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Journal of The English Language and Literature

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  • - ISSN : 1738-7620
  • - 간행물명 변경 사항 : 영어영문학연구 → 현대영어영문학
수록 범위 : 53권 4호 (2009)

부정극어 Any에 대한 연구

권경원 ( Kyeong Won Kwon )
The purpose of this paper is to present the pragmatic license conditions of NPI any. We have observed traditional and transformational analysis of any with their problems. We have also examined downward entailment theory, monotone decreasing theory and nonveridicality theory. Nonveridicality theory supplemented the weakness of downward entailment theory and monotone decreasing theory. But nonveridicality theory still had problems. Therefore pragmatic license conditions are presented to make up for nonveridicality theory as the followings: (1) Any is licensed in implicative negation; (2) Any is licensed when the existence of entities is not presupposed; and (3) Any is licensed at the situation of free choice. (Mokwon University)

제임스 조이스, 가톨릭교, 성, 그리고 출판

박윤기 ( Yun Ki Park )
When Ulysses was published in 1922, Joyce had been widely considered as to derive inspiration from popular literary forms like the newspaper, the sentimental romance and pornography. I dare say that`s true. It, however, does not mean that he is a pornographic writer. On 6 December 1933 Judge Woolsey announced that Ulysses was not legally obscene and could, therefore, be admitted to the United States. As Woolsey had observed, although he had a lively interest in "pornographic writing," Joyce himself had no intention of stirring the sexual impulses or leading to sexually impure and lustful thoughts. Joyce`s early religiosity, along with the sexual repression that pervaded Irish society, left him with a deeply ambivalent relationship to his own sexuality. He was at the same time highly sexed and highly repressed owing to his repressive Irish Catholic education by Jesuits. Joyce, however, had a belief that sexual desire was a natural thing of human being and a pivotal experience to become a complete artist. The aesthetics of obscenity in Joyce`s works, therefore, has much to do with his writing technique. (Pai Chai University)

드라마 기법을 이용한 영어 수업 방안

유정숙 ( Jeong Suk You ) , 국방호 ( Bang Ho Kook )
The present government and English curriculum require "Teaching English in English". Still, there are some problems in pursuing this teaching method. The textbooks used in high schools are mostly composed of reading materials, and the English examination for college entrance is focused on receptive skills such as reading and listening. These two factors lead to the teachers focusing on reading when teaching English. The textbooks must be restructured so that teachers can teach English by interaction between students and teachers, using Communicative Language Teaching method. This study suggests one way to change reading parts into activity-based learning focused on speaking and writing by using drama techniques in teaching English. This study introduces two kinds of drama techniques; one in students` role playing of reading parts and the other is in teacher`s plotting of the whole class activity. (Jeonju University)

"되기"의 실패와 잠재성의 정치학: 멜빌의 『필경사 바틀비』

윤교찬 ( Kyo Chan Yoon ) , 조애리 ( Ai Lee Cho )
This paper analyzes the relationship between Bartleby and the lawyer in terms of Deleuze`s `becoming minoritarian` and the concept of the new community based on Agamben`s concept of potentiality. Bartleby`s language functions as if it was a foreign language within language and becomes a minority standard. Though the lawyer`s disorienting experience reveals him a "zone of indiscernibility," he remains rigidly within the major standard of the society, adult- white- heterosexual-European-male." He fails in `becoming minoritarian.` He seeks to pin down Bartleby`s preference either as will or as necessity without success. As Agamben points out, Bartleby is conceived as "pure, absolute potentiality" distinguished from both will and necessity. Bartleby has come to recover what could have been, that is, to reaffirm potentiality. His potentiality involves a withdrawal from actual world, which is a political gesture to refer to the new community outside the hegemonic position. (Hannam University·KAIST)

유치원과 초등학교 영어교육과정 비교연구

이병천 ( Byeong Cheon Lee )
This study was intended to investigate the connectedness of the English curriculum at private kindergartens and elementary schools based on the analysis of the document system and the implementation of the curriculum. In this study, the connectedness of the English curriculum of the educational systems was presented, analyzed, discussed and summarized dealing with the goals and contents which include the levels of words and sentences, activities, textbook units, and language skills, vocabularies, and the length of a single sentences. The main findings and implications from this study can be briefly noted as follows: (1) There needs the voluntary adjustment for the levels of words and sentences presented in elementary English textbooks according to students` familiarity and authenticity. (2) English teaching and learning should be accomplished focused on thought groups rather than words. (3) For the young learners of English in elementary schools to develop more interest and motivation toward English, the curriculum should present the techniques and activities for meaningful repetitions and practices and should consider the connectedness to Kindergarten English curriculum. (Korea Institute for Curriculum & Evaluation)

영어 학습동기와 다중지능의 상관관계 연구

이준용 ( Jun Yong Lee )
The purpose of this study is to analyze the correlation between English learning motivation and multiple intelligences of Korean midshipmen. Moreover, the study investigated their level of English learning motivation and multiple intelligences. Motivation was broken down into seven sub-categories, and multiple intelligence into eight for the analysis. For this study, three hypotheses were made in advance. The number of participants was 128 senior midshipmen, including 12 females. The participants` questionnaires on motivation and multiple intelligences were collected and surveyed. For the convenience of the analysis, the results of TEPS were divided into five categories: listening, reading, grammar, vocabulary, and total score. The research results showed that English learning motivation and multiple intelligences were positively correlated with each other. The correlation between the motivation and the results of the TEPS was also positive. However, the correlations between the sub-categories of motivation and those of multiple intelligences were differently realized. The research results may serve as a valuable asset for English teachers or people engaged in the language-learning field in Korea. (Republic of Korea Naval Academy)

공포의 양상: 『맥베스』와『존스 황제』읽기

조용재 ( Yong Jae Cho )
There are big gaps between William Shakespeare`s Macbeth and Eugene O`Neill`s The Emperor Jones in the time, the space, the style, and the dramatic form. One is a tragedy of character, the other is an expressionistic play. However, these two works have some common elements in their theme and the technique. The purpose of this essay is to analyze the various aspects of "fears" appeared in both works. In Macbeth, the apparitions can be interpreted as the visions from the hero`s fear. More meaningful thing is that these apparitions speak to the hero. But those of the latter mean the rerun, the collective unconscious and the regression of Jones`s or the negro`s past and they don`t speak, and Little Formless Fears mean those which are common for all of us. Both the insistent and loud sound of knocking of the former and the far-off, insistent, quick and loud beat of tom-tom of the latter become a great dramatic device to increase the inner fears of the audience as well as of Macbeth and Jones and to realize artistically the union of physical and psychological. The world of darkness of the former such as the thunder, the lightening, the vision of bloody dagger and Macbeth`s hands bathed in Duncan`s blood and that of the latter such as the Great Forest and the moon light promote the effect of fear. Macbeth and Jones are the victims of tragic irony and achieve their salvation through death. (Wonkwang University)

Creativity-enhanced CALL activities in English Classrooms

( Keun Huh )
This paper aims to discuss creativity-enhanced CALL activities that language teachers must consider for their students to develop creativity along with their language learning. For this purpose, the advantages that the computer provides for creativity development of language learners are discussed. Then the role of teachers for creativity training in CALL classrooms is also discussed. Next, several possible creativity-enhanced CALL activities, including software, Web-based resources, and Computer-mediated communication for EFL students are suggested. The activities proposed in this study can be used to support the conception and development of tasks that directly enhance the creativity of EFL students. (Hannam University)

Problems of Marxist Historiography: The Case of The Eighteenth Brumaire of Louis Bonaparte

( Hyeuk Kyu Joo )
Why should we read Karl Marx today? This paper attempts to approach Marx in terms of a system of differences, a system that never allows a stable, final meaning because of its inherent radicalism and heterogeneity. Marx`s figures of thought are notorious for their intermixture of different layers of arguments. The Eighteenth Brumaire of Louis Bonaparte is one of the best examples that manifest Marx`s complicated ways of thinking. In this particular text, he, on the one hand, proposes a line of theses which have been traditionally thought to be his prototype; for example, historical materialism, state apparatus, class struggle, and revolution. But on the other hand, he renders his propositions highly problematic through rhetorical maneuvers. It can be said that within this peculiar mode of writing, Marx`s historical consciousness is textualized, and his relation to society is mapped. After all, we still read Marx today for his incredible virtuosity in practicing figures of thought, a virtuosity that startles us first by its eloquence, then by its possible ramifications. (Gyeongsang National University)

Colonialism in Jane Eyre

( Dong Choon Lee )
The British imperialism seems to have been an object of desire in the Victorian period. Especially, the literary production on colonial India proliferated in popular fiction such as the adventure novel and the Indian romance between 1890 and 1930. Most narratives dealing with India presupposed colonialism to be for the good of the narratives, and the British culture was regarded as having the sweetness and light of a humanized knowledge to the colonized. Bronte`s Jane Eyre is not an exception in her dealing with colonialism. Bronte makes a sharp contrast between Thornfield Hall in which Rochester lives and Bertha Masson incarcerated in it. While the former is described as a historical site which keeps the race of the British colonialism, the latter is portrayed as a some sort of anti-slavery rebel who threatens the microcosmic world of the British authority. As Mason is constructed as a racial Otherness by the narrative, Jane through her life is also described as a social and economical Otherness in a male-dominated British society. In addition, Jane is represented not as a human being but as a figure of racial Otherness like a "bad animal," "fiend," and "heathen." However, it is not easy to figure out what attitude Bronte kept for colonialism at that time. It seems that Bronte`s dealing with colonialism forms a double-edged attitude; Bronte clearly takes part in the British attitude of her times toward it. On the other hand, she feels sympathy for the oppressed in the colonized, as implied in her descriptions of the characters, especially of Mason. (Daegu University)
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