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  • - 국내 등재 : KCI 등재
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  • - ISSN : 1598-2475
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수록 범위 : 21권 4호 (2016)

휴먼에러 사고분석을 통한 DMI프로그램개발에 관한 기초연구

갈원모 ( Won-mo Gal ) , 염병수 ( Byeoung-soo Yum ) , 권우택 ( Woo-taeg Kwon )
With a goal to establish a human error prevention system, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport is currently devising a countermeasure to minimize human errors by establishing a railway safety innovation plan with key contents including national R&D expansion for railway safety technology development. Rolling stocks are playing a pivotal role among Korea`s urban transportation and also as a distinct means of public transportation. However, the layout inside a train operating room, such as locations and operating methods of devices, is differently designed according to the types of rolling stocks, operational tracks, signaling methods and display installation. This leads to a failure in prompt handling of unexpected situations and, accordingly, frequent occurrence of human errors that lead to accidents. Therefore, it is becoming urgently necessary to ensure safety for railway transportation. This study was aimed at developing a DMI program through accident analysis for the purpose of human error accident prevention.

캄보디아 전자정부 프로세스 및 혜택에 영향을 미치는 핵심 요인에 관한 연구

( Long Sokha ) , 황기현 ( Gee-hyun Hwang )
Todays, e-Government uses ICT to promote better quality products, more efficient services, and better communication between governments and citizens. However, e-Government has not successfully implemented in developing countries, which is required to investigate key success and failure factors of e-Government projects as well as their causes. Therefore, this study aimed to determine critical factors that would positively impact both e-Government Processes and Benefits. This study developed an amended research model by combining Heeks` gap model and DeLone and McLean IS Success model, and considered Cambodian environment. Data were collected from 216 respondents including government officers and citizens who were interested in Cambodia`s e-Government. The research findings indicate that Technology Quality, Management Systems and Structures, and Staffing and Skills affect the benefits of e-Government project through e-Government Processes. However, Information Quality has no influence on the benefits of e-Government. In final, this study gives some guides of how to successfully implement e-Government project in Cambodia.

GMP 공장에서 추가라인의 증축 타당성에 관한 사례 연구

조재형 ( Jae-hyung Cho ) , 양문희 ( Moon-hee Yang )
This paper presents a method of analysis for facility expansion in GMP(Good Manufacturing Process) industry. For system expansion, analysis model is derived on the special GMP circumstance. The analysis system is simulated for validation for manufacturing system investment. We evaluated system specification for each classified processes for exploration of possibility of system expansion. As a result, an extension system was decided by following proposed process in this study. Also, the model designed for the GMP system was successfully derived for testifying the economic efficiency with discounted payback period method and net present value method. Finally, we could conclude positive result for facility expansion on special circumstance.

유한하고 랜덤한 시평 하에서의 최적 최소수리정책

유영관 ( Young-kwan Yoo )
In this paper, a replacement policy for an equipment operating over a random time horizon under minimal repair is studied. Most previous researches deals with the optimal replacement policies over an infinite time horizon which minimizes the operating cost rate per unit time. However, the recent rapid technological development suggest that the finite operating horizon is more practical assumption. This paper develops a cost model which represent the total operating cost for an equipment over a random time horizon, and explores the optimal replacement interval under minimal repair which minimizes the total cost. This study is different from the previous random horizon models in that the equipment continues its operation over the end of horizon for the remaining replacement interval. The condition that guaranties the existence of finite and unique replacement interval which minimizes the total cost is found, and it is demonstrated with some numerical examples.

공리적 설계에서 기하학적 해석과 시스템 구조 표현을 위한 도식적 방법의 고찰 및 안전 설계의 응용

최성운 ( Sung-woon Choi ) , 황인극 ( In-keuk Hwang )
This research presents the graphical methods of the spectral decomposition analysis to quantitatively identify the functional independence between Functional Requirements(FRs) and Design Parameters(DPs). Spectral decomposition analysis is classified into uncoupled design, decoupled design and coupled design using the properties of orthogonality of eigenvector from projection of design matrix. In addition to the spectral decomposition analysis, the Hierarchical Decomposition Mapping Diagram (HDMD) is introduced in this study to qualitatively identify the functional independence of design matrix. HDMD identify the system structure from the degree of functional coupling by the hierarchical mapping pattern for all types of the design matrix. The case study is presented in this research to explain the establishment of the safety test sequence plan for satisfying automotive safety standards using HDMD. The results show that the decoupled safety test sequence using axiomatic design can remarkably reduce the complexity of path dependence of safety test design matrix.

정보의 부재를 고려하는 다기준 의사결정 모형의 개발과 공급자 선정에의 적용

류시욱 ( Si-wook Ryu )
Supplier selection, which is substantial to make a successful supply chain relationship, is the complex decision making problem with both conflicting multiple criteria and usually several decision makers. This paper extends the existing MCDM (multi-criteria decision making) method to the situation considering lack of information caused by ignorance of knowledge, especially when lack of information happens at all levels including criteria in the hierarchical decision structure. To hurdle the ambiguity and incompleteness of evaluation process, fuzzy linguistic variables are used when the matrices for criteria and alternatives are built. In addition, to deal with lack of information, Demspter-Shafer (DS) evidential theory is applied to the MCDM evaluation scheme. Belief intervals composed of belief function and plausible function are converted to crisp values through the PPT (pignistic probability transformation) method and the quadratic programming with weighted loss objective function. All of the procedures are implemented in detail for a supplier selection example, which shows the newly proposed MCDM evaluation scheme to be applicable and effective.

잔존수명 예측을 위한 건전성 관리 프레임웍에 관한 연구

김연수 ( Yon-soo Kim ) , 정영배 ( Young-bae Chung )
Recently, prognostics and health management (PHM) has emerged as a key enabling technology to overcome the limitations of traditional reliability analysis. Conventional reliability and maintenance frameworks rarely consider the actual individual health status of engineering systems while operating for operation and maintenance decision making. In engineering practice, we are often more interested in investigating the remaining useful life (RUL) of a specific unit under its actual use condition in order to determine the advent of a failure and prevent the failure from occurring. PHM focuses on utilizing performance signals acquired from an engineered system to monitor the health condition and predict the RUL of the system over its entire life cycle. This paper provides reviews of the general PHM framework for integrating state-of-the-art tools and techniques that can be used to automatically detect, diagnose, prognosis the effects of abnormal events in an engineered system on its ultimate performance and bridge future decision support. In some cases, it may become essential to assess in an automated fashion, the impact of the anomaly on overall system performance using an unified performance metrics. This relies on an estimate of the RUL based on prognostics of engineering system. Thus, by enabling such a framework, it can bring us more efficient planning and execution of maintenance to reduce life cycle costs and/or increase profits.

배출권거래제 하에서 탄소배출을 고려한 다품목의 재고모형

김대홍 ( Dae-hong Kim )
Currently companies are increasingly sensitive and responsive to the carbon emissions associated with their operations. Operational adjustments, such as modifications in order quantities have proven to be an effective way to decrease carbon emissions in the supply chain. Most of research on the inventory model under the cap-and-trade system consider single product case. In this paper, we introduce a multi-product inventory model under the cap-and-trade system incorporating the carbon emissions caused by logistics and warehousing activities. Also we present a heuristic algorithm and derive the common order interval and the number of intervals for each product. We show by numerical example that the inventory model incorporating cap & trade mechanism can reduce total cost and carbon emissions compared to the classical inventory model.

에너지원별 발전비용에 관한 연구

최승일 ( Seung-il Choi ) , 김진호 ( Jin-ho Kim ) , 황인극 ( In-keuk Hwang )
Trends in power costs by energy source and causes for these changes are investigated. Levelized Costs of Electricity(LCOE) are used as power costs. According to International Energy Agency(IEA) report, LCOE`s of base power increased a little in 2015 compared to 2010, whereas LCOE`s of renewable power decreased due to technical advancements. In particular, onshore wind power has reached a level that is not a big difference to base power in costs. LCOE`s of domestic power plants are analyzed according to load factors. At higher discount rates levelised fixed costs increase and so do LCOE`s. Despite of high fuel cost, Combined Cycle Gas Turbines(CCGT) turn out to be economic in case of low load factors. Prices of emission trading are used to reflect carbon costs of reducing greenhouse gas emission and effects of social costs of nuclear power, emerged after the Fukushima nuclear accident, are taken into account. Construction costs of nuclear power plants are likely to increase due to higher safety standards and so are back-end costs of nuclear fuel cycle and decommissioning costs. And coal power plants will have higher costs due to emission of environmental pollution. These changes of power costs will have impacts on energy policies and energy mix planning.

경전철 공사 참여 작업자의 안전수준 측정 연구

윤경현 ( Keong-hyun Yoon ) , 이승일 ( Seung-il Lee ) , 이왕기 ( Wang-gi Lee ) , 손기상 ( Ki-sang Son )
Questionnaire survey sheets for light rail construction are composed of six(6) major subject such as general information of responders, personal protective equipment(PPE), understanding level of safety situation at construction sites, safety training situation conditions, safety facilities at construction sites, satisfaction level of working environment. Those sheets are distributed to the workers who are working at light rail construction sites directly in order to collect those sheets, more easily. The collections of those are analyzed by the statistical techniques such as frequency, cross, correlation analysis and the analysis of variance. It is found out that age-fitting safety training should be made to get better training efficiency from the analysis of variance related to establishing better communications between workers there at construction sites.