 신제품개발요인 및 신제품성과의 구조적 관계:중소제조기업을 중심으로

나상균 ( Sang Gyun Na ) , 나안균 ( An Gyun Na )
In this study, an analysis was performed to examine relationship among such preceding conditions for new product development as entrepreneurship orientation, new product development factors and new product performance on the basis of empirical studies on new product development by medium-sized manufacturing companies. The outcomes of the analysis could be summed up as follows: First, the analysis found that the entrepreneurship orientation is exerting influence upon the factors of new product development, implying that the pursuit of entrepreneurship orientation might exercise impact on the factors of new product development. The intensification of entrepreneurship may thus be regarded as extremely important in promoting entrepreneurship orientation in order for enterprises to upgrade the executing level of new product development factors. Second, it was revealed from the analysis that the new product development factors have influence upon product innovation performance as new product performance, which implies that the executing level of new product development factors may be differentiated from that of competitors and highly innovative products can thus be offered to clients. Third, in the analysis, new product development factors are found to have effects upon product development performance. This suggests that systematic management of new product development factors is an important element in performing new product development effectively and determining the way of new product development performance.

핵연료 노내조사시험설비의 고온 성능시험

안성호 ( Sung Ho Ahn ) , 정창용 ( Chang Yong Joung ) , 이종민 ( Jong Min Lee ) , 박수기 ( Su Ki Park )
Fuel test loop is a irradiation test facility which can conduct the irradiation tests of nuclear fuels and materials at HANARO. The fuel test loop simulates the operating conditions of commercial nuclear power plant to conduct the irradiation tests. The high temperature performance test of fuel test loop was performed with test fuels in commissioning stage. The reactor was started at the hot stand-by operation mode of fuel test loop and increased the power, and finally reached at full power (30MW). The experimental results show that the performance of high temperature operation such as temperature, pressure and flow satisfy the target operation values.
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