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Journal of CheongRam Korean Language Educatiln

  • - 주제 : 어문학분야 > 국어학
  • - 성격 : 학술지
  • - 간기: 격월
  • - 국내 등재 : KCI 등재
  • - 해외 등재 : -
  • - ISSN : 1598-1967
  • - 간행물명 변경 사항 : 청람어문학(~1999) → 청람어문교육(2000~)
수록 범위 : 6권 0호 (1991)

발간사 : 연구성과가 한자리에



김대성 ( Dae Song Kim )

안민영의 시조 연구

신동원 ( Dong Won Shin )

윤선도의 <어부사시조> 연구

오창호 ( Chang Ho Oh )
This study is focused on interpreting the background of formation, the formal characteristic and a poetic world of the work-Gosan Yoon Sun-do`s UBOOSASISA. The summary of this study is as follows; 1. Yoon Sun-do had lived a succeeded-banished-sequestered life, but had established an original view of literature on account of recepting Buddhism and Taoism over his typical Confucianism, and so he had n a great work-UBOOSASISA through these ideological foundations. 2. The Uboosasisa is a work of Yeonsijo consisted of forty stanzas on four seasons. It is a song of fisherman and has regular repetitional structure. 3. The poetic world of this work is as follows; 1) Criticizing $quot;Cramped(局促之缺)$quot; in former Ubooga, he pointed out that it had been resulted from integration of old poems. He expressed his opinions concretly about the former Ubooga as follow; $quot;Disharmony with sound(音響不相應)$quot; in the musical aspect, $quot;Lack of deep meaning(語意不甚備)$quot; in the literary aspect. 2) Gosan had been in the natural spaces, he had enjoyed them as playing ones in appearance, and also had recognized them as ways of expressing his conflicts.

박목월 동시 연구

유해숙 ( Hae Sook Rhu )
The purpose of the present dissertation is to examine the inner world and the main features of style with Park Mok-weol`s Children`s verse. Focussing of this discussion, excepting non-literary conditions, took 63 pieces of his verses as a data which was published from his collection of poems 『San-Sae-AL Mul-Sae-Al』, and attempted to explain them solely with poetical diction. Summerizing the result of this study runs as follows First, inner world was considered into two parts of the world according to the result of analyzing frequency number of which he used to favorite poetic diction-the one pure and spotless lovable world centering to `Children`, `Father` and `Mother` ; the other to the marvelous life of its power centering to the world of `birds` and `eggs`. Here the conclusion is : His children`s verses fully abound with active and naive rhythms to the lovable world of pure and spotless that exist in desirous to all the humans, not declining only on the air of beautifing lovable childish naivety, rather, comming out of the poetry that cherish simply on children, by setting poetic sphere hamonizing with households. Also, he cleared out the apted boredom or void that could be risen, by inviting the idear of highly valuing lives and these secret power into childs thinking arena through animals, especially birds, and naturally inducing philsophical speculation for the harmonizing philosophy with lyricism by spreading underneath lyric. Second, limited facts of vocabulary, literary styles were considered on color terms, onomato poetic words·mimesis, specific words of poetry. Color terms, as a result of their study with frequent use, were used more frequently by the colors of blue and white. As a result of research on the contexts from the first to the last of their symbolic expression centered to the two color terms, almost bright images equivalent with naivety, such as hope, peace, nostalgia, purity, holiness, even found there loneliness. Cited on onomato poetic words mimesis, mimesis is more frequently used than the former, he attempted to express pictorial beauty of his poem, cubic delination, dinamic, or rather bright image, by using more of bisexual vawels to the onomato poetic words and mimesis. Specific words of poetry were examined their dialects, words of foreign origin and that of Chinese charecter. Dialect were considered on two parts local dialect and idiolect. he used local dialects on a poetic volume collectively to present many places of them intentionally. However, Seoul dialect was used unintentionally. In his idiolect related to the verse, not only he built up fantastic image, but also added refreshment and rhythmical feeling to the composition of poems mainly relied on the standard language that could easly be brought expressive set phrase or standardization, coining noun words, `Po-Lang-Sea`, `Isul-Ma-Kot`, `Hanul-Kong`, and coining adverbial words, `Okong-kong-kong`, `Nang-nang`, `Sal-Pwn`. For the practical use of the foreign language, likewise the dialects explained above, he quoted them from many other lands in order to put them into one of his poem, intentionally or intensively ; also he preformed images of space perception by extending poetic sphere for the broader vibrations of readers hearts, eyes and thinkings. Commenting on the things that he used in foreign languages, however, he averted his eyes from the readers for a while, when they had their mother tongue rooted, although he achieved a foreign image by using English spellings as they are, `Coffee`, `Cake`, `High-heel`, `Lamp`, `Teacher B`. About what he used Chinese characters he attempted to reap optical effects bearing in his mind to the adult readers. It is an obvious fact the Children`s verse is one of poem, not only for the Children`s literature. Granted, it should approach to the children first of all, and let them sense it for them. In this regard, his spellings on foreign language to the things or the Chinese characters

울산 방언의 동사의 접미사화 연구

이상민 ( Sang Min Lee )
The purpose of this article was analysing an aspect of transforming morpheme which the syntatic construction changed charastically into the morphological construction under the different suffixation`s process in Ulsan Dialects, There most likely are three methods to satisfied a desire of express that required modern media., to be borrowed foreign language, to make new words, another and the third to make most of the present words, But considering those fact that foreign language can only prevented from converting native language and making new words cannot tractablely get agreement with society, the method of making most of inflection is more constructive than anyone else. In this study, I regarded the dialects which reflected directly the recogination of language by oral speaker as the first, dialectic verb being charastic synstatic construction turn the suffixation of morphological construction into new media to use, There are also two cases this suffixation`s process ; whether a vocabulary-morpheme itself turn the suffixation by transforing meaning morphologic constructional character, or a vocabulary-morpheme into mixing different a grammar-morphame. The object of this study used of this article, main verb, that is, 「p◎lita」, 「kacˇita」, 「s`atha」 in Ulsan dialects, is the case of the former, and 「kacˇita」 the latter. 「p◎lita」 is a formation of 「-ppuli」 which depended other verb upon, The form of main verb is 「nabilita」 and 「p◎lita」, And the meant of morphological·syntatic constructional character at 「p◎lita」 is as follow, That of 「-ppuli」 is ⓐ having a unchanged meant of a proposition ⓑ the same meaning of sentence-adverbs cooccurrence relation with sentence-adverbs ⓓ the main accent at 「-ppuli」 in Ulsan dialects ⓔ reforceing the meaning of 「-ppuli」 by the inter-derivation of the fortis ⓕ reforceing meaning by dint of native tongue`s cognition, The synstatic character of 「-ppuli」 composed of morphological·syntatic construction is ⓐ dependence ⓑ non-seperation from proverb changing of form ⓓ shift of aspect ⓔ an unit of subject-honorifics ⓕ non-permit of inserting the supplementary-propositions ⓖ only substitution of main verb Q reception of continuity reception of repetition, etc. Those 「-ppuli」 get changed the form of 「-ppuli」 into a suffixation under deprived of flexibleness at meaning between main verb, This 「-ppuli」has with ⓐ one affix feature according to its a situation, an extent of infection and an irregularity with cohesion, which suffixation that has [-lexical, -grammatical, -substitude] takes ⓑ IV type of the derivational suffix, and get feature with accentuation`s suffix, that is, accentuation`s derivative suffixation according to the unchange-ability of supposition`s meaning, the result of application`s stress and the alleviation of grammatical restriction. The character of 「kacˇita」 comes out 「kacˇita」 which comprise of morphological·syntatic construction and 「-kka, -ka(a)」 which compose of so much morphological construction, In the case of 「-kka 」, it makes new appearance of grammatical feature under exchanged 「-lil lacugo」 with 「-lo kacˇugo → -lo kka → - kka」 before an auxiliary word of a noun, And in the case of 「-ka(a)」 if turn out 「kacˇita」 into an suffixation behind verb, Being used 「s`atha」 which led the sentence of quotation to us complement verb takes different scope of meaning behind depending 「khata」 upon the mophological·syntatic construction, And then it will transform suffixation with general verb, The by-product of getting knowledge of by way of this study is as follow, There is pointed out preferentialy of differ standard language with dialects, In a case of standard language and dialect used in the same main verb, the scope of meaning would differ according to itself, moreover it used quite different meaning, therefore it makes differ with form and revealed to differ of syntatic cooccurrence realition, In a

문학교재 선정 기준의 설정과 적용에 관한 연구

우동식 ( Dong Sik Woo )
This Study sets the start on being short of the measures to analize and evaluate the propriety of accepting various kinds of novel texts which are read in and out of schools by the students of middle or high schools, and being short of the studies on their application method. Therefore, This study aims to grasp actual conditions of accepting novel textbooks in and out of schools, and grope fur a basis establishment of selecting works and an application method which are practical points of developing literary textbooks. To ompensate for the defect that existing conferences about the basis establishment of selecting works for developing text have been unfolded with a simple item array, this study searched for its systematic and concrete way, usually focusing on middle school students accepting modern novels . In chapter II, I searched for a curriculum background of literary text. It was revealed that a genre, a the matic, and a learner-aimed type, as a melthod of composing contents of a literary curriculum, could be quoted with the approach method for developing literary text which were its practical side. In chapter III, I fixed bases of text selection, in relation to reffering 3 bases ofdeveloping literary text to a precedent literary theory. The basis of formal theory is a measure to destinguish a fixed bealuty type, making the formal structure of a novel as a measure. The basis of moral theory is a measure to distinguish the theme and the imitative nature, making moral and social material as a measure. As it was seen to play a role to limit each basis of formal theory and moral theory, the basis of acceptance theory is a measure to distinguish the fitness of learners` intellectual and righteous development level, formal structure, and moral and social material, In chapter IV, I searched for an application method of 3 establishment criterions fixed in chapter III. Here, I Confirmed a separate aplication method with setting limit to deep regular study or subsidary activities, and searched for an application method of unitable 3 kinds wick usually took a serious view of the limitation of the basis of acceptance theory. As the results of looking into in the side of structure and material, in relation to the fact of unitable application method, $lt;A Camellia$gt; Could be selected as an encouragement novel for the lst year students of high schools and $lt;People in a crane village$gt; Should be selected for at least above the 3 rd year syudents of middle school. Even though the establishment criterion of literary text and the application method, which were discussed in this theis, have some restrictions, they are applied to the principal that evaluates the actual conditions of various kinds of literary text, such as encourage-ment novels or bestsellers for the young. Therefore, I believe that they could be applied to the general authority of evaluating text. major conceptions : formal structure, moral and social material, learner` s intellectual and righteous development level, dominent, space erea of interests, seperate application, unitable application.

김동리 소설의 서사구조 연구

이상구 ( Sang Ku Lee )
Being with making the literary works an object of discussion is the course that is make up a system of frame and o hypothesis witch is giving the maximum fitness to the various materials the novels present, this considered what themes are consistent in the world of Kim dong-ni`s novels and what a structureal combination mode leads theme systematicaly. Even though Kim dong-ni`s each work is different in the debate order, arrangement of the motit, the character`s behavor and the way of the plot development, his novels were showen to have deep structures that the characters are defated by the will of tate in the midest of trying to description level and they turned away from their actual realthies in the end, the Essential points of this study can be concreatly summarized as follows. First, According to the objects desire the characters seek after, his works can be divided in two classes. One class is appeared that the characters persuit the consanuinity and the orther intersexual desires by the net of relationship witch was organised with blood relation in the center. The important works of former case are `Munyedo`, `Bawy`, `Eul hwa.., `Tonggu apkil`, `Neup` and so forth, and those of the later case are `dal`, `Yeukma`, `The cross of saban`, `A magpies song, and `A bird of Heaven` and so forth. Second, in the development gross, the situations grow from bad to worse because all the characters are defeateed by their own fate without realizing their wishes. Third, Being born under a sway of fate is the basic reson why the characters lives become to worse sistuation, and in this courese we can find out the fate is acting as a principle of the structure that is control the characters` behaviors. Forth, The presented fate is devided into two types of elucidative and suggestive, `Yeukma`, `hwangtogi`, `dal` and `A cross of Saban` are belong to the forrmer type and `Neup`, `Munyeodo`, `A magpie`s song` and `Carpenter Joseph` are later type. Fifth, It is appeared that the characters are accepting their own fate obediently whether they was born under the elucidastive fate or the suggestive, Differently from their obedient altertute, their pargents and other families try to break the fate but they are defateed. At last the fate come true and the characters resign themselves to their fate. Six, Most of his novels are concluded for the characters to die of leave for somewhere. It means that they leave to look for the new ideal spaces because now they cannot accomplish their desire here any more. Seventh, summing up the mentioned various fate, we can find out that the deep structure that is persuit of desire → defeat own fate → leaving for the ideal space is common to Kim dong ni`s novels.

김광섭시 연구

이상욱 ( Sang Wook Lee )
Kim, Kwang Sub`s poetic world has a remarkable poetic transfiguration with prominent changes of consciousness in the process of the early period, the middle period, and the late period. In this study, I investigated his poetic world consistently based on the internal transition of human consciousness which changed and matured according to the flow of time, The results car. `be summarized as follows. In the early period(1935-1945), he was seized with incompetence of consciousness recognizing the reality of colonial as an unsurmountable tragic world. His incompetent life of self-consciousness frustrated and wandered in the tragic world, and felt crisis of self-consciousness collapse. Denying the hell like reality, he indulged into his own internal world in order to overcome the crisis of self-consciousness collapse. But it was not the fundamental way to overcome the pain and despair from reality. Because his pain and despair were derived from actuality. Rather, he was tied to another alienation and forfeiture from his isolation. So, he was seized with solitude at night which was the time of mental emancipaion from the pain of reality, and prayed that waste land to open beautiful flowers of relief ardently. But the flowers which he opened in his internal world were removed from reality. Self-consciousness despaired of reality groped transcendental space. This transcendental space was the sky and the sea. But this transcendental space could not relieve him certainly. Because he could not be relieved unless that tragic actuality improved. He indulged into a dream rather than struggling against actuality. Though seized with his internal world as a mens of ego preservation, he never fell into excessive self denial or self dissipation. It was because of his criticism through introspection and of not averting actuality. Even if he felt`s distinct shape(yearning)`, this `distinct shape` did not appear in his poem. It reveled that he had a vague anticipation to the future of his country, and didn`t have a new historical vision based on a clear view of history. He represented the yearning of emancipation of his country idelogically and implicityly. In the middle period(1945-1959), the emancipation gave a vig change to his self-consciousness. Lonesome and incompetent self-consciousness during colonial period varied spontaneous and positive according to the emancipation. The fatherland became the land of restoration. Though feeling the pain of loss as a divested people keenly in the devastated country by the korean civil war he sang a new volitional song. But his self-consciousness was that of a pioneer and a hero, so it could not expand to a social ego. Therefore his pain and hopelessness in the prison, the delight of emancipation, pain and nihility felt during the war could not be universal as a pain and delight of korean people, so his poetic world could not have a strong persuasive power. In the late period(1965-1977), awakening the distance from a man to a man, form a man to the nature through the will of restoration, shortening this distance by love and reconcilation, getting rid of a solitary individualist`s relative ego, he got a social ego as a member of community he was living in. Showing a horizontal interses to the neighbourhood, he was concerned with the dark side coming after a rapied growth of material civilization ; the loss of humanity, the destruction of nature, the mannonism, the matter of a petit bourgeois, and criticized them sharply, Behind this critical sense hid a human love. Having a premonnition of death from the phenomenon of separation of things, he was seized with they mutability of human affairs deeply, To get rid of this mutability, he recurred to such a space as childhood, recollection, native place. By confirming the man`s immortality that the death of a man is not interruption and bereavement is not an eternal separation by the transmigration of souls of Buddhism, he admitted the death. Believing that a