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Journal of The English Language and Literature

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  • - ISSN : 1738-7620
  • - 간행물명 변경 사항 : 영어영문학연구 → 현대영어영문학
수록 범위 : 64권 1호 (2020)

마녀들의 언어와 상징질서의 파괴: 『맥베스』를 중심으로

김상구 ( Kim Sang-koo )
This paper attempts to interpret the language of the witches in Macbeth stimulates the inside of Macbeth, destroys the order of society, and at the same time implies the voice of the dominant. Macbeth’s plot is that those who condemn the king and seize it will eventually destroy. Shakespeare, however, is bringing this drama to the psychological and morphological level by giving Macbeth his inner conflict and distress. Macbeth evokes readers’ sympathy and compassion by showing the image of the wicked who is obsessed with power and forsaking humanity and morality, while also showing the moral conflict to resist the temptation of evil. Shakespeare accepts the ruling discourses of his time at Macbeth but also contains the voice of the other. This is like the paradoxical expansion of the witch’s “Fair is foul, and Foul is fair.” Macbeth consists of structures that prove this paradox from beginning to end. Shakespeare secretly deconstruct the advocacy theme in front of James I through the writing Paradox. (Chungwoon University)
Philosopher and novelist, Iris Murdoch in her writings offers a unique opportunity to delve into the mysterious world of the writer’s artistic and philosophical imagination. Murdoch started her career as a young practitioner of Sartrean existential philosophy, then moving toward her own brand of moral philosophy that embraced the main tenets of Platonian ethics. Also, in the meantime she began to write a series of novels on the basis of her moral philosophy. Among others, both religion and morality are her major concerns in her philosophy as well as her novels. Her idea of theology for the modern world is specifically labeled as ‘Godless theology’ which is an output of her strenuous efforts to demythologize traditional Christian theology. This study aims at investigating her (post)religious vision in her novels, concentrating on her novel The Time of the Angels. Also, this study tries to identify whether there are parallel arguments in her novels and philosophy in terms of religion and morality. By doing so, this study hopes to find out Murdoch’s revolutionary aspects as well as her shortcomings. (The Catholic University of Korea)
It is well-attested that the coronal stops are frequent sounds in English and produced with various phonetic realizations in spontaneous speech. This study analyzes phonological variations of coronal stops such as glottaling, flapping, deletion depending on phonetic, phonological and sociolinguistic factors. The data examined in this study are taken from the Buckeye Corpus of Conversational Speech. Based on the spontaneous American English speech it specifically focuses on coronal stop variations of a sequence of word-final post-vocalic /t/ and /d/ and the following word-initial consonants across a word boundary. Results of this study indicate that the rate of glottaling was most prevalent for coronal stop variations such as glottaling, flapping and deletion. Word frequency, voicing of coronal stop and sonorant of following consonant played an important role to the coronal stop variations. Coronal stop variations across the word boundary were involved in various types of consonantal lenition processes where coronal stops lose their place feature and become weaker to achieve ease or economy of articulation. (Korea Polytechnic College)

톰슨의 『섬뜩한 밤의 도시』와 신 없는 밤의 도시의 풍경

송기호 ( Song Kiho )
As a Victorian precursor of T.S. Eliot’s The Waste Land, James Thomson’s The City of Dreadful Night focuses on life in the city in the modern age. The city in Thomson’s poem is more an imaginary or allegorical one than a real one. Through an apocalyptic vision, Thompson’s narrator takes readers to a city of night which is the locus of depression and meaninglessness of modern life without faith, love and hope. The inhabitants of the city, though living in a barren wasteland of life, refuse to remain comfortably within the warm consolation of religion. The poem, in an outspoken atheist voice, denies the possibility of the existence of God and embraces materialistic and scientific explanation of the creation of the world and of how it operates. The inhabitants in a Godless city of night are isolated, and Thomson believes, it is the role of poetry to bring those isolated individuals together and unite them for common end. (Hannam University)

영어와 한국어 관용어의 의미와 형성과정

양용준 ( Yang Yong-joon )
The purpose of this paper is to identify the meaning of idioms in English and Korean, and to examine and distinguish the processes that are generated. Idioms, along with metaphors, and proverbs, are actually easy to understand, but they are used differently. In the process of forming an idiom, it inadvertently used only in literal meaning, but it is not easy to express in literal meaning only, and in that process, it becomes a firm and fixed expression. The process of verifying such idioms is a priority to see if it is instructive, figurative or implicit. Metaphors and proverbs are characterized by instructive, figurative, and implied meanings. The characteristics of idioms can be divided into two things. First, idioms are not the meaning of idioms because the original meanings of the words they combine are combined to represent a new meaning. Second, the components that make up an idiom are fixed and can not be replaced by other words or components. The first consideration in verifying idioms is to be able to understand polynomials and proverbs and to distinguish them from idioms. In understanding and the meaning of idioms, one should pay attention to the meanings of words, proverbs, metaphors, etc., and then learn and acquire idioms by expanding their meaning. As society becomes more complex, idioms will increase, and understanding them properly will allow you to participate in the line of communication. (Jeju National University)

세 유형의 영어 혼합절 구문에 대한 통합 분석

이정식 ( Lee Jeong-shik ) , 조기현 ( Joh Gi-hyun )
This study aims to suggest a unified analysis of three types of the English amalgam constructions: Andrews amalgams, Horn amalgams, and Transparent free relatives. In these amalgams, two independent clauses appear to share one element, one of them being inserted into another (Kluck 2011), or one of them being grafted to another under the multi-dominance structure (Guimarães 2004). Pointing out some potential problems with these approaches, this study proposes an alternative unified analysis to the effect that those amalgam constructions involve an extended complementation, as illustrated in an Andrews amalgam like John invited [XP [φ x-many people] [you’ll never guess [how many people] to his party]]. The XP complement is an extended domain formed by movement of the content kernal X-many people, thereby satisfying the subcategorization requirement of the matrix clause verb invite and the embedded clause verb guess. Which copy of the chain resulting from the movement of the content kernal is to be spelled out is determined by this subcategorization requirement. In the above example, XP is eventually relabeled as DP through projection of the raised higher copy. It will also be shown that the proposed unified analysis can apply to the other amalgams, Horn amalgam and Transparent free relatives. (Wonkwang University · Kunsan National University)

영어 학습자 지도에 대한 예비교사의 신념

이정원 ( Lee Jeong-won )
The current study aims at investigating preservice teachers’ beliefs about teaching English learners and any differences, if any, in the beliefs depending upon whether they take the required courses in the teacher training program. For the study 54 preservice teachers enrolling in a College of Education were asked to draw and describe the situation where a teacher teaches English language learners, and the data was analyzed using the content analysis method. The overall findings revealed that the preservice teachers’ belief in the four categories of teacher’s role, instructional content, student activities, and teaching strategies shown in the pictures and explanation of them was hardly related to whether they take the required courses even though a few minor evidence was found. The teacher education researchers and practitioners need to take into consideration how to construct preservice teachers’ belief in how to teach effectively in language classes based on what they’ve learned in the teacher education courses. (Chungnam National University)

『제인 에어』에 나타난 돌봄 관계의 양상과 공감적 상상력

이지현 ( Lee Jihyun )
In this current epoch, where people are living longer due to innovation in medical science, traditional relationships of care need to be radically changed. Actually, in familial and communal relationships, care would be provided, but mostly in a manner that relational mutuality is neglected or underestimated. Because, without acknowledging the importance of interdependency and peculiarities of the individual, it is difficult to cultivate solidarity, mutual concern and sympathetic responsiveness in the relationships of care. With this in mind, this study will examine the relationships between carers and the cared-for by exploring the aspects of relationships of care in Charlotte Brontë’s Jane Eyre. Jane Eyre, amongst the literary canon, has been one of the most critiqued novels, but to the best of my knowledge, the characters have not been thoroughly investigated in this context. In fact, the novel portrays various characters who demarcate their roles of carers and the cared-for, presenting two distinctive caregiving approaches: desirable relationships of care exemplified by Maria Temple, Jane Eyre and the Rivers family; and the negative custodial care by Mrs. Reed, Rochester and Mr. Brocklehurst. Furthermore, this study postulates the concept of ‘sympathetic imagination,’ and presents it as essential in determining the quality of the relationships of care. Hence, this incorporative investigation of ‘sympathetic imagination’ and relationships of care, centering on Jane Eyre, will broaden the approach to more ethical relationships between carers and the cared-for. (Kyungpook National University)

영어 사교육에 대한 학생, 학부모, 교사 인식

임여국 ( Im Yeoguk ) , 이종복 ( Lee Jongbok )
The purpose of this study is to examine the perceptions of students, parents, and teachers about private English education in Korea and to find out ways of normalizing public education by investigating whether private education has a negative or positive impact on public education, what is the role of private education, and what kind of problems does it cause. The subjects for this study are 270 persons who respond to the questionnaire, including 150 elementary, middle and high school students and 51 parents in city D and city S, and 73 elementary, middle and high school teachers from all over the country. The major findings are as follows. Firstly, students, parents, and teachers recognize that students do not receive private education because students and parents distrust in public education. Secondly, students, parents, and teachers are all very strongly aware that private education is able to make up for the lack of public education by helping them improve their English grades. Thirdly, students, parents, and teachers have a positive belief that private education helps students better understand in school classes. The results show that if the private education market overheated by the enthusiasm for education is effective in learning English, it is not necessarily bad. (Mokwon University)

결함범주로서의 영어 가정법 종속절

홍성심 ( Hong Sungshim )
The current paper examines the English subjunctive construction from a generative syntactic perspective. English Subjunctives have long been the peripheral topic by reference grammarians such as Fowler & Fowler(1906), Greenbaum (1996), Quirk, et al.(1972, 1985), and Huddleston & Pullum (2002), as well as by many prescriptive grammarians. On the other hand, the scholars within the generative syntax frameworks have not paid much attention to the grammatical phenomena, although there are some discussions in Haegeman & Gueron (1999), Aarts (2012), Radford (2004, 2009, 2018), and Gelderen (2017). According to Portner (2018), Mood has never been very syntactic. In this paper, however, on the basis of peculiar properties of the English mandative subjunctives such as the lack of DO-support, the lack of BE/HAVE-raising, the lack of verbal agreement, but the presence of nominative subject, etc it is argued that first, the relationship between the licensor and licensee can be structurally described in terms of anti-Clausemate Condition (ACC) which states that “the licensor” needs to be situated outside of the clausal boundary of the subjunctive subordinate CP. Secondly, the English subjunctive that-CP is a defective category, just like believe-type ECM verbs take a defective category, TP, as its complement clause. Unlike ECM-TP, however, subjunctive projection is defective due to the defectiveness of [irrealis] which is inherited by TP and T’s feature matrix. Some of the theoretical ramifications are of great interest under Chomsky’s (2008) Feature Inheritance (FI) approach, since some of the features (such as EPP) of a phase head, C0, are inherited by another core functional head, T0, and not surprisingly some of the features are born in it. (Chungnam National University)
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