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Journal of The English Language and Literature

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  • - ISSN : 1738-7620
  • - 간행물명 변경 사항 : 영어영문학연구 → 현대영어영문학
수록 범위 : 61권 4호 (2017)

린다 호건의 『파워』에 나타난 신화의 생태성

김정애 ( Kim Jeongae )
Linda Hogan is recognized as a Chickasaw Novelist, poet, and an environmental activist. This paper is aimed to find her ecocritical intention as an environmentalist through ecological characteristics of Taiga Tribe’s myth in her novel, Power. This novel was inspired from the murder case of a Florida panther by the Seminole Chief, James Billy. Hogan exposes the ecological consciousness of the myth of the imaginary tribe, Taiga, paralleling the white society’s trial with the tribe’s through the heroine, Omishto’s narratives. This paper focuses on the tribe’s eco-friendly life style which has been inherent in their myths. Their myths are relevant with the belief that all things exist physically and synchronically beyond time and space. It closely matches up with the ecofeminists’ view that all things on this planet are intimately connected to one another like the net of living things and without hierarchy. It is also generally understood that Power is a growth novel of Omishto who has grown up to be a leader of the Taiga. In this context, the paper is trying to describe how she accepts the tribe’s traditional values whereas she leaves the white society, where once she lived with her family. Omishto’s change comes from the awakening that the tribe’s society is a more harmonious world than the white’s. The paper seeks for the basis of the change in the ecocritical views. (Hanbat National University)

마크 트웨인 작품에 나타난 제국주의 비판의식과 인본주의 사상

민경택 ( Min Kyung-taek )
The purpose of this paper is to analyse the critical consciousness on imperialism and humanism revealed in Mark Twain’s works. He showed his critical mind on imperialism and materialism which were increasing in American society during the postbellum period by using a humorous and satirical narrative style in most his works. Although Twain was mainly active in the middle of imperialism and materialism that were becoming prevalent in the late 19th century, he revealed his poignant critical view of these characteristics in American society. Twain emphasized paradoxically humanism by criticizing imperialism and materialism, and it was penetrated in almost his works. And his anti-imperialism and anti-materialism were closely related to criticism of American society at the time. In this paper, it will be revealed how Twain expressed his anti-imperialism and humanism in his novels such as The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court, and The Prince and the Pauper. Through criticism of imperialism and materialism in American society, Twain ultimately insisted that humanism should be pursued as the most important value in our society. (Chungnam National University)

『유게니언 언덕에서 쓰여 진 시』: 시적 창조력을 통한 실존상황 인식과 재생력

박경화 ( Park Kyeong-hwa )
Lines Written among the Euganean Hills is the first major poem written by Shelley in Italy. In this poem, Shelley articulates his concept of Italy as the ‘Paradise of exiles.’ Therefore, Italy would have not only made a forceful impression on him but also would have also affected his poetic creativity. Thus, it is valuable to study the effect Italy had on his poetic influence to understand fully his poems from a more diverse perspectives. In Lines Written among the Euganean Hills, the speaker of this poem whilst on the Euganean hills reflects on the conditions of human existence and came to the conclusion that human misery is a basic condition of the world. Shelley describes this predicament of a human being as a ‘sea of misery.’ However, at the same time Shelley also postulates the existence of ‘many a green isle’ amid the ‘sea of misery.’ This statement suggests that Shelley strongly believes that humans have a regenerative power to overcome the many difficult situations which we inevitably have to confront in this world. As a result, in Lines Written among the Euganean Hills, Shelley communicates his strong belief that our lives would not end with his predicament of a ‘sea of misery’. Instead the world could be made into a better place with our regenerative power. (Hannam University)

학습자의 이해도와 동기감을 강화한 영어 다독학습법 모형연구

박선영 ( Park Sunyoung ) , 김남순 ( Namsoon Kim )
This study examined the effects of an extensive reading approach designed to promote reading comprehension and motivation to read. Forty-two university students participated in a newly developed extensive reading program. The program included five steps following a comprehensive workshop on extensive reading. These steps included reading activities, reading logs, book summaries, participating in class presentations and discussions, and choosing additional books to read. The program lasted for one semester in 2016. Forty-two students successfully finished the reading program within 15-weeks. Data were collected throughout the semester from the reading logs, writings, and from oral interviews. Results of the study indicated that participants experienced an increase in reading comprehension and motivation. In addition, the participants reported an improvement in their writing skills, developed a willingness to read new books and shared insights from the reading content. As well, students reported an expansion of self-knowledge and development of new insights about the world. (Hannam University)

제임스 조이스의 작품에 나타난 에피파니의 양상

박윤기 ( Park Yunki )
Epipanies in the works of James Joyce are central to his own understanding of the nature of art and the function of the artist. Joyce’s epiphany has developed primarily through Stephen Hero, A Portrait Artist as a Young Man, and Ulysses. Epiphany directly influenced the method of his writing and, as Walzl suggests, Dubliners is the result of this influence. Joyce adopted the concept of the epiphany from Catholic doctrines but amended its meaning for artistic purposes. Epiphany is a sudden spiritual manifestation, whether in the vulgarity of speech or of gesture or in a memorable phase of the mind itself. It is a formulation through metaphor or symbol of some luminous aspects of human experience. For his artistic purpose, Joyce used epiphanies more consciously and with greater variation than any other writers. Consequently, epiphany provides not only a means for the artist Joyce to create, but also a way of establishing his own artistic theory. (Paichai University)

모더니스트 풍자소설로 읽는 에블린 워의 『사랑했던 사람』

박은경 ( Park Eun Kyung )
This paper focuses on Evelyn Waugh’s multi-layered satire uncovered in The Loved One: A Tragedy of an Anglo-American, a very puzzling, and rarely studied novelette, particularly in Korea. Waugh’s main object of ridicules in his burlesque is a materialized and meaningless modern world. Especially in the employment of Catholicism Waugh exposes false consolation and sham love within a hypocritical culture embodied in the Hollywood film industry and in a funeral company that is, ironically named, Whispering Glades. Waugh’s catholic allusions reveal complex and highly performative turns of dark humor, unveiling an apocalyptic vision of postwar Western culture, where human beings are merely reduced to consumables, living corpses, and even animals. Deeply rooted in fantasies of love and immortality, this modern society blurs the distinction between the living and the dead, and between humans and animals as well. Exploring the dynamic between love and death, pivoting around the main characters, the most important being Dennis Barlow, Waugh unfolds his double-edged satiric vision. Dennis is a personification of Waugh’s cynical and detached viewpoint, while he becomes the main target for Waugh’s most ironic satire, as he is being inextricably immersed in the deadly culture. Waugh’s modernist satiric approach is an envisioning of the ‘loved one’ within a grotesque and comic choreography of love and mortality, which both expresses and engenders moral outrage. (Chungnam National University)

소규모 영어 읽기 협력 학습에 대한 대학생 학습자의 인식

변지현 ( Byun Ji Hyun )
Among four skills in language, reading is considered as an important means to receive input for foreign/second language learners. Moreover, with the shift of paradigm from the teacher-oriented classroom to learner-focused classroom, more responsibility and active roles are imposed on second/foreign language learners. This indicates that learners should play more active role in their second/foreign language reading comprehension. In order to facilitate active participation among second/foreign language learners, several teaching methods can be implied. Among them, the present study applied collaborative reading instruction with university EFL learners in Korea. The present study offered collaborative reading instruction to college students throughout a semester and attempted to elicit learners’ responses toward the reading instruction. Also, the study aimed to elicit learners’ perspectives regarding foreign language reading anxiety. Regarding data collection method, foreign language reading anxiety scale, interview, open-ended questionnaire, and researcher’s observation were applied. According to the findings of the present study, learners do not place much emphasis on collaborative reading instruction in reducing their foreign language reading anxiety. However, collaborative reading instruction was perceived as a useful source to hear various voices in dealing with reading tasks. In order to elicit positive effects from collaborative reading instruction, teacher’s constant monitoring and participation to the collaboration seems necessary as well. (Hannam University)
The author examines the meaning, the history, and the critical aspects of hypertext to emphasize the importance of digital humanities pedagogies. She will present how digital humanities pedagogies can be incorporated into college literature classes through teaching hypertext fiction writing using a open source program called ‘Twine.’ The author will also explore how effective digital technology can be used to teach literature. The paper consists of two main parts. The first part explores theoretical examinations such as the definition and literary characteristics of hypertext, the two oppositional positions and arguments on hypertext, and its future perspective. The second part deals with class activities where students learn how to make a hypertext fiction using a open source program, ‘Twine. While learning how to use a hypertext fiction writing tool, students can understand how computer programming is used to write literary texts and how a medium like digital technology can change literary forms. The second part also includes reviews on how class activities such as the experience of computer programming, student’s presentations and work evaluation took place. (Chungnam National University)

영어의 외치구문에 대한 중학생의 이해정도

양용준 ( Yang Yong-joon )
The purpose of this paper is to understand how middle school students, know the terminology of English grammar, and to make students understand easily at the school. In traditional grammar, when the object is longer than the objective complement and the form of the sentence becomes awkward, it becomes difficult to understand the sentence. To avoid such difficulties, it is possible to construct a sentence structure that is easy to understand by extraposing a long object to the position behind the objective complement. If the object clause is that-clause or an to-infinitive clause, it must be a correct sentence only when an extraposition must occur. However, in this regard, middle school students are inclined to extrapose if they think that the object is long. In other words, it is necessary for to-infinitive clause to have an extraposition, but a gerund clause is a sentence that does not cause an extraposition. In conclusion, it is necessary to teach correct grammar terms and usage and to utilize them accurately and fluently in the time of transition from the spoken-oriented curriculum to the written-oriented curriculum. It will be studied to treat all examples of what is happening in middle school textbooks and also of the possible extraposition in a corpusal aspect. (Jeju National University)
Portraits of four contemporary writers in Part 3 of Robert Lowell’s Life Studies have often been regarded as an interlude or a collection of desultory episodes and anecdotes with no essential relation to the rest of the book. Especially, lots of references and allusions to persons, places, episodes, and works scattered throughout the four poems have further served as a formidable impediment to the understanding and appreciation of them. However, the movement from a more formal mode of elegy in the first two poems through a light-hearted reminiscence of young poets’ antics to Lowell’s own scathing critique of commercialized American society put into Crane’s mouth parallels that of the entire book and, therefore, gets us ready for the more autobiographical poems of Part 4. Moreover, the notion of the writer as outsider or cultural hero embossed in all the four poems invites us to read them both as “a parabolic autobiography” and as a cogent criticism of contemporary American culture and society. (PaiChai University)
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