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  • - ISSN : 1229-0882
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수록 범위 : 11권 2호 (2007)

서양 수사학 전통과 아랍 수사학 전통의 비교 연구

사희만 ( Hee Man Sah )
The purpose of this study is to provide a comparative survey of the Western rhetoric and the Arabic rhetoric as one of the traditional sciences in both the Western and the Arab-Islamic culture. In view of the historical, cultural and scientific contact between the Europe and the Arabs during the middle ages, it is supposed that the Western rhetoric and the Arabic rhetoric might have somewhat influenced on the other one, Thus, both sciences of rhetoric should have some similarities in common and some differences during the development of the sciences. Therefore, after examining the original meaning of the terms of rhetoric and balagha in Arabic, the study will explore the origin of the Western rhetoric and the Arabic rhetoric, thus defining the scope and the character of both sciences. Also, the study will explore the long history of development of both sciences so that we could analyze out the correlative influence between the two sciences.

팔레스타인 민족시인 마흐무드 다르위쉬 시(詩)의 국제성에 관한 연구

송경숙 ( Kyung Sook Song )
The purpose of this paper is to identify the international commonality of Mahmoud Darwish`s poetry, and to clarify that he is not only a Palestinian laureate but also a world-known poet through the examination of the commonality of his poetry. To fulfill this purpose, first, I examine his poetic world and life, assuming that he is the poet of exile because what he has written can be described as exile poetry. Second, I analyze his poetry within the framework of poetic theories of modernism, especially, T.S. Eliot`s early poetic theories, such as theory of impersonality, theory of auditory imagination, and the mythological method. An analysis of the above makes me conclude that the modernity of Darwhish`s poetry has been based on Arabic and world literary traditions and that important characteristic elements of Darwish`s poetry are to create the music of words by using the language of common speech and to use mythology as a means to giving his poetry order and form by which his literature could obtain the common ground among the all human beings as well as between the Palestinian people.

아랍어 구어체시의 발전 과정 연구

임병필 ( Byung Pil Lim )
Ammiyya(AM), the Colloquial Arabic is generally treated as low-brow than Fusha(FU), the Classical language. But with a few exceptions, it is used in modern Arabic literature in contexts that are less than serious by some authors. This state is gradually changing under the impact of new literary concepts. Whereas in the inter-war period, novelists tended to put AM mainly in the mouths of lowly or humorous characters, many novelists today use AM or quasi-AM for representing the speech and thoughts of sophisticated and serious ones. In fact, many novelists prefer a mixture of AM-FU in emotive, indeed sublime, contexts. The same applies in even greater measure to drama. Major Arab dramatists have employed AM equally in comedy and tragedy. Meanwhile, Arabic poetry itself is becoming more attuned than ever to the rhythms and phrasings of AM. But even as these developments are taking place, many literary critics as well as creative writers in their meta-literary pronouncements seem to cling to the notion of an AM-FU dichotomy, whereby FU alone is the true medium of literature. Today Ammiyya poetry is a large and important part of modernist Arabic poetry. It has had a continuous impact on the development of modernism in Arabic literature in general and on Arabic poetry in particular. The most important characteristics of Ammiyya poetry is that Ammiyya poets activated the non-vernacular aspect of the colloquial. In other words, they were writing Fusha thoughts in a colloquial diction.

모로코 소설 「Dafanna `al-Madi」의 수용미학적 연구

장현자 ( Hyeon Ja Jang )
Among many countries in the Middle East which have experienced of wars, Lebanon has suffered the civil war from 1975 to 1991 and the country become more miserable by the attack of Israel in the summer 2006, before they overcome the civil war. If a novelist is creative and has an excellent literary turn, his works would not avoid the reality. Therefore, Lebanese`s life is dissolved in their literary works, of course, and the relation between the wars which Lebanese experienced and their literature has been interacted. Therefore, for the study of attitude men`s and women`s, the female Lebanese novelist Emily Nasrallah(1931- ) is suitable. She treats the life under war realistically. In addition, she takes the emigration as a main subject which is a serious matter in their society. The main novels in this study are 『Those Memories(1978)』 and 『Flight against Time(1981)』. Both of them were written under the civil war. The first one happens in their country at war, Lebanon, and the other in Canada. The background is different but the most serious matter in Lebanon is emigration, so we need to refer to the life of immigrant for reality. 『Those memories』 is giving out the tension of the war. The war is described deeply and accurately in the novel over all, and above all things, it describes terrible sights and sad situations realistically which we would not imagine without experience. 『Flight against Time』 has two questions; ``How`s the life on the settlement?`` and ``Is it the best way to leave the country because is it at war?``. I would like to search the change of consciousness and awareness of characters under the civil war in the two texts by two axes of man and woman. Characters` consciousness and attitude under the war as follows: Firstly, Conversion of gender role. Gender role is changed and reversed. the role of women has been on duties for ``inner`` and man has been a role ``outer``, become collapse and confused. At 『Flight against Time』 a man couldn`t speak English and then woman manages the store. this scene superficially women`s class gets higher, but from other view, women suffer from the war and also makes a living, so It is a real reflection that they afflicts double distress. on the other hand, the man also lost their role as a male, they feels they are useless. Secondly, Relationship between men and women. Getting more strong solidarity with man. they realized the most important is cooperation under the war. in the texts the scene of repairing houses or cultivating their farm land, they couldn`t it without cooperation. Thirdly, Awareness of responsibility to their children. Emily Nasrallah points out maternal love more than construction or improvement of the country. this view is attractive. by emphasis on maternal love under the war, It makes that they consider their country as like son and daughter is ill in bed. At the same time, the paternal love is mainly subjected especially in the 『Flight against time』. It reflects that this novel respects the role of a man due to women`s voices obtained persuasive power. Fourthly, The matter of leaving and remain. The conflict between emigrants and the people who remain is treated through two works. Any side of them wouldn`t be criticized, but novelist and novels point out that if all Lebanese would leave the country, it will bring crisis to the country.

A Study about the Image of the City in the Modern Arabic Poetry in Egypt: "City without heart" as a model

( Mahmoud Ahmed Abd El Ghaffar )
There can be no doubt that the image of the city in modern Egyptian poetry became the main theme, and started to play an important rhetoric role in poetic works during the Second World War period. As a result of the war, changes in the Arab world occurred not only in politics, economics, society and history, but also in literature. In the classical texts, such as those of Shawqi or Hafiz Ibraheem, the city was just the background, giving real historical meaning to the poem. It was a testimony of the relation between the poet and history on one side, and nature, the country, and the people on the other. In the romantic texts of Najy, Abou Shadi, and Mahmoud Hassan Ismaiel, it was an ugly and bad place compared with the beauty and the pureness of the countryside, but yet it was not the main theme in these poems. The romantic sorrow, nostalgia, vague metaphysical doubts and yearns, the sense of mystery in the universe, the idealization of women and love all became the common themes. With the realism of poetry from writers such as Hijazi, we can find in his first anthology "City without heart" that he has two views of the city. The first was a rejection of the city, hating everything that belongs to it. There were feelings of loneliness and unfamiliarity with its people, and a yearning to return to his village and be with the people there. The second was the development of a compromise with the city. The poet felt real love, with a woman, and with the country itself, so he started to accept the city, and through his growing acceptance, he managed to see the good side of the city alongside the bad.

"Arirang Arab" 채널의 방송 효율성 제고를 위한 채널 내용 분석에 관한 연구

조희선 ( Hee Sun Cho )
The aim of this study is to present an efficient strategy of programming and making content for the Arirang Arab Channel by analyzing the language accuracy and content relevancy to Arabic culture in its current programs. The study selected the broadcasted programs between April 9 to 15, a week programs (14 hours 30minutes total), to analyze the issues. It categorized the programs by genre and examined mistakes in grammar, errors in the subtitles, and misuse of meaning and communication. By doing so, it tries to evaluate the relevancy and accuracy of language usage in the Arabic programs. In addition, the study examines the Koreanness of the programs and how these programs affect to the image of Korea. Such an analysis will show how the Arirang Arab Channel can strengthen its programs and contents towards its Arab viewers. The research results show that there is a considerable difference in quality between the News prepared by the Arirang Arab Channel and cultural programs prepared by outside production. There were many misusages of Arabic language and grammatical errors in the cultural programs produced by outside production. Thus, it is desirable to increase the Arirang Arab Channel`s own production and translation service to broadcasting programs. This will not only improve the programs` quality in the Arirang channel but also show the public responsibility of the broadcaster. Moreover, except one anchorwoman in the TV News, many anchormen(women) showed the lack of the professionalism while running the program. Therefore, more trained and educated professional anchormen or women should be appointed in the program. In the cultural programs there are several issues to be discussed; the Arabic subtitles and dubbing matters. In the dubbing matter, generally most programs were dubbed by untrained narrators. As a result, many unprofessional narrations were shown during the program, especially in pronouncing Arabic language. In the subtitle matters, many Arabic subtitles were translated from English by Arabic translators who were proficient in Arabic but not in English. Accordingly, many grammatical mistakes and distortion in meaning were shown in the subtitles. Also, due to the linguistical differences between Arabic and English a lot of errors in gender and number were repeated in the programs. Besides, sometimes subtitles were omitted or colored in background color, thus making it difficult to read. More sincerity should be demonstrated in the production. In case of soap opera, subtitles were translated not from Korean but from English, therefore, many misusage and misunderstandings were shown in soap opera. Particularly, words` nuance was hardly expressed that actors` delicate emotion or conditions were improperly conveyed to the viewers. Consequently, subtitles should be translated from Korean to Arabic directly or at least be compiled under the supervision of a translator who knows Koreans as well as Arabic. The Arab world includes 22 countries whose, political, economical, and social conditions were different. As a result, the broadcaster should have its own strategic goals towards the Arab world. Programs broadcasted by Ali-al-Arab channel are merely translated program from English to Arabic without considering the local distinctiveness. Also Arirang`s Arabic news programs were direct translation from English news, which excludes the local contents. Consequently, preparing the programs that considers the local Arab viewers is the urgent and crucial matter.