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Bilingual Research

  • - 주제 : 어문학분야 > 언어학
  • - 성격 : 학술지
  • - 간기: 계간
  • - 국내 등재 : KCI 등재
  • - 해외 등재 : -
  • - ISSN : 1229-1757
  • - 간행물명 변경 사항 : 二重言語學會誌(~1998) → 이중언어학(1999~)
수록 범위 : 47권 0호 (2011)

인터뷰 면접자 담화에 나타난 "상호작용 활성화" 발화 연구

강현주 ( Hyun Ju Kang )
이중언어학회|이중언어학  47권 0호, 2011 pp. 1-22 ( 총 22 pages)
Bilingual Research The aim of this study is to examine the interview`s discourse during oral proficiency interviews to reveal the interviewer`s influence en invigorating the dialogue. The interview has been utilized as vehicle for speaking evaluation for an antiquated time. However, it has been pointed out that this evaluation method has a limit in inferring the candidate`s communicative competence. By analyzing the interviewer`s accommodation, this paper will look at the limitation further revealing the influence of the interviewer during the oral proficiency interview. Therefore, this study evaluates the result of oral proficiency interview administered by Korea language institute in Korea Three interviewer discourse samples from each beginner and advanced levels, accordingly, were examined and then corresponded to Lazaraton`s suggested eight interlocutors` support types. This results revealed whether the interviewer`s interactive oral proficiency was maintaining the interview and if it was successful in eliciting the candidate`s oral performance. However, it was discovered that the interviewer`s evaluation and similar discourse was rather suppressing the candidate`s oral performance. (Karen University)

외국인 유학생의 텍스트 기반 구두 발표 연구 -문어 텍스트 재구성 양상을 중심으로-

김현강 ( Hyun Gang Kim ) , 손희연 ( Hui Youn Son )
이중언어학회|이중언어학  47권 0호, 2011 pp. 23-48 ( 총 26 pages)
The aim of this study is to describe what and how the oral presentation is composed of by analyzing a wrap-up presentation, which is frequently carried out in classes at the graduate school, with the aim of making clear what the talking ability in oral presentation required of a foreign student is. Scientific oral presentation is produced both through the interlocking between the process of re-composing the prepared text for presentation and the change of the verbal language style caused by the switch of an oral medium and through the combination of customary and strategic expressions that can enhance the effect of scientific verbal presentation conveyed to audiences. Learners usually produce their oral presentation through the relatively simple process by either using the writing for presentation as it is. or adding formal-style marks or suffixes to the writing through abridgement or elongation, but sometimes there is a case where learners have to specific expressions for oral presentation that make audiences easier to understand. Further, there even appears a complex disposal process in which learners transform and deconstruct the syntactic structure of the writing for presentation or re-organize the meaning and logical structure of talks. After all, it can be said that such a production of scientific oral presentation conies down to the formation of the spoken style unique to such a conversation genre, ``a style of oral presentation.`` (Yonsei University)

다문화가정 자녀의 학업 수행 능력 향상을 위한 표현 교육 방안 -초등학교 국어과를 중심으로-

박진욱 ( Jin Wook Park ) , 노정은 ( Jung Eun Noh )
이중언어학회|이중언어학  47권 0호, 2011 pp. 49-76 ( 총 28 pages)
The aim of this study is to enhance the academic proficiency of multicultural elementary school children. Children from multicultural families are growing in number from the nineties but due to the characteristics of their family background they find difficulties in the use of the Korean language. Moreover, due to the lack in language proficiency related to academic skills, they have difficulties in school achievement and in grade advancement. This study, through the consideration of the characteristics of the academic context, tries to delineate some suggestions for the expression education, a part of the overall academic proficiency needed by multicultural children. Overall academic proficiency has been enhanced by the Korean Education classes as a scholarly tool. Through the analysis of those elements of the Korean language curriculum that have the characteristics of a scholarly tool and through the analysis of the textbooks that realize these elements, this study shows a teaching principles and the sample of a textbook that apply this model. The results of this study can be applied to the after-school Korean language lessons for multicultural children who experience difficulties in academic achievement. (Korea University)
This paper examines the ways of classification for questions in a second language classroom setting. In order to examine the validity on standards of classification, the various problems of referential questions and display questions proposed by Long & Sato (1983) were reviewed. Long & Sato (1983) insist that referential questions can promote student-teacher interaction in the classroom. In contrast, they argue that display questions can cause students to become passive. However, based on the frameworks of conversation analysis, I insist that questions do not have their own function, and the role of questioning can change depending on the instructional object, lesson level, and structure of conversation in the classroom. (Sogang University)

한국어 어휘 의미 교육 등급 선정을 위한 기초 연구 -동사를 중심으로-

이유경 ( Yoo Kyoung Lee )
이중언어학회|이중언어학  47권 0호, 2011 pp. 111-138 ( 총 28 pages)
This study aims to explore educational gradation of Korean vocabulary meaning particularly for L2 learners. The study focuses on the polysemous verbs with the features related to the semantic expansion based on the L2 learners` intellectual abilities, thereby presents a need to set the standards for educational gradation of Korean vocabulary meaning. The result has a great significance for the Korean vocabulary education on the basis of L2 learners` abilities. The meanings of each polysemy are presented based on the frequency of meaning dictionary and the corpus data is also employed for the purpose of the analysis on the semantic expansion. (Korea University)

"한국어를 배워야 하나요" 계승어로서의 한국어 학습에 관한 다중 사례연구

장은영 ( Eun Young Jang )
이중언어학회|이중언어학  47권 0호, 2011 pp. 139-164 ( 총 26 pages)
본 논문은 미국에 거주하는 한국 이민자 청소년 자녀들의 모국어 학습에 대한 태도 및 동기를 ``투자(investment)로서의 언어학습``의 관점에서 검토한 다중 사례연구이다. 영어를 제 1언어로 사용하는 세 명의 참가자들의 가정환경, 한국어학습과 자료에의 노출 경험, 학교를 포함한 외부환경, 한국어 능력의 특성에 대해 장기적 관찰과 한국어 수업 녹화, 학생과 학부모 면담, 학생의 일기 및 수기 분석 등을 통한 질적 연구를 시행하였다 본 연구를 통하여 각 한국인 참가 학생들이 계승어, 즉 한국어 학습에 대해 상당히 다른 경험과 생각을 가지고 있으며 계승어 학습에 대한 제반 환경과 주변의 인식들이 학생들의 계승어 학습에 대한 태도, 의미부여, 그리고 언어적 발달의 특성에 밀접한 관련이 있음을 발견하였다. 특히 본 연구는 환경과 사회적 상호작용을 통해 성립된 계승어 학습에 대한 인식이 학생들의 미래의 자신, 즉, 특정한 자아 정체성에 대한 투자와 연결된다는 점에서 계승어 학습을 개인의 책임 또는 언어학적 능력의 관점에서 주로 보는 인지적 접근방식을 보완하는 사회 언어학적 관점의 이중언어 발달 과정과 중요성에 대해 시사한다. (경희대학교)

중국인 학습자의 한국어 비음화 발음 오류 양상

정효주 ( Hyou Ju Jeong ) , 김영주 ( Young Joo Kim )
이중언어학회|이중언어학  47권 0호, 2011 pp. 165-187 ( 총 23 pages)
This study examined the aspects of beginning and intermediate Chinese learners` errors of nasalization through experiments of pronunciations. The study employed twenty beginning learners and twenty intermediate learners. The experiment results were evaluated by three experienced Korean language instructors. The test results were analyzed in three environments in which nasalization occurs. The aspects of the errors mainly included omissions, the incomplete applications of rules, the impacts of the native language and the errors due to pronunciations by spelling. Especially there was not a big difference of the error ratios between beginning learners and intermediate learners, especially in environment 3. It meant that environment 3 was the most difficult to realize nasalization. The study mainly proved that learners had a difficulty in the realization of nasalization regardless of their proficiency. (Kyung Hee University)

한국어 어휘 평가의 현황과 전망 -한국어능력시험(TOPIK)을 중심으로-

조현용 ( Hyun Yong Cho )
이중언어학회|이중언어학  47권 0호, 2011 pp. 189-215 ( 총 27 pages)
Bilingual Research The aim of this study is on issues of Korean vocabulary assessment in terms of its status and prospects focusing on Test of Proficiency in Korean(TOPIK). Above all, previous studies ware considered in order to figure out Bilingual Research whether it is possible to evaluate vocabulary exclusively, and if possible, what is a good method for it. Even though it is practically hard to evaluate the proficiency of vocabulary independently, it is possible, the studies said, because vocabulary could be improved by education and form the basis of other language functions. In addition, it is easily quantified. This study argued that it is necessary to approach the vocabulary assessment qualitatively, not quantitatively, and finalize the selection of advanced level vocabularies. Up to now the evaluation elements of each level has been classified unclearly. Therefore distinct classification for each level is needed, and the way to realize it is to differentiate between expression and understanding. In turns of communication, evaluating pronunciation and spelling of vocabulary is critical, but the evaluation should contain detailed criteria in speaking and writing, rather than independent evaluation. This paper deals with problems with assessment, especially unclear distinction between reading comprehension and vocabulary. For example, when it comes to level of difficulty, vocabularies of answers have a higher level of difficulty than vocabularies of text do. According to the level, many different types of questions have been suggested, but it still lacks the study to give evidence. (Kyung Hee University)

입출력 강화를 통한 한국어 듣기 교육 방안 연구 -듣고 재구성하기 과제의 활용을 중심으로-

최문석 ( Mun Seok Choi )
이중언어학회|이중언어학  47권 0호, 2011 pp. 217-241 ( 총 25 pages)
The purpose of this study is to present a listening teaching method that can enhance the strengths of listen and reconstruct task oriented teaching method based on the premise that focus on form in task based language teaching. Dictogloss is a teaching method suggested by the focus on form teaching method. However, the listen and reconstruct task presented in this study involves reconstruction of dialogue type text into monologue text. It requires learners to conceptualize, understand, and remember a dialogue based on the events and subjects. As it is very similar to listening performance in actual communication situations, it can emulate highly authentic communication. Since text reconstruction task is performed in the actual listening stage, it is possible to involve learners actively in the understanding of the content and meaning of the text Through the text reconstruction activity, each of the learners has an opportunity to speak and produce an output of the content as he/she understands. Moreover, the text reproduced through this activity can be used as an input for another listening. This study presented a procedure and method of lesson construction as a way to improve the effects of teaching listening by vitalizing learner activities during the listening stage and enhancing listening input and output, which has been neglected by the conventional listening education, through the listen and reconstruct task. (Kyung Hee University)

이중언어학회 창립 30주년 기념 기획 논문 : 한국어 교육의 현황과 과제

박준언 ( Jun Eon Park )
이중언어학회|이중언어학  47권 0호, 2011 pp. 243-262 ( 총 20 pages)
This paper reviewed the current situation of Korean as a foreign language(KFL) education in terms of major domains: government support system, KFL teaching institutes, curriculum and materials development, KEL education tot overseas ethnic-Koreans, KFL education for domestic multicultural families, KFL-related research, testing, etc. Considering the emergent status of KFL education in Korea and abroad, it is strongly advised that both researchers and practitioners maintain close cooperation to establish a theoretically valid and pedagogically well-tested KFL discipline. (Soongsil University)
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