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  • - 성격 : 학술지
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  • - 국내 등재 : KCI 등재
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  • - ISSN : 1598-2475
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수록 범위 : 21권 2호 (2016)

철도안전과 정부3.0을 지향하는 시각화 활용 철도 데이터 개방에 관한 연구

우현지 ( Hyun Ji Woo ) , 염병수 ( Byung Soo Yeom ) , 김현희 ( Hyun Hee Kim ) , 이원태 ( Won Tae Lee ) , 갈원모 ( Won Mo Gal )
Open public data is a worldwide trend, and has recently enhanced data visualization service of the public targeted. It is also a means of realizing national personalized service emphasized in government 3.0. This paper presents the practices that can provide an intuitive means to visualize the railway accident statistics. By opening the service to visualize how internal and external describe whether to contribute to establishing the railway safety policy.

IPA 기법을 이용한 중공업 분야 대기업-중소기업 간 동반성장 영향 요인에 관한 연구

김준헌 ( Joon Hun Kim ) , 심정택 ( Joung Taek Shim ) , 차병철 ( Byung Chul Cha )
This study intends to enhance the quality of pre-installed win-win growth factors in heavy industry and to further facilitate the mutual growth between buyers and suppliers. Specifically, this study identifies the 66 variables of successful execution of win-win growth and measures the levels of both importance and performance in the view of small and medium-sized enterprises(SMEs). Finally, this research presents significant factors to improve by IPA matrix. This result is expected to boost the overall competitiveness of SMEs and to reduce the level of polarization between conglomerates and SME’s in heavy industry.

항만의 비선형 지체 비용을 고려한 선박의 우회 경로 결정 문제에 관한 연구

양병학 ( Byoung Hak Yang )
When a port is closed emergently, ships which were assigned to closed port should be assigned to another open port. The ship detour routing problem is to reduce the sum of transportation cost, port loading and unloading cost and delay cost. Heuristic algorithms are designed to solve the ship detour routing problem. For the initial solution, the dumpy port strategy(D) and the minimum adding cost strategy(C) are used. For the local search, the port change strategy(P) and the ship change strategy(S) are used. Six heuristic algorithms which are AlgC, AlgCP, AlgCPS, AlgCS, AlgDP and AlgDPS are programmed. Twenty test problem are generated by random number and tested by computer program. Experimental results show that AlgCPS and AlgCS have good performance for the objective value and the calculation time of AlgDP is the best.

공공요양병원의 효율성 분석

박성훈 ( Sung Hun Park ) , 백승권 ( Seung Kwon Baek ) , 김대철 ( Dae Cheol Kim )
This study analyzes the efficiency of public long-term care hospitals that are mostly in operation under the government consignment. Using the Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA), the study finds the overall relative efficiencies of public long-term care hospitals and identifies the causes of inefficiency in terms of size and pure technical efficiency. For the nationwide expansion of public long-term care hospitals in the future, the study also provides the identification of the relationships between the potential demands on the public long-term care hospitals in the local communities and efficiencies of those hospitals. To do these, the efficiencies of 58 public long-term care hospitals are analyzed. The results of the CCR and BCC models show that the overall efficiency of public long-term care hospitals is relatively low with an average of 0.62. It is also verified that the potential demand on the public long-term care hospitals in the local community affects the efficiency of the hospitals.
In the late 1990``s, it was inevitable that the world used ActiveX while creating new web services such as internet banking. However, the Korean internet environment has slowly divorced itself from the ever-evolving global standard and has become enslaved to a particular operating system and web browser as a result of the overuse of ActiveX. Consequently, the domestic ICT industry has been facing difficulties as of late, falling victim to platform and software incompetency, while overseas companies are gaining strong influence and control over the ICT market, owing to the smart revolution which began with the introduction of the iPhone and iPad. HTML5/CSS3, which is the next-generation web standards, is the perfect alternative to ActiveX for solving those problems mentioned above by allowing people to utilize internet service anywhere, at anytime, regardless of the device being used. Furthermore, we have reached a pivotal moment where domestic software companies which develop content services are broadening the opportunities for global market entry. This research attempts to implement an enterprise system which will be productive in the lightweight container architecture environment based on next-generation web standards.

소프트웨어 개발 프로젝트에서 애자일 활용수준이 프로젝트 성과에 미치는 영향

김정수 ( Jeong Soo Kim ) , 김승철 ( Seung Chul Kim )
While software is so important for all facets of the modern world, software development itself is not a perfect process. Agile methods have recently emerged as a new and different way of developing software as compared to the traditional methodologies. This study surveyed the critical factors related to agile project success using agile application level which has four concepts from the health checklist for agile project. The agile application levels of behaviors, environment, process and techniques were examined their effects to the agile project performance. Agile maturity model also was checked if it affected to their relationships as a moderator. A survey was conducted among agile professionals, gathering survey data from agile practitioners working in the various organizations in Korea. Results from this study reveal that the behaviors, environment, process and techniques of agile project practitioners affect the project performance positively, and agile maturity has the moderation effect on their relationships.

설비 기업의 전략적 지향성이 혁신활동과 성과에 미치는 영향에 대한 연구

곽진구 ( Jin Gu Kwak ) , 이문수 ( Moon Su Lee ) , 조현정 ( Hyun Jeong Cho )
In the global market, companies are offering new value to our customers by developing new products with innovation. Through this, companies are creating sustainable development and management performance. Therefore, in this study 180 specimens, innovation, market orientation and technology orientation of the company equipment is analyzed to demonstrate the impact of innovation and business performance. AMOS 21 program was used to analyze the structural equation model used in the research model validation. Results orientation and market orientation, technological innovation exerts a positive effect on innovation and innovation activities had a positive impact on the business performance of the company. Finally, market orientation and innovation orientation is influenced by the performance parameters of innovation activities. Through the results of this study it was discussed theoretical and practical implications.

CO2 배출 저감 및 강도개선을 위한 신발 패키지 디자인 개발

허지희 ( Ji Hee Hur )
In this study, a new shoes packaging box design is developed. Corrugated material selection and box design improvements are done to improve box strength as well as cost savings, in addition to CO2 emissions suppression. Evaluation of the suggested design is done by vertical compressive strength measurement tests and box compressive strength measurement tests. Also the effect of CO2 emission reduction is evaluated by comparing the weight of the corrugated fiberboard boxes. It is found that the suggested design can reduce 16% of the material cost alone and could be contributed to logistics industries.

QFD/AHP를 이용한 플립러닝 적용의 육군 기술교육특성의 우선순위 결정

김승현 ( Seung Hyun Kim ) , 김윤영 ( Yun Young Kim ) , 이공재 ( Gong Jae Lee ) , 이민구 ( Min Koo Lee )
In this paper, we propose the priority for the features of army technology education by diagnosing and analyzing a phenomenon through the AHP (analytic hierarchy process) and the QFD (quality function deployment) that are quality control tools in order to improve education effect of flipped learning education method applied to army technology education. Trainees were surveyed about their requirement for the present education system, and the relation between trainees`` requirement and the feature of education was analyzed by using the house of quality. In addition, the weight of education features and the importance of trainees`` requirements were evaluated by using the AHP. On the basis of this, we determine the priority for the features of army technology education in the application of flipped learning.

컨설팅 산업에서의 협업 성공요인에 관한 연구

부제만 ( Je Man Boo )
In this study, we empirically analyze the effect of the three factors; Relationship factor, IT factor, and Competence factor on the cooperation performance and want to provide implications. This study extracts the three factors: Relationship factor, IT factor, and Competence factor through conducting literature review, interview of workers from various industries, and etc. Consequently, we conclude three hypothesis that those three factors effect cooperation performance. To analyze this empirically, we gather information from workers of various industries in Korea. In addition to that, we examine reliability and validity of gathered information and verify those hypothesis through OLS regression. This study found that modified R square figure is 0.56, and we become to know that all of the three factors; Relationship factor, IT factor, and Competence factor effect meaningfully on the cooperation performance. This study provides operational implication through empirical analyzing the relationship between cooperation factor and performance extended toward consulting industry. Corporations should recognize the importance of cooperation in terms of processing consulting projects and devote themselves persistently to strengthening the three factors that effect on the cooperation performance.