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Journal of Korean Language and Culture

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  • - 성격 : 학술지
  • - 간기: 연3회
  • - 국내 등재 : KCI 등재
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  • - ISSN : 1598-1576
  • - 간행물명 변경 사항 : 한양어문(~2001) → 한국언어문화(2001~)
수록 범위 : 37권 0호 (2008)

문화 콘텐츠 창작 소재로서의 현대시의 가치에 대한 연구 ―"노래방"을 중심으로

강철수 ( Chull Su Kang ) , 김용범 ( Yong Bum Kim )
한국언어문화학회|한국언어문화  37권 0호, 2008 pp. 5-24 ( 총 20 pages)
The proper function of poetry is Music. However, modern poetry tends to seek some pictural factors rather than musical ones which are the traditional trend in poetry. This tendency has made ambiguity in modern poetry, and made readers indifferent to it. These days, however, as it is corresponded with popular music, modern poetry has existed as brand-new valuable material. so Noraebang has become remarkable place for people not only to communicate with using music but also to enjoy poetry unconsciously. As poetry is used as lyrics of popular music, moreover, the fact that composers can make money of copyright is very suggestive in that copyright fees contribute to improvement in their economy. These show that there is a possibility popular music can be a essential mean of modern poetry. According to the survey, 25 modern poets were surveyed in Keumyoung Noraebang and they were very various from poets of ballad such as Kim so-woul, and poets of imagism like Kim Kwang-kyu to popular poets, Kim nam-ju. 33 singers who made modern poems into songs were also searched. This survey shows that modern poetry can be a new exit of popular music in that poetry has the variety of themes not used in popular music. Although there are some drifts of focusing on these values and using poems as songs, thorough and specific preparations, composition and advertising strategies are necessary to make modern poetry more valuable. In addition, These efforts can be another way to let many people know modern poems not ruin themselves. The literary men`s association of the world of modern-poetry need to follow the current of the times, exercise their right such as copyright, and, through these acts, try to make economical interest.

김원일의 성장소설과 "삶의 수수께끼" 풀기

김미영 ( Mi Young Kim )
한국언어문화학회|한국언어문화  37권 0호, 2008 pp. 15-42 ( 총 28 pages)
This study set out to investigate Kim Won-il`s growth novels that clearly demonstrated the changing patterns of growth among the subjects. There were changes between his growth novels in the 1970s and those in the 1980s. While the former concerned his missing his father and understanding him, the latter depicted his attempt to "understand his mother." Those changes display a process in which "the mother of love and hatred" that dominated the author evolved into the object of his pity, understanding and love. In the former category of his growth novels, the more he missed his father, the more he described his mother as someone who was suppressive and to be resented. His unfavorable attitude towards the mother gradually disappeared in his novels written in the 1980s. Examined in the study were The Spirit of Darkness(1973), Thirst(1973), Illusion (1982), and The Clean Body(1987) that were short stories and The Sunset(1978), The Wind and The River(1985), and A House with a Deep Yard(1988) that were full-length novels. Those texts contributed to the growth discourse, which revealed the meanings of growth that were analyzed by solving the "mystery of life." His early short stories and The Spirit of Darkness, which was a turning point for his works, raised questions about the mystery of life. The work particularly depicts the protagonist`s attitude towards ideology and starving. Having a distance from ideology and overcoming starvation were formed by the influences of his father and mother. What has been ignored in the examination of the writer`s growth novels is his awareness of "sex." Thirst and The Wind and The River well exhibit his desire for love. Telling their narratives in the two works, the sons and protagonists succeed in keeping their pure love eagerly pursued by them free from the reality principles of their parents.

유아의 표현언어 평가척도 개발 연구

김명희 ( Myung Hee Kim ) , 김태경 ( Tae Kyung Kim ) , 신화식 ( Hwa Sik Shin ) , 장경희 ( Kyung Hee Chang ) , 전은진 ( Eun Jin Jeon )
한국언어문화학회|한국언어문화  37권 0호, 2008 pp. 53-70 ( 총 18 pages)
The purpose of this study was to develop a preschool expressive language scale for the Spectrum Assessment System based on the Korean language development. The Spectrum Assessment System was developed by the staff of Project Spectrum at the Harvard Graduate School of Education as an innovative approach of Gardner(1983). The Storyboard Activity included in the assessment activities for language domain were supposed to sample children`s use of language and the fluency affected by underlying intelligence in real and meaningful daily activities. Subjects were 29 kindergartners(13 males and 16 females) at the age of 3 to 5 years. Statistical methods applied to this study were average, t-test, correlation, Cronbach` α, factor analysis. The results of this study can be summarized as follows: (1) The average score of the 3-year-olds group and that of the others showed significant difference. There was no statistically significant difference between male and female groups in the average score. (2) The Cronbach`s α of the expressive language scale was .956. The correlation among the inspectors ranged from .88 to .92. These results indicate that the scale has a sufficient level of reliability. (3) Factor analysis extracted three factors, organization, interaction and pronunciation for the preschool expressive language scale.

김영태(金榮泰)의 "캐리커처에세이" 연구 -≪시인의 초상≫을 중심으로

김삼환 ( Sam Hwan Kim ) , 한상정 ( Sang Jung Han )
한국언어문화학회|한국언어문화  37권 0호, 2008 pp. 71-88 ( 총 18 pages)
Kim Young-Tae is essentially an artist who, at some time or other, could also have been described as a poet and a painter, as well as a choreography, drama and music critic. He began writing poetry in "Sasanggae" magazine in 1959, but has never been restricted to just one field and has tried his hand at many different forms of art. Hundreds of his works and publications, including his calligraphy and sketches, have been re-used in poems, paintings, portraits of artists, and choreography critiques and reviews. His unique caricatures have been a source of inspiration for many artists. His seemingly limitless interests and participation in various fields of the arts are expressed in his works either directly or indirectly. In particular, "the Portraits of Poets" is the very work that epitomizes his artistic personality. In this work, he draws caricatures of poets on one page, and then on the next, he jots down his opinion about that particular poet. By doing so, he analyzes the poet by using both drawings and writing. This method of analysis can be described as a "caricature essay". This term brings together the two concepts of both a caricature and an essay, and is free from the usual constraints of an essay, which is focused entirely on letters. This term stimulates artistic imagination and is systematic.

대화의 도치구문에 나타나는 강조표현에 대한 연구

김유진 ( Yu Jin Kim )
한국언어문화학회|한국언어문화  37권 0호, 2008 pp. 89-109 ( 총 21 pages)
In the inversion sentence seen in conversion, many emphasis expressions are used to specify the contents of the previous utterances and to express them exactly. Kinds of emphasis expression in inversion sentence are subject marking, degree marking, and time marking. The subject and adverb which appear mostly in inversion sentence contribute an emphasis expression. The function of subject marking specifies the main utterance body that has been omitted. And the degree expression is used to specify the meaning of an utterance. And the time marking is used to indicate the utterance time and the speech time. Also these expressions, those are subject marking, degree expression and time marking, appear continuos in inversion sentence. The speaker can express own`s utterance clearly using an emphasis expression of inversion sentence.

한글 맞춤법의 역사와 개선안

김정수 ( Zong Su Kim )
한국언어문화학회|한국언어문화  37권 0호, 2008 pp. 111-128 ( 총 18 pages)
The history of the Hangeul orthography is a battlefield where two orthographical ideologies have struggled with each other. One is the morphemic orthography that is defined as a principle in modern orthography and the other is the phonemic one that is permitted. These two orthographies were stipulated in two points of Hunmin Jeongeum as soon as the Hangeul was invented. The phonemic one was predominant in 500 years from the King Sejong`s age to the 20th century, but Ju Sigyeong had rediscovered the King Sejong`s morphemic orthography and had brought the excellent Hangeul orthography to us that had overcome several ordeals from the flowering of Korea up to today. But the Hangeul orthography has a tendency to go back to the phonemic one again as a national law. It needs to be examined and revised. An extended version of Hangeul orthography for old Korean, transcription of foreign languages and so on is required.
이 연구의 목적은 개신교와 천주교의 영한 번역 방법에 대하여 개신교와 천주교의 CD를 포함한 동시통역 자료와 영어성경과 한글성경 및 기도서들에 나타난 사도신경과 주기도문·주님의 기도의 영적 의미와 문법적 의미를 분석하여 비교·대조해 보는데 있다. 이 연구를 위한 전제 조건들은 다음과 같다. 첫째, 개신교 영어성경 및 천주교 영어성경과 영어로 된 다른 종교 문헌은 오래 전에 한글로 번역된 고어 투의 표현들이 적지 않아서 우리말다운 번역이 되도록 현대 어법에 맞게 제대로 번역이 되어야 한다. 둘째, 개신교 및 천주교의 기도문 가운데에는 오래 전에 올바르지 않게 번역된 표현들이 적지 않은데 이러한 내용들은 적절한 문법어휘로 번역되어 바로 잡아져야 할 것이다. 이 연구를 통해 얻어진 결론은 다음과 같다. 첫째, 개신교와 천주교의 영어성경 및 기타 기도서에 나타난 영어의 1인칭 대명사 `I`와 1인칭 복수 대명사 `we`는 종파에 따라 다르게 우리말로 번역되고 있는데 이러한 차이점들은 나름대로 합리적이고 논리적인 근거에 의해서 그리 된 것이므로 서로 존중하고 인정해야 할 것이다. 둘째, 영어의 처소부사어 고어(古語)인 `thence`는 종파에 따라, 출판시점에 따라 번역어휘를 달리하고 있는데 이러한 번역에서 발생하는 문법의 차이는 화용론적 접근방법과 영적 의미를 고려하여 제대로 번역이 되었는지 살펴보고 바로잡아야 한다고 본다.

통암 박의섭의 방송동극 연구

윤석산 ( San Yoon Suk )
한국언어문화학회|한국언어문화  37권 0호, 2008 pp. 151-172 ( 총 22 pages)
This is a study of Park, U-Seop`s works who was a radio-drama writer in 1930s. He was a grandson of Forth leader of Chondogyo, and was a son of a fighter for national independence. So he watched various art performance at Chondogyo church or Chondogyo memorial hall. And he developed his artistic knowledge from those. Especially he received a Bang, Jeong-Hwan`s guidance who was a pioneer of children movement. He joined the broadcast as a radio actor first time, and he was active soon as a radio-drama writer. He wrote various radio-drama, drama of children`s song, radio trip, and children`s novel, etc, because tried to broad internal function of radio-drama. Park, U-Seop`s works awakened the pride of Korean history, folklore and custom to children who lived at the Japanese colonial period. Therefore he instill confidence into their mind. His works gave the dream and hope to future children, and instill right character to them. He was a successor of children movement which practiced the pioneer of children movement, Bang, Jeong-Hwan`s spirit

문헌 기록에 나타난 지도 인식의 양상과 변모 -상상력의 작용을 고려하여

이승수 ( Seung Su Lee )
한국언어문화학회|한국언어문화  37권 0호, 2008 pp. 173-200 ( 총 28 pages)
This study extracted the records related to the maps in the literature from the Age of Three States to Goryeo dynasty, deduced the history of creating and accepting the maps and examined the recognition on the world contained in the maps and the change of recognition. For identifying the imagination permeated in the map preparation and recognition, the literary works as well as the descriptive records in the history literature were used as the main texts. Before entering into the main body, I summarized the records in the old books written in Chinese, which were the basis for the recognition on the map. The conclusions through the discussion are as follows. First, the map recognition in the old books in Chinese was mainly related to the political or military purposes, but the religious or mythological aspects were not significant. Those features had substantial influence on our recognition on the map since then. Second, the map history of Korea goes back to the time when the country was established. It means that the map was used as a means of ruling. Third, the map creation and the recognition in the Goryeo dynasty were closely related to the international relation and the political activity in each period. The map recognition was very aggressive and independent in the early Goryeo dynasty when the state was powerful in the international relation and during the reign of the King Gongmin when the reform against the Yuan Dynasty was progressed. Fourth, I examined the poem of Choi Chiwon, Yi Gyubo and Jeong Mongju as the cases recognizing the map on the basis of the literary imagination. Their poem recognized the world depending on their own interest without being limited to the real map or demonstrated the subjective recognition on the world. Their poem also induced the response from the descendants. A series of processes such as expression and responses enabled to identify the change of recognition on the history or historical flow of Korean spirits.

음란 폭력적 게임규제와 게임산업의 발전방향

전종수 ( Jong Soo Jeon )
한국언어문화학회|한국언어문화  37권 0호, 2008 pp. 201-229 ( 총 29 pages)
America and the other developed countries in the game industry have been discussed the regulations of adult games in the view of freedom of expression. However, in Korea, adult games have not been developed because of social moral judgement and regulations for the reason of child protection. Adult games which could contain some sexually-lewd and pornographic contents should be concerned in the sense of adults` right to enjoy and freedom of expression. For that, it is significant to look for directions of improving adult game contents as taking different discourses to protect children from the violent and lewd games in America, analyzing American game history on the view of regulation and expression and comparing achievement of the contemporary game GTA to failure of 3feel and REVERSE-ONLINE The movement of consultation from the private-self regulations to the government restrictions among the developed game countries shows that it is needed to have comprehensive countermeasures and definite regulation of mature game contents as on the delicate position of selling online games out of the country. Since the adult games are researched and set up with the market-oriented views, it has been insufficient in preventing the reverse function of adult games. The market trend of adult games is important, but it is more valuable to recognize the reverse function of game cultures which have been neglected to increase domestic gamers and pioneering foreign markets. Accordingly, to improve adult game industry, it is needed to make continuous studies about the culture of advanced game countries, share information among the industry-academia and research centers as analyzing game structure and research the institutional and legal regulations and the culture of advanced game countries.