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The Journal of Chinese Studies

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수록 범위 : 76권 0호 (2016)

『漢書·藝文志』 賦分四種辨

徐寶余 ( Xu Bao-yu )
중국학연구회|중국학연구  76권 0호, 2016 pp. 3-25 ( 총 23 pages)
In Hanshu Yiwen Records(漢書·藝文志), What caused Fu(賦) to be divided into four parts, the past researchers had being conjecture the reasons since Zhang Xuecheng(章學誠), the author of JiaoChou-TongYi(校讎通義). Their studies should be worth to be appreciated, for the textual research on the writers and writing, and the discrimination of the four parts Fu. But there is still being some obvious mistakes too, such as taking a part for the whole and using backward induction’s method. After collected and studied the academic history, I put forward the following list views on the Fu(賦) of Hanshu Yiwen Records(漢書·藝文志). The first part was got more easily at first, since which was gathered from Wu(武帝) to Xuan emperor(宣帝) in advance. Liu Xiang(劉向) collated and recognized them, and his son, Liu Xing(劉歆) added some other authors. The following second part was emended by Liu Xing(劉歆), which contained authors mostly were retinues or courtiers, almost lived the same period with them. The third part was emended by Liu Xiang(劉向) and Liu Xing(劉歆), increased by Ban Gu(班固), the writer of Hanshu(漢書). It was consisted very complex, contained some different styles, maybe collected again on the before. The last part was gained in the last time, which seems to like selected works or some anthology.

만당(晩唐) 유창(劉滄)의 시 연구

유성준 ( Yoo Seong-jun )
중국학연구회|중국학연구  76권 0호, 2016 pp. 27-59 ( 총 33 pages)
Liu Cang, a poet of the Late Tang, was a native of Wenyang(the north of the Wen river, Shandong), later lived in Henan, including Luo Yang and the banks of the Yi river. It's estimated that he was born in around 800 and died in around 865. Liu Cang passed the jin-shi examination in 855. Before his passing the examination, he engaged upon his restless troubles, seeking the social connections necessary to gain a public recognition and high rank; after his passing, he held few provincial posts, which were too low in position for him to think that he has accomplished his desire in his life. His own personal situation and the confusing backdrop of the Late Tang had made a great influence on his writing poems. This thesis aims to analyze the themes of his poetry. Liu Cang's 101 extant poems, all of which consist of the regulated forms, especially heptasyllabic regulated verse can be divided into four groups. The first group showed a sense of futility and a historical lesson through the medium of poems on mediating on the past. The second one poured out complaint of his ill fate, mostly due to his repeated failures in the jin-shi exam and his having no one to turn to. The third one expressed his homesickness in the wake of the long residence in a strange land. The fourth one expressed the pursuit of retirement, which was born for being disappointed with politics. I will say that one of the most distinctive characteristics of his poems is that though Liu Cang did not represent many different things, he played on an important role in change and development of tonal regulations and parallel couplet in heptasyllabic regulated verse. It is considered that such a distinction gave his poetry its place in the history of the Late-Tang.

청샤오칭(程小靑)의 탐정소설(侦探小说)론 연구

박은혜 ( Park Eun-hye )
중국학연구회|중국학연구  76권 0호, 2016 pp. 61-82 ( 총 22 pages)
本论文的研究对象为侦探小说翻译家、作家、以及评论家程小青写的有关侦探小说的理论。程小青的文章主要刊登在1920~30年代上海的通俗刊物上。他的文章不仅介绍侦探小说的历史以及在中国的翻译、创作情况, 而且包含侦探小说的意义和功能等多方面的内容。但程小青在他的文章当中最强调的是, 以文学的‘实用主义’为基础的‘, 具有启蒙’和‘科学’特点的侦探小说。并且他试图以‘浪漫主义’的观点分析侦探小说, 而表明侦探小说的文学价值。程小青认为扩展人们的理智和通过物质的证据而证明犯罪的侦探小说不仅有游戏、消遣的特点, 而能做改变中国社会的启蒙的作用。不仅如此, 他认为侦探小说与其他文学作品一样, 是想象力的产物, 通过文字和特殊的技巧能够表达作家的情感。以这样的观点, 他主张文学本质来说, 小说有没有文学价值, 应以本身的文学性来判断, 而不能以性质区别。然而, 上述的程小青的侦探小说论具有矛盾和局限。他通过‘启蒙’, ‘科学’等当时中国文学说追求的严肃文学的价值和‘想象力’, ‘感情’, ‘风格’等西方浪漫主义的文学概念来表明侦探小说的‘文学意义’。另一方面, 他与批判侦探小说的文学家作对时, 强调以不同的标准来评价侦探小说与纯文学。
『篆訣歌』是以七言的口訣形式來編寫的一種學習篆書的習字敎材。元代應在用楷書寫『篆法辨訣』以後, 明代朱之蕃倂記篆書編纂了『篆訣歌』。17世紀初朱之蕃來朝鮮傳給『篆訣歌』以後, 影響金振興、林得明、吳世昌等人的學習篆書. 現今在韓國圖書館裏可以看到『篆訣歌』的幾種不同版本. 韓國國立中央圖書館所藏吳世昌抄寫的兩種版本。韓國忠南大學校圖書館也有中國石版本和林得明抄寫本。在中國也有『篆訣歌』的不同版本, 如仰嘉祥的『篆法探源』和韓天衡的『篆法辨訣』等. 『篆訣歌』是類似於學習草書的時候參考的王羲之的『草訣歌』。由於學習篆書的人不多, 不被人注意。在國內辛泳周在『朱之蕃的朝鮮使行與文藝交流』(2007)裏首次談到『篆訣歌』以後, 本人以『「篆訣歌」異本硏究』(2014)和『「篆訣歌」的轉寫誤謬』(2015)來探討了『篆訣歌』的內容。此次探討了『篆訣歌』所含的隷變分析面貌。

중국어 대우(對偶) 표현의 용례 고찰

박애양 ( Park Ai-yang )
중국학연구회|중국학연구  76권 0호, 2016 pp. 107-128 ( 총 22 pages)
This study noticed that expressions of contraposition form are often appearing in Chinese language culture of Han and attempted analysis to find reasons and examples of this phenomenon. In China, ideas of confrontation and symmetry based on Yin and Yang idea have been developing. This reason is variously shown as reflected from the base of life and culture to language culture. Reflection of confrontation and symmetry has settled from the language to a contraposition form and has been creating small and big contraposition sentences. Commonness of upper and lower sentences of contraposition in many parts among various language forms of Chinese can be found, this linguistic expression form is the language form that Chinese Han people prefer the most and is variously shown in all Chinese language such as Poetry, Shi, Ci, Fu along with Chines wisdom, Common saying, and Antithetical couplet study. Contraposition sentences have the upper sentence and the lower sentence as in 'pair', and this contraposition upper and lower sentence form is the language form that shows a concept of 'pair' in Yin and Yang idea of Chinese. And its vitality is still maintained until now as it coincides with language symbol of Chinese.

신호접근법에 따른 철광석가격 조기경보시스템 연구

남대엽 ( Nam Dae-yub )
중국학연구회|중국학연구  76권 0호, 2016 pp. 131-149 ( 총 19 pages)
钢铁产业是制造业发展的核心基础产业。本论文选择对中国钢铁产业稳定发展所需要的铁矿石的价格预警体系(Early Warning System, EWS)进行研究。首先, 从2002年到2014年之间, 确定了总共三次的危机区间。其次, 收集了对铁矿石价格有影响力的多种先行指标的数据。候选组大致分为4个领域, 即一般经济、原材料市场、钢铁行业状况、钢铁供求, 论文收集了相关数据。为使每个领域更好地体现出代表性, 选定了13个先行指标。第三, 核算风险综合指数法方法考虑了三个方式, 考虑到研究结果的直观性及未来研究的可持续性等, 本文选择加上单纯相关时期发生危机信号先行指标数的方法 。第四, 根据外生截至概率数值求预测的正确性及噪音/信号比率, 设定了最佳的临界值。经测算分析后发现, 在把条件概率的临界值设定为0.7的情况下, 正确信号比率提升至0.923, 而噪音/信号比率下降至0.065, 可以判断本模型作为预警体系可以提供很有效的警报。为了进一步测验模型的有效性, 本文又把各时点设定到现在, 综合该时期为止的数据, 执行了样本外预测力检验(Out of Sample Forecast)。测验结果是10次中有7次能够准确预测危机是否发生。

중국골퍼의 소비특성에 관한 연구

박상수 ( Park Sang-soo ) , 왕서혜 ( Wang Shu-hui )
중국학연구회|중국학연구  76권 0호, 2016 pp. 151-179 ( 총 29 pages)
The following has its purpose in research delivers baseline data for the growth of healthy golfing and raising the quality of life of Chinese golfers by exploring the participation motivation, immersion of the exercise and the quality of life of the Chinese golfers to find out the cause-and-effect relation between them based on demographic characteristics. For the examination of research hypothesis, I conducted a survey and used the data for empirical testing. The survey’s questionnaire items were made based on the major variables discussed in the former research. For the analysis on the surveys, I used the statistics analysis tool program SPSS 21 and AMOS 22. I conducted factorial analysis, credibility analysis, variance analysis (ANOVA) and path analysis according to the purpose of the research. The results are as follows. First, in light of the research, the corporates related to golf seems to believe that using the average tendency of ostentation has a good effect when designing their golfing products and promoting their golf course. Second, by the fact that golfers in an older age range tend to be more immersed in the golf sport, reaching the same eye-level of the older golfers in the service-sector such as designing the golf course and the convenience facilities more correlated to the older aged, serving food, etc. Third, the group in which the age and the income was rather low, the research showed that the main reason of the group’s distance from the golf sport was in the financial factor. To reach popularization in a quick session, the price of the golfing should be falling or development in rather cheap golfing facilities such as screen golfing (in progress in Korea) should be conducted. Fourth, between the many factors the factor of joy showed positive effects on the immersion of the sport. Which means that most of the golfers participate the sport just for the fun of it. From this point of view, doing something fun and at the same time getting positive results throughout getting healthy physically, mentally and socially should be enough to be popularized for the sake of the public. Fifth, only the social factor seems to give effect on the cognitive commitment sector which means that people who exercise for their health would rather choose another sport for it being cheaper and more popularized. The people also tend to recognize golf as a more luxurious sport and therefore isn’t as close to it compared to other sports. Changing such stereotypes in a short amount of time is nearly impossible so developing a virtuous circulation where the society that can accept golf as a rather light sport should be more realistic.

개혁기 중국 동북지역 사회관리체제의 변화 - 다롄 사구의 건설과 거버넌스 문제를 중심으로

박철현 ( Park Chul-hyun )
중국학연구회|중국학연구  76권 0호, 2016 pp. 183-211 ( 총 29 pages)
以大连为研究对象, 本论文分析, 随着市场化改革的深度展开社会主义时期已形成的单位体制逐渐解体与取而代之出现的社区的建设过程。与其他地区不同, 社会主义时期在东北地区形成的单位体制是其单位体制的构建因素非常突出, 因此被叫做典型单位制。与典型单位制的解体一起, 从十九世纪末以来, 一直维持工业城市的地位的大连, 在社区模式方面形成了社会导向型社区。本论文主张, 大连社会导向型社区模式的形成不是在改革时期国家对社会授予自主权的结果, 或者社会从国家获得自主权的结果, 而是过去典型单位制的遗产影响大连社会管理体制的变化的结果。换而言之, 在过去社会主义时期对人民提供社会经济保障的主体是单位(而不是国家), 因此在改革时期, 与单位体制的逐渐解体一起, 发生了社会保障的主体的空白现象, 后来为了填充这个主体的空白而出现的就是社区。从这个意义来看, 大连社会导向型社区模式的自主性是在典型单位制的历史遗产的脉络上去分析才对社会管理体制的变化的分析方面有着逻辑说服力。

인사동문화지구와 798예술구의 표상화 전략 비교 연구 - 경관의 재현 문제에 대한 비평적 접근

김문정 ( Kim Moon-jung )
중국학연구회|중국학연구  76권 0호, 2016 pp. 215-241 ( 총 27 pages)
Insadong Cultural District and 798 Art District were very important art arenas in developing the Korea-China Contemporary Art History. However the both arenas were ousted from the discussive field of contemporary art due to the harmful effect of their commercialization and becoming as tour sites, and their original meanings were much faded away. In such situation, the landscapes of Insadong and 798 are interpreted as those representing huge capital's desire, and they have been utilized as an outcome diagnosing and determining the problems that Korean and Chinese contemporary art fields face against. Therefore, this thesis could explain the theoretical flow being transferred from new cultural geography to the non-representational geography through some physical experiences of people visiting the both areas under the purpose of suggesting an alternative against the existing viewpoint fixing the landscapes of Insadong and 798 as emblems or reproduced outcomes of a certain value. Focusing the subjects' physical experiences and practices in daily life going beyond interpreting the landscapes as reproduced images and highlighting an ideologic aspect set a theoretical foundation for this thesis to critically access to the reproduction problem of Insadong and 798's landscapes. By doing so, while previous researches have centered the artists and curators as the creation subjects in judging the problems relating to Insadong and 798's landscapes, but in that this thesis proposes various critical approaches centering the people visiting the both art areas as the spatial experience subjects.

『손자병법』 이론체계 연구

전명용 ( Jun Myung-yong )
중국학연구회|중국학연구  76권 0호, 2016 pp. 243-276 ( 총 34 pages)
The research of 『The Art of War』 made in Korea for nearly two decades are 2 doctoral dissertation, 21 master's thesises and some 80 academic papers, The reason why hundreds of book was published but their research papers were few is that people has shown much concern. The findings that local research results is so low comparing of Japan will be related to the background. In Japan, the day of the makppu, during and after the Warring States Period Qi, the regime of kalmoyangui Bushido (Samurai) soldier(武人) has continued while abroad, In South Korea, the civilian (文治) established state religion for the (儒學)for a long time also is the main reason. ‘The theory system of 『The Art of War (孫子兵法)』’ is the theme of this paper, can do systematically to analyze and an outlook for the whole of work. To see 『The Art of War (孫子兵法)』more comprehensive, overall perspective and the contents of an organic combination of a relationship, all of the details required to see at a glance a bird's-eye view of the 『The Art of War (孫子兵法)』. In Korea, a paper or a book on this is still had never published, one hand to which a final announcement due to insufficient data on this subject in ChinaSearch process will not be a group that you slice it.