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Journal of The English Language and Literature

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  • - ISSN : 1738-7620
  • - 간행물명 변경 사항 : 영어영문학연구 → 현대영어영문학
수록 범위 : 53권 3호 (2009)

한국 초등학교 영어 교육의 허상과 실상

김성억 ( Sung Uk Keem )
The main purpose of this study aims to examine and find solutions to those problems at issue in primary school English education in Korea such as training pre-service primary school English teachers and improving pronunciation skills of primary school children, and expanding communicative environments where spoken English is used daily. Proposed are 1)English teacher trainees need to be selected among highschool candidates with high linguistic intelligence and excellent language aptitude, 2)Hangeul-based English pronunciation symbols system and phonetic guidelines need to be introduced and employed in place of the international phonetic alphabet, and 3)daily communicative environments need to be expanded beyond classroom thresh hold. (Han Nam University)

길먼의 『허랜드』: 유토피아와 모성

김진옥 ( Jin OK Kim )
This paper examines how Gilman`s feminist vision is explored in her utopian novel "Herland." In Herland, in which women possess authoritative powers, there is expressed utopian vision: there "were no enemies, they were all sisters and friends." Gilman`s description of a women`s world, one without men, as utopia, is itself a way to criticize the patriarchy suggested in the male utopian tradition. Gilman believed in the betterment of the species, just as she believed that all life on earth progressed toward evolution. She felt that society could be improved through the powers of women rather than men. Gilman`s idea of women`s regenerative power is influenced by the feminist reformer Lester Frank Ward, who relied on Darwinian discourse but manipulated it in order to prove the natural superiority of women. Women`s bodies (reproductive function), according to Gilman, can create healthy reproduction of the social world. Maternity is evolutionarily superior to the simple act of reproduction because it occurred "late in the course of evolution, so higher in the true measure of growth." This idea of maternal reproduction depends on eugenic evolutionary theory which considers that women`s reproductive processes, such as the right choice of marriage partner and birth control, can improve the social condition of women and the race. Herland suggests a new vision that maternity and feminism and utopia can be integral to each other-women`s reproductive bodies become the reproducers of a utopian society. (Hanbat National University)

"코요테 담론" -생태여성주의 문학의 자연/여성 주체화하기

신두호 ( Doo Ho Shin )
With the emergence of ecofeminism, the infamous concept of nature and women as passive or silent objects, that Western Humanism`s tradition of anthropocentrism and androcentrism had firmly solidified, has begun to be challenged. New concepts of nature/women as autonomous subjects have been rapidly emerging, and Gaia has been favored as one of the most popular of such images of autonomous subjects that (eco)feminism has adopted as a means of emancipatory strategy. The Gaia image, however, conveys no less problematic implications than affirmative meanings for women-nature relations, since Mother Earth, in Greek mythology, finally succumbs to her son/husband Uranus. This image in fact, contrary to our general belief, cannot help reminding us of patriarchical subjugation of nature/women. In addition, revaluing women`s cultures and practices, ecofeminist endearment of this image inadvertently endorses hierarchical dualism between men and women that ecofeminism has strongly opposed. Unlike such problematic `Gaia discourse,` the `coyote discourse,` which often characterizes ecofeminist writings promises autonomous speaking subjects of both women and nature without resorting to the preconceived images of women-nature relations. (Kangwon National University)

여전히 존재하는 아버지: 매밋의 『암호문』

염정민 ( Joung Min Yum )
David Mamet`s theatrical ventures show some significant shifts in tone, theme, and dramatic form throughout the 1990s. In this period, he broke away from the traditional idea that he was limited to the masculine world, which was the feature of his previous works: through exploring0 diverse genres and materials. The most remarkable change was the development of his female characters. After Oleanna in 1992, his female characters had different status from those in his previous works. A mother, Donny, who was barely seen in Mamet`s works, specially appeared in The Cryptogram. Though she is a main character, Robert, the absent character, dominates her life and controls the relationships between the characters. In this context, the purpose of this paper is to study Robert`s influence on the three characters in The Cryptogram, and this paper will also highlight that Mamet still remains in the masculine world in spite of the development of his female characters. (Chonbuk National University)

예이츠의 시에 나타난 장미와 시적 상상력

유병구 ( Byeong Koo Yoo )
Yeats uses the rose as an increasingly complex symbol in his poems. The Rose symbolizes Maud Gonne whom he first met in 1889 and regularly proposed to. Traditionally the Rose has been a symbol of spiritual love and supreme beauty for a long period of time. The Rose in Irish poetry sometimes symbolizes a woman`s beauty and a symbol of Ireland. The purpose of this paper is to examine how Yeats relates Maud Gonne`s beauty to Ireland`s beauty. As Yeats could not stop loving her all his life, so he could not stop loving his beautiful country, Ireland. In Cathleen Ni Houlihan that he wrote in 1902 for Maud Gonne, Yeats let Maud Gonne act the role of Cathleen because he felt that she had given herself to Ireland instead of to him. In many cases, the Rose in Yeats`s poems symbolizes Maud Gonne and at the same time Ireland. He wanted to praise not only Maud Gonne`s beauty but also the beauty of Ireland. Yeats shows his attitude towards the role of literature in the struggle for Irish independence in his poems. He emphasizes his patriotism in his poems by using the image of the rose. It will be possible to understand his poems very well when we grasp the meaning of the rose symbolized in his poetry. (Daegu University)

"서부" 정신의 새 비전: 코맥 맥카시의 『모두 다 예쁜 말들』

이향만 ( Hyang Mann Lee )
All the Pretty Horses, which is McCarthy`s first novel of Border Trilogy, seems to be, on the surface, about the journey of a cowboy and his best friend who try to find something missing for the loss of the ranch and the horses. But the journey from purity to knowledge around the border country gives him certain truths about himself and the world: the revision of the West. The hero`s new vision of the West is the insight of the ardent-hearted attitude with which he can integrate the good and evil, the beauty and the pain, the wish and the thing in the indifferent and cruel world. The vision comes after the hero understands both the wildness within himself and the wildness around the world. In this sense, McCarthy`s All the Pretty Horses transcends just the nostalgic story of a cowboy, and instead becomes a significant story for the coming world. (Hoseo University)

인지언어학적 은유에 근거한 "재림"의 분석

최중열 ( Choong Lyeol Choi )
This paper tries to show how to analyze "The Second Coming" based on the concept of metaphor with the help of mental space. Metaphor is not an exceptional stylistic device for rhetorical flourish, but an important factor in our understanding, a factor that is based on the cognitive mapping of one conceptual domain(source domain) onto another(target domain). Metaphor can be divided into two kinds; the general conceptual metaphor and the poetic one. The poetic metaphor is different from the conceptual metaphor in degree, but not in kind. It is based on the same cognitive mappings we can find in the conceptual metaphor. But there are specific techniques a poet can exploit in order to get the poetic metaphors from conceptual ones; extension, elaboration, questioning and composition. We try to analyze "The Second Coming" based on the metaphoric schema of `center-peripheral` and draw a good result. The lst stanza is based on decentralization and the 2nd one, on recentralization. And the schema of center-peripheral interprets it well as we expect. That means our analysis of poems based on the concept of metaphor with the help of mental space is very sound and it is the very way we should take in interpreting poems in this age of cognitive science. (Jeonju University)

The Primal Pain of Mothers in Joy Luck Club and Saving Face

( Ji Hee Han )
Adrienne Rich`s Of Woman Born (1976) has made a huge influence on the feminist studies of motherhood for the past thirty years. Due to Rich`s insight, they could separate motherhood as an ideology from mothering as an experience and examine the oppressive aspects of a mother`s existence in a patriarchal society. Especially, Rich`s conception of the primal pain of mothers allowed them to look into mothers` depression and feeling of alienation from a fresh point of view. Therefore, this essay takes up Rich`s theoretical position as a main discursive frame and tries to analyze Chinese mothers` pain represented in Amy Tan`s Joy Luck Club and Alice Wu`s Saving Face. By looking into various representations of mothers, this essay ultimately suggests the persistent relevance of Rich`s discursive insight on the issue of motherhood and mothering. (Gyeongsang National University)

Preliminary Empirical Research of Dramatic Approach

( Jae Won Kang )
This preliminary empirical research through new approach using drama describes and analyzes the collaboration created in the English classroom. The core theoretical framework of this study is "interaction" between students and the teacher by adopting a new teaching technique, named "dramatic approach" in this study. Interaction between students and students as well as between students and the teacher could be considered a kind of collaborative activity. Vygotsky says that students are able to learn skills socially by interacting with others through the process of drama (1978). The findings of this study support that the dramatic method is a promising teaching skill in improving student`s ability and confidence in English speaking. (Pusan National University)

Universal Grammar and Transfer in Second Language Acquisition

( Chang Kyum Kim )
The purpose of this study is to examine how L2 learners involve universal grammar and transfer in second language acquisition. In transfer hypothesis, Chinese and Japanese speakers of English learners in the acquisition of control structures have some preference for finite clauses rather than non-finite clauses because their native languages do not have non-finite clauses. However, universal grammarians claim that learners use UG in that Japanese-speaking learners of English produce relatively few errors in the acquisition of word order although Japanese and English have different word order. Although they have some strong claims about second language acquisition, this paper claims that UG and transfer is involved together. L2 learners use transfer whenever they are accessible, otherwise they use universal grammar. However, this paper also claims that the target language gives the most powerful influence to second language acquisition in that learners begin to learn with knowledge of the target language. Thus, when learners learn L2, they use both UG and transfer which is accessible based upon knowledge of a target language. This means that second language acquisition involves the native language, the target language and UG. In addition, UG and transfer together can be used for the effective language acquisition as one of learning strategies. (Uiduk University)
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