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Journal of The English Language and Literature

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  • - ISSN : 1738-7620
  • - 간행물명 변경 사항 : 영어영문학연구 → 현대영어영문학
수록 범위 : 58권 1호 (2014)

초등학교 방과 후 학교 영어수업의 운영실태 및 강사의 인식 조사

강민아 ( Min A Kang ) , 박은수 ( Eun Soo Park )
The purpose of this study is to examine the current management reality of after-school English program in elementary schools and after-school English teachers` perceptions towards the program. 141 after-school English teachers from 67 different elementary schools were participated. The results are as follows: Most elementary schools in this study have more than two after-school English classes. A class contains average 16-20 students, offers lesson five times a week, and it is divided by their grade. The teachers perceived that the goal of the program is reducing household expenditure on private English education, and the expected effect is boosting interests in English and motivating students to learn English. The teachers indicated that level differentiated lesson and small class size are required. The teachers showed the relatively high level of overall job satisfaction. The teachers` perceptions differed in terms of marital status and teaching experience. In addition, the teachers` job satisfaction was significantly correlated with their perception of class size and class placement. The findings from the present study suggest more comprehensive consideration of improving after-school English program. (Kyungnam University)

초등영어 문법 형태소 지도를 위한 명시적 문법지도 방안

김경미 ( Kyung Mi Kim ) , 이종복 ( Jong Bok Lee )
The purpose of this study was to examine the effects of teaching explicit English grammar in accordance with the acquisition order of morphemes to English learners. This study was conducted to do our own research to the Korean elementary school students about their acquisition of English morphemes and a possible way to teach English Grammar in explicit ways. Before the study, the researchers looked over the results of the studies previously conducted on this topic and tried to find out some effects of explicit grammar teaching to the young learners. Some implications and classroom applications are also suggested at the end of this paper. (Mokwon University)

중학교 영어 교과서 문화 내용에 대한 학습자 흥미도

김민진 ( Min Jin Kim ) , 김해동 ( Hae Dong Kim )
This study addresses how the English textbooks which are employed in public middle schools in Korea reflect learners` interests in cultural contents. To identify which cultural factors are constructed on the textbooks, the six textbooks were selected and analyzed. The result of the analysis revealed the six textbooks have the cultural factors of small c rather than big C. To check learners` interests in cultural contents, a survey was conducted to 137 students. Among them, 15 students participated in structured interviews. It was observed that the interviewees` interests in the cultural contents were enhanced after one semester. However, their interests were not related to the cultural contents in a used textbook. The results indicate that teaching the cultural factors via a textbook is a very difficult task to English teachers. To balance between the cultural factors of big C and small c, the school textbooks are required to consider the appropriateness of two factors for students` interests. (Hankuk University of Foreign Studies).

그린 다시읽기: 『조용한 미국인』을 중심으로

김상석 ( Sang Suk Kim )
The purpose of this thesis is to re-examine Graham Greene`s The Quiet American from the perspective of Post-colonialism. This thesis will address West`s imperialism over the East, racism against orientals and sexism which produces another relationship of domination and subordination between men and women. In particular, this thesis discusses imperialism in the context of sexism in that the colonized East is analogous to the passive and inferior position of women in relation to the dominance of Western men over women and of Western men over the East. The Quiet American illustrates the binary opposition of ``West`` and ``non-West`` which establishes the Western subject as central and the indigene as Other. This view is illustrated in two specific ways: from the depiction of an imaginary world called ``Greeneland`` and from the depiction of indigenous people of Viet Nam along with ``Third Force`` which will undermine colonialism, destroy communism and liberate Viet Nam. The novel also captures and represents problems and conflicts of race, class and gender. Re-examining The Quiet American from the post-colonial perspective illuminates Greene`s technique of revealing the imperialistic mentality. (Kyungnam College of Information & Technology)

한국 초등영어 학습자의 말하기 능력 수준에 따른 말하기 오류 양상 및 교사의 교정 피드백

김성수 ( Sung Soo Kim ) , 안경자 ( Kyung Ja Ahn )
This study examined primary English learners` speaking errors and the subsequent teacher feedback. The participants were two teachers and sixty fifth-grade students from a Korean primary school. The students were taking part in extracurricular English speaking lessons in which different types of feedback were used: Input-providing feedback (IPF: recasts, explicit correction) and output-providing feedback (OPF: prompts). All 20 lessons (10 lessons per level group) were videotaped and transcribed. The data include student surveys and interviews with five students from each group. The findings are as follows: (1) Whereas high level students made errors in grammar (function words) most frequently, low level students made errors in vocabulary (content words) most frequently. (2) Grammar errors were the error type for which the students received the most frequent teacher feedback. (3) High level learners preferred OPF, while low level learners preferred IPF. (4) IPF was more effective for students` error correction for both levels of students, specifically for lower level students. In particular, the low level students did not recognize OPF as useful teacher feedback and wanted feedback with clearer and more helpful clues. The study results offer teachers and teacher educators insights into teaching speaking at the primary school level in EFL contexts. (Yangbul Elementary School, Seoul National University of Education)

몸의 실천: 용서와 화해의 기제 -쿳시 소설을 중심으로-

김연정 ( Yeon Jeong Kim )
This paper is to explore the role of rulers` as well as others` bodies from a postcolonial perspective. I focus on how rulers repent for their sins and beg forgiveness through their bodies. First, in Waiting for the Barbarians, Others` bodies symbolize the history of oppression in the colonial system, and a ruler, the magistrate represents others` pains through his body. Next, in Age of Iron, an old white woman deeply understands others through her sick body and confesses her original sin as a white in the apartheid period of South Africa. In Disgrace, a white woman through her experience of being raped by three black men, recognizes the sin of the colonialist and seeks for the world of coexistence between whites and blacks in the post apartheid period of South Africa. In these works, rulers all realize the fault of racial discrimination and pursue the harmonious world of whites and blacks through their bodies` experiences. (Sungkyunkwan University)

블레이크의 사회 전복적 가치관

김영수 ( Young Soo Kim )
William Blake`s was the age of political upheaval and the Industrial Revolution in its incipient phase. The French Revolution seemed to promise a new age of liberty and equality, dissolving all kinds of social and class barriers and setting no limit to individual energies and ambitions. But its unexpected development into another tyranny was quite disappointing and frustrating while the ongoing industrial revolution combined with the reigning economic doctrine of laissez faire to churn out impoverished labour class. Little provision was made for the needs of this population. Life in most industrial towns was grim and often vicious. Blake perspicaciously saw all the vices of his age and felt it his duty as a poet-prophet to tackle the problem of human salvation. And he perceived that all the problems of his times lied in rationalism and scientific spirit blindly prized by the contemporary minds. In short, Blake`s was an endeavor to construct an ideal world where "All the Passions Emanate Uncurbed in their Eternal Glory", and he felt it urgent to contradict the politically-oriented moral arrogance of the upper classes. (Youngdong University)

라히리의 디아스포라리얼리즘: 『길들지 않은 땅』

박금희 ( Geum Hee Park )
This article aims to examine how Jhumpa Lahiri interweaves various sociopolitical factors from both the Indian-American diaspora and the American society in her novel Unaccustomed Earth in the Bakhtinian perspective, and to find out what are the big problems when Indian-Americans acculturize, and assimilate themselves to the American culture. Especially, it is intended to find out what are the cultural and ideological values, interfering their carefree choices, by describing what her heroes and heroines accept and reject from the Indian tradition and the American culture. Also, it is an attempt to illuminate the characteristics of Lahirihi`s narratology. In this novel, Lahiri`s heroes and heroines, as absolutely independent beings, decide all things about their lives while interacting with their ideological environment. They think over all verbal, ideological points, approaches, indicators, values in the American cultural context as well as the Indian diasporic context, and use them in forming their newly forming world-views. Here, Lahiri`s experiences, as one of Indian-Americans, enable her to extend the narrative of this novel and to provide her characters with all kinds of traditional and cultural factors. Resultingly, this narratology of Lahiri`s lets her lead her heroes and heroines` wider interactions with their environments, and so their understandings more persuasive. (Chosun University)

영어의 방향/처소-도치문의 통사적 속성

안승신 ( Seung Shin Ahn )
This paper examines the syntactic properties of English Directional and Locative Inversion (D/L-I), using the approaches of Stowell (1981), Rochemont & Culicover (1990), and Rizzi & Shlonsky (2006). We find that the Feature Attraction approach of Rizzi and Shlonsky (2006) is the most appropriate to reveal the syntactic properties of D/L-I. This paper is organized as follows. Section 1 briefly reviews the Stylistic Rules approach of Chomsky & Lasnik (1977) and Rochemont (1978). Section 2 presents various properties of D/L-I primarily based on the syntactic views. Section 3 compares the analyses of Stowell (1981) and Rochemont & Culicover (1990), highlighting their contributions and problems. Section 4 applies the Feature Attraction approach of Rizzi and Shlonsky (2006) to the constructions of D/L-I and discusses how that approach can explain the various syntactic phenomena found in section 2. Section 5 summarizes the merits of using the Feature Attraction approach. Some important future research agendas are also suggested. (Korea National Open University)

로렌스의 『보라! 우리는 해내었도다!』에 나타난 자아성취의 짐

전영옥 ( Young Ok Jeon )
The purpose of this study is to consider the self-accomplishment through the relationship between man and woman in Look! We Have Come Through! Lawrence thinks that self-accomplishment is not through self-knowledge and through the direct experience of love, but through indirect knowledge of a kind of absolute otherness. For Lawrence, the new life began with the love of a woman who was a mysterious “other.” The moment of love is important because man and woman best know their own beings through the knowledge of the other. The other is a guide to the heaven immanent in the incarnate moment, and a messenger of that unknown which does not transcend but is implicit in the known. Lawrence celebrates marriage not only as the feast of life, but as the wedding of the self to the other, the known to the unknown, the spirit to the flesh. He thinks that through sexual communion, discover the unknown within the known, the divine within the human. The purpose of sexual communion between man and woman is to attain a perfect union of the two-in-one and experience a divinity. It is a mystic moment in which the soul achieves immortality. (Namseoul University)
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