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Journal of The English Language and Literature

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  • - ISSN : 1738-7620
  • - 간행물명 변경 사항 : 영어영문학연구 → 현대영어영문학
수록 범위 : 59권 2호 (2015)

『에쿠우스』에 나타난 억압구조

강준수 ( Jun Soo Kang )
The purpose of this paper is to investigate essential value of life between the pursuit of social value and personal identity. Equus is one of the famous drama written by a successful playwright, Peter Shaffer. A variety of symbolic communications including dance and music are utilized. Symbols allow the observer to explore concepts and relationships which are beyond the reach of language. Gothic element also plays an important role in Equus. It gives audience the chance to escape from the ordinary daily life. The conventional institutions of society confine main characters`` instinctive creativity, and repress their primitive passion and freedom in Equus. Under the repression of society and family, Dysart and Alan try to have their own identity. In case of Alan, Equus is a sublimation mechanism that Alan has activated as a defence against the inhibition. Dr. Dysart thinks he may find the meaning of life by contacting the ideal world, the image of Greece. There are main characters, Alan who stabbed out the eyes of six horses and Dr. Dysart who has an emptiness in his heart. As Dr. Dysart contemplates Alan``s mind, he realizes Alan``s passion filled with primitive instinct. Dr. Dysart confirms Alan``s passion would make him find not only the true value of life but also his own identity. In conclusion, social value and personal identity are not the object of conflict. They should be in harmony through the mutual interchange and communication. (Anyang University)

미국 대선 토론에 나타난 영어 화용론적 체면전략

곽면선 ( Myun Sun Kwak ) , 이상철 ( Sang Cheol Lee )
The purpose of this study is to investigate the different types of face threatening and face supporting strategies that are used between the different participants, in relation to U.S. Presidential debates. A televised debate from the 2012 American election was chosen for the data analysis. A total of 747 thought units were analyzed and the results showed that the face threatening and supporting strategies were used differently amongst the different participants. The candidates frequently used face supporting strategies with the audience and the moderator while the audience used face threatening strategies with the candidates. The research also showed that face threatening strategies were highly used between the candidates. However, the candidates used face supporting strategies when they had to agree with their opponents for a public relations purpose. The research confirmed that the different strategies are needed in conversations in this context due to the unbalanced power between the speakers and the hearers. (Woosong University, Chungnam National University)

대학의 영어클리닉 운영과 만족도 조사: H 대학교를 중심으로

김달중 ( Dal Joong Kim ) , 왕현선 ( Hyun Sun Wang )
The purposes of the study are to introduce the English clinic which is offered by H university and to investigate the operation of the English clinic in the university and student satisfaction. The English clinic offers students with both adult guidance and more capable peer teaching, which are based on Vygotsky’s the zone of proximal development (ZPD), in order to meet the students’ desire for developing their English skills. A survey was administered to 147 undergraduate students to measure their satisfaction on its operation. The survey contains six categories including (i) the efficiency of the general operation of the English clinic, (ii) comparison of satisfaction for both adult guidance teaching and peer teaching, (iii) expectancy and achievements of student’s goal, (iv) the intention of the continual learning English, and (v) the individual self-efficacy, (vi) the overall satisfaction for the English clinic as well as the most desired subject in learning through the English clinic. According to the survey, we could draw the following conclusions. Firstly, most students who used to visit English clinic showed their satisfaction. Secondly, students marked higher satisfaction to level-differentiated classes than to peer teaching, Thirdly, students wanted to take various different classes such as listening, or speaking classes in addition to reading and/or grammar classes. Lastly, male students showed higher satisfaction of using English clinic than female students did. (Hanbat National University, Chungnam National University)

상호작용적 대화 상황에서 대학생 영어학습자들의 코드스위칭 사용에 관한 연구

노숙원 ( Suk Won Noh ) , 정양수 ( Yang Soo Jung )
Code switching has simply been regarded as a habitual phenomenon of second language learners as a sign of their struggle to make up for their linguistic deficiency. However, its worth in SLA is beginning to be valued. At this point, the purpose of this study is to investigate how code switching works in conversational sequence and in the course of meaning negotiation. Code switching has its elementary use for communication helping participants continue their conversation. Through conversation analysis, the findings suggest that code switching fills the gap between turns which may occur due to the failure of negotiation. Code switching is, in turn, intertwined deeply into conversational sequence by tying each turn. Also, participants have a chance to reassure the meaning and usage of the words they want to express during conversation by employing code switching while under negotiation. (Chungnam National University)

『아틀라스의 마녀』: 유토피아적 세계를 향한 개혁의지

박경화 ( Kyeong Hwa Park )
Shelley’s whole life was devoted to making this world more livable without any oppression and injustice. To fulfill this object, he tried to enlighten the public with his writings and social and political activities. Therefore, his major long poems are about political and social reform. The Witch of Atlas is also this kind of poem. The Witch of Atlas is a humorous story of a mysterious and mythical witch who lives alone in her cave on Atlas’ mountain and creates a hermaphrodite with wings and no defect by strange art. By drifting with the hermaphrodite down mountain streams in a magic boat, she would pass at night among the cities on the Nile to watch the slumberers observing human hearts. She would cause the spirits of the good to mingle with her own, or give them panaceas, or turn their deaths into dreamy trances. For the people who live in the slaves of custom, she would raise dreams that mock the purposes of their lives. Therefore, this poem appears somewhat to be fantastic and mythic far from real world which needs reform. However, Shelley tries to reform repressive social and political system, old convention and tyranny through this poem. The witch possess the qualities and knowledge that could lift people out of their inert slavery by making them desire a better life and by showing them the means to attain it. In the end, the witch tries to change this unfair and oppressive society into an utopian world. (Hannam University)

중학교 영어교사의 교직활동에 대한 인식연구

박은수 ( Eun Soo Park )
The purpose of this study is to investigate middle school English teachers’ perceptions about their teaching job. The study focused on four areas: instruction, relationship with students and parents, working environment, and teaching profession. For this study, 100 English teachers from 15 different middle schools in Kyungnam province participated, and the questionnaire was used for the investigation. The findings revealed that a majority of the teachers perceived positively the effect of English class on students’ English learning, and their dedication and confidence to English teaching was relatively high. However, the teachers viewed the lack of time for preparing their class as the most significant problem. The teacher indicated the heavy administrative workload and various English-related school events as the main reason for the lack of time. Also, the teachers responded that they had hard time in class because of students’ demotivation and students’ different English proficiency level. It should be noted that among 100 English teachers, only 30 English teachers answered that they would be an English teacher if they had to choose a teaching job. In order to adequately support English teachers, the factors influencing teachers’ perceptions should be explored in relation to the teaching career and the size of the school. (Kyungnam University)

「클리프톤 언덕」에 나타난 시 양식의 변형

송기호 ( Ki Ho Song )
Ann Yearsley’s “Clifton Hill,” included in her first collection, Poems, on Several Occasions, seems in appearance to mostly follow various conventions of the prospect poem, one of the most popular poetic forms in eighteenth-century English poetry. However, Yearsley in this poem significantly revises and transforms its conventions. Traditionally, a prospect poem presents a poetic figure, usually a male character from the middle or upper classes, who looks down from a high place and shows an appropriate aesthetic response to an open perspective, and thereby affirms his privileged social status as well as anticipates future expectations. In contrast, in “Clifton Hill” Yearsley presents Lactilla, a working-class woman, and though Lactilla seems to follow an upward movement, her upward movement is often countered by the opposite one, and her future prospective is clouded by memories of the past. More strikingly, unlike the traditional male perspective in the prospect poem, Yearsley in “Clifton Hill” presents a feminist perspective through the story of Louisa, a mad fugitive woman. The story of Louisa also serves as an indication of Yearsley’s own situations as a working-class woman poet. (Hannam University)

영어의 어두 sC와 sCr 자음군에 대한 한국인들과 영어원어민들의 발화 연구

윤영도 ( Yung Do Yun )
American English and Korean speakers produced English words starting with sC and sCr consonant clusters. I compared frication noise durations of /s/ between the two groups, and found that the former group produced significantly longer /s/ than the latter group. I also compared relative maximum intensities of /s/ with the following vowel or approximant, and found that the former group’s intensity was higher than that of the latter group. These findings indicate that the /s/ produced by American English speakers is long and loud, and Koreans cannot produce it with those acoustic characteristics. (Dongguk University-Seoul)

토니 모리슨의 『빌러비드』: 자기 치유가 빚어낸 새로운 정체성

이강선 ( Kang Sun Lee )
This article explores the process in which a conscious change from a slave to a freeman is depicted in Beloved, through the story of the ex-slave Sethe. She is relieved from the trauma caused by her slave life, immediately after the emancipation. The story is written with intent not only to reconstruct the African-American history but also to give a healing effect on the pride of African-Americans. Unlike many critics, the writer argues that Beloved, the ghost, is Sethe’s shadow for the closer coherence through her life. Beloved is the result of Sethe’s doublethink: she substituted the truth for the false, the resentment at her mother for the longing, and the sense of guilt of killing her baby as a manifestation of her spirit of resistance against the white. The incarnation of those long-suppressed emotions, Beloved, leads Sethe to reflect on the past to realize the truth. With her, Sethe creates the unconditionally loved childhood to compensate her lost childhood. And Sethe’s long experience of working as a paid worker stimulates her to awaken her self-esteem - the critical difference between the value of a slave and the one of a freeman. As a result of integration of those experiences, Sethe wins freedom from her trauma and gets new identity as a free matured man. In conclusion, Sethe’s healing comes from her own self. (Sung Kyun Kwan University)

리얼리티와 환상의 경계:『프랑스 중위의 여자』를 중심으로

이준의 ( Jun Eui Lee )
This paper aims to analyse John Fowles’ The French Lieutenant’s Woman through his narrative technique for freedom and search for reality. John Fowles’ The French Lieutenant’s Woman displays fictionality and fantasy structuring the novel and thus strengthens the illusion of reality by presenting Sarah as fluidity of image by employing authorial commentary and by giving three multiple endings. The text is constructed as a self-conscious challenge to narrative conventions, in which the author intrudes on the fictional story. Also this novel is Fowles’ social fiction which can make horizontality of existence and free from strict Victorian custom and ideas. The characters’ quest for liberation from Victorian social custom is entwined with the novel’s quest for freedom from literary convention. (Daejeon Health Sciences College)
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