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  • - ISSN : 1598-2475
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수록 범위 : 19권 2호 (2014)

안전조끼 색상이 어두운 작업장에서 미치는 가시거리 측정 실험

고경환 ( Kyoung Hwan Ko ) , 손기상 ( Ki Ssng Son )
This study is to find out how Visual range and distance can give an positive that effect ensures safety at work site, varying the colours of workers safety vest at a construction sites. HSE clarifies what colour showed be applied at work site, but It may be doubted that this rule will be appropriate for them to perform new, too. The relevant regulations came into effect made long time ago, without a suitable change to relent trend the and recognition of the visibility of various colours.. These will be tested, at a site, with the main colours, applied in experiments, for the study.

서포트 벡터 머신을 이용한 질병의 진단에 관한 연구

홍정의 ( Jung Eui Hong )
Support Vector Machines (SVM) are supervised learning algorithms that analyze data and recognize patterns and used for classification and regression analysis. Specially, SVM is an linear classifier to perform in such a way as to minimize the generalization error. In this study, SVM apply to diagnosis breast cancer. Breast cancer test data have 9 test parameters 2 class and 683 patients. Randomly select some patients as a train data for SVM train and predict the other patient data. The diagnosis results are compared with both different train data size and different training parameters.
In this study, critical-to-quality attributes (CTQs) of film products were identified using a quality function deployment (QFD) technique, and the detail operations that should be prioritized for improvement were confirmed. QFD is a method for making product design reflect customers` aesthetics; it allows manufactures to turn the abstract demands of customers into concrete reality. Despite the poor market situation, with a depressed global market and oversupply at low prices, the film industry has bright prospects based on the trend of packaging simplification or growth in high-value-added information technology (IT) industries such as LCD manufacturing. As a reflection of the characteristics of the film industry, this study revised and used two phases of houses instead of the four phases conventionally used to convey the customer`s demands to manufacturing. In total, nine steps were applied in each phase. To determine the priorities of the customer`s demands, the analytic hierarchy process (AHP) was used for consistent evaluation. In the results, customers generally required the usability to be improved. Thus, the in-process quality level needs to be improved.

열간 압연롤 응력증폭계수 예측 모델 개발

배용환 ( Yong Hwan Bae )
Roll wear is a complex process where mechanical and thermal fatigue combines with impact, abrasion, adhesion and corrosion, which all depend on rolling system interactions rather than material characteristics only. The principal aim of this study is focused to the relationship between the rolling campaign, the pass schedule and work roll stress amplification by wear model and work roll fatigue damage. The roll wear and stress amplication prediction model are developed on real process working condition in computer. Wear pattern is calculated with various hot rolling pass schedule. The stress amplification effect in worn roll is proved through FEA by using ANSYS Workbenchⓡ. The stress amplification factor is calculated by comparision normal contact in dressing roll with abnormal contact at worn roll edge.

에너지 개선을 위한 유형 분류 및 실천 방안

송경일 ( Kyung Il Song ) , 장중순 ( Joong Soon Jang )
An attention on the global warming is increasing rapidly. As the other side of the coin, there exist relentless energy consumptions in the world. Energy consumed in industry, public and domestic sectors is increasing. This paper shows the analysis of category for energy improvement and suggest the guideline for reducing energy consumption as well as using the energy efficiently.

6시그마 실행을 위한 핵심성공요인의 평가에 관한 연구

이용건 ( Yong Keon Lee ) , 류태수 ( Tae Soo Ryu )
The major aim of this study is to identify the success factors of Six Sigma Implementation methodology for the creation of Six Sigma Performance so that many firms continue to allow innovative activities. To this end, through a review of previous studies and brainstorming with expert group, three performance factors and seven success factors were derived. In order to analyze these factors, this study conducted the Analytical Hierarchy Process(AHP) with the firm``s BB and MBB who continue to deploy Six Sigma activities for over 10 years. As a result, the support and interest in management, project selection and management, and education and training is important to be analyzed. This study has its significance that it provided the selection process and framework of the important success factors of Six Sigma with firms which will continue to deploy innovative activities by finding its appropriate implementation methodology.

중소기업형 품질경영 전개에 관한 연구

이강원 ( Kang Won Lee ) , 조대희 ( Dae Hee Cho )
To expand the Quality management as competitive system for small and medium enterprises, model which is particular and different from that of big enterprise should be designed only for them. We did a survey study to construct a suitable management model to implement the six sigma for small and medium enterprises. As a result of survey and other companies` cases, We designed special model for small and medium enterprises. As the result of this research is the model based on national capital region companies, companies trying to develop six sigma should adjust it for each own company. We hope this research will play an important role to help small and medium enterprises in difficulties.

자산관리를 위한 보전경영정책에 관한 연구

김정식 ( Jung Sik Kim )
The benefit and impact of maintenance technology have been documented extensively in the literature. Management of the maintenance function is receiving more attention in the trade journals but limited studies have been published in the academic literature. This study (following the general approach adopted by PAS 55-1 : Asset Management) considers the implementation of the maintenance management technology by identifying some generally accepted taken from the literature. Implemeting a maintenance concept in a difficult process that may be suffering from some problems, like the lack of a systematic and consistent methodology, in other words the lack of a frameworkIt is the aim of this paper to provide some information on how to use this framework and to provide some maintenance factors which can be helpful when implementing maintenance policy.

경험에 따른 항해사 상황인식의 변화

홍승권 ( Seung Kweon Hong ) , 김홍태 ( Hong Tae Kim )
Situation awareness (SA) of the officers of watch (OOW) was evaluated. The goals of the situation awareness evaluation was to compare the SA of inexperienced OOW and the SA of experienced OOW. A full mission bridge simulator was used to measure their SA ability. As a result, there were some differences in acquiring information related to given situation between inexperienced OOW and experienced OOW. The inexperienced OOW generated false alarm and miss error. However, there was no differences in level 2 and level 3 of SA. To support insufficient SA ability of the inexperienced OOW, some training programs on visual search is required and interface of ARPA radar should be developed to control the radar as possible as quickly under time pressure.

e-비즈니스 성공요인과 기업의 성과에 관한 연구

성태경 ( Tae Kyong Sung )
The purposes of this paper are to identify critical success factors (CSFs) for e-business and to investigate the explanatory power of these CSFs on firm performance. Research results show that respondents rate goods as the most important, followed by services, operation, customer, and logistics. On the other hand, respondents evaluate security as the least important, followed by privacy, expertise, evaluation, and strategy. Regression analyses reveal that payment, evaluation, customer, services, logistics, and security have significant explanatory power on firm performance in terms of Tobin`s q and customer, services, and security in terms of ROA. Regression analyses on high performance firms show that all five statistically significant factors, goods, operation, customer, services, and logistics, exactly match the top five CSFs rated by respondents.
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