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상품문화디자인학연구 (KIPAD논문집)검색

Journal of Cultural Product & Design

  • - 주제 : 예체능분야 > 미술
  • - 성격 : 학술지
  • - 간기: 계간
  • - 국내 등재 : KCI 등재
  • - 해외 등재 : -
  • - ISSN : 2765-1568
  • - 간행물명 변경 사항 : 한국패키지디자인학회 논문집(~2009)→한국상품문화디자인학회 논문집(2009~)
수록 범위 : 23권 0호 (2008)

국내 주요 신용카드상품의 신문광고 사례연구

강진 ( Jin Kang )
The 21st century could be considered to be the era of digital and information technology thanks to advances in various media and digital industries. In conjunction with these trends, rapid changes in finance environments have changed our society into credit society so people have gradually started to settle a bill by credit card than cash. In addition to policies implemented by government, such as exemptions and deductions related to aggregate income at the end of the year and receipt draws and the changed recognition about using credit cards in positive ways has played an important role in the steep growth of the credit card market. This phenomenon has caused more than 60million cards to be issued, which outnumbers the total population of South Korea. There are more than 5 thousand types of cards such as cards for department stores, mobile phone membership cards and check cards. According to surveys conducted by government, an individual engaged in economy activity holds three credit cards on the average. These figures show us that credit cards are rooted in our life as a necessary item. Nowadays, the gradual growth in the credit card industries has caused severe competitions, forcing each company to spend a lot of money on active promotion up to 10billion won in total for the purpose of expanding their market share. Credit cards are new stars of marketing campaigns, much like cosmetics in the 1980s or cellular phones at the turn of the century. credit card use has decreased and consumers` payment have been delayed in this ongoing recession, companies are worried that they will have to come up with completely new ideas in order to secure stability. One outstanding new card company has recently begun aggressive marketing and differentiation strategies unlike other companies, which have shrunk their investment. This company has been spending over twice the money that other companies have on advertising. This is the `Hyundai M Card` which actively attracts new clients with its strategies. Complete analysis of the market, a niche market analysis and differentiation strategies enable Hyundai Card, which got into the business later to grow steadily. It is using a differentiation strategy to pursue both survival and growth in releasing new types of card products which offer clients various services. We are going to study up on changes in advertisements of the Hyundai Card and advertisement theories included in the advertisements.

한국,중국,일본 음식 컬러 비교 분석에 관한 연구

김인화 ( In Hwa Kim ) , 이종민 ( Jong Min Lee )
ABSTRACT Korea, China and Japan are neighboring countries in the Northeast Asia, having an influence upon a lot of social elements such as politics and culture in the past history, and they have a great number of similarities in the aspect of many social elements. In addition, they have similar natural environment and historically maintain close relations, creating a similar cultural area. This paper is aimed at studying uniqueness of the tradition of Korean food colors, through study on the Korean, Chinese and Japanese food and colors representing one of Asian culture. Currently it is necessary to prepare principal data for expanding food industry and globalizing Korean food. Accordingly, this study is intended to survey the Korean, Chinese and Japanese food colors, having a direct and indirect influence on various fields each other, and analyze color uniqueness and characteristics of each country, before prepare basic data for globalizing Korean food.
Generally speaking rhetoric argue a person round. also visual language give a description of transmitting. nothing but, the object of the rhetoric make goods by a product. Rhetoric makers generally categorize into three types according to their meaning; figures of speech, emphasis and allegory. This artistic talent and innovative ideas in graphic design have provided this company with a reputation for excellence. Designer use shapes to create their own designs. We are competing with their design by giving more, better, more dynamic sub design, satisfying more different personalities, if you will. For the all reasons this research shows a perfume bottle of packaging and analyzes the utility values of them. The research also offers a chance to fully aware of the importance of the matter through a perfume bottle, and study how to approach the packaging sensitively to create experimental values.

관광문화상품 패키지디자인 사례 분석

선병일 ( Byoung Il Sun )
As recent people`s living standard and intellectual level improve greatly, tourism industry has being infinitely developed. Tourism cultural product in connection with tourism industry has been bringing out the age of limitless competition through local culture publicity and high value added profit creation, moreover with global interest in it, developed countries are making efforts to develop and cultivate design industry through culture. When it comes to the products currently selling in tourist places or tourist areas, there are similar products throughout the country and they make no use of characteristics properly. Therefore it definitely needs to be developed as unique tourism cultural products differentiated among locals and principal products through culture. This study analyzes case studies of tourism cultural product packages that express idea-intensive, image-specialized and culture-tradition-identity-focused products in a system for publicity and high value added tourism cultural product development, and proposes to maximize the value of cultural tourism product by redeveloping modern senses and traditional cultural images, and promote customer`s purchasing desire and demand for products through the development of competitive and future oriented tourism cultural product packages.
This is a color-centered study excluding formative aspects of illustration, layout, typography etc. centering on twenty environmental posters, thirteen nonsmoking posters and thirteen peace posters among awarded forty-six public posters in the 38th, 39th, 40th Korea Design Exposition. Color in poster production has great effect on the quality of work and completion as well as harmony, and induces visual attraction and psychological effects so that it definitely requires cautious selection. Therefore this study aims to propose a frame for theoretic approach and effective expression in future color application. First of all this study develops in the direction as below; ① the effect of color on public poster ② color status used in environmental, nonsmoking and peace posters ③ color analysis and color match used in environmental, nonsmoking and peace posters As a result of color match analysis, public posters, as information media, have often used color matches utilizing symbolism and association of idea, in other words, they have been greatly affected by color. In main color meaning a background color used in spacious area, yellowish green series in environmental poster, black series (achromatic color) in nonsmoking poster, and red series in peace poster were mainly used as a result. By analogy with this result, recognizable colors at a glance have been used to achieve the purpose of public poster that make changes of social issue and people`s attitude toward public benefit like them shown in symbolism and association of image.

국내외(國內外) 스포츠화(靴) 브랜드이미지에 관한 연구

임강혁 ( Kang Hyuck Yim )
The sports industry from 21st century modern directions of a ceremony is being prosperous day by day, contemporary history meeting is core and the place catches with the social phenomenon which is universal not only our country all consumers of foreign countries raise the quality of life the leisure activity which leads a sports are taking the place with part of life. The moderns of now sports activity are under frequently, they make according to and the importance of sports have and the sports shoes to the enterprise, becomes the medium which is central and charming it with mediation under approaching boils in the consumer and under the craving of the enterprise to continue is coming to be high. Consequently the sports shoes relation enterprises exists from the market competition which leads the numerous product with the disposal plan which under with the means for about their product research, had been but the enterprises of most the discrimination of in-house product promise, in order to make location in image formation marketing focus mac the loach brand image in product selection of the consumer effect. About continuously gives consideration the point which reaches and endeavors. The research which sees hereupon buying power of young consuming class is cold under the specific gravity which is relative is big considers a point from sports shoes brand market of the inside and outside of the country, about respectively domestic and foreign brand image merit and demerit analysis the goal which researches is.

상위1/2위 커피BRAND WARS에 관한 연구

최영옥 ( Young Ok Choi )
In this age, many brands appear and disappear. Also, in our lives, we have a preference for a luxury brand and a desire to own such a brand while encountering many brands. From among those various brands, it is true that top-ranking brands have a good reason to be on top. Despite the fact that all economic situations are seriously sluggish at the moment, the coffee market is posting remarkable growth. Whereas most drinks marked negative growth in the previous year, coffee drinks recorded high growth of over 20%. Specifically, Starbucks is continuing its double-digit growth solely in Korea, while experiencing poignant sales losses all over the world, including the USA. At this point, the study is to analyze how the top 1 and 2 brands in the canned coffee drink market post the highest sales in the coffee drink market from among diverse brands, focusing on their package designs, and also how they could be positioned as the top 1 and 2 brands. In addition it is to propose efficient orientations for strategies and brand management to sustain the power brands based on findings by looking at other domestic brands and foreign brands. Also, leading brands are supposed to endeavor to enhance their brand images through the integrative management of all vehicles such as product characteristics, brand names, symbols, advertising, sales promotions, events, and PR in order to achieve a good brand image for consumers by mobilizing various methods. Additionally, they would be able to be prepared with competitiveness as leading brands only when they are willing to actively change with efficient marketing strategies, sustainable management, and aggressive differentiation policy.
In modern days, packing design thinks much of not only basic function such as protection, safekeeping, distribution and circulation, etc but also the sense that gives consumers buying motivation. The packing can protect products, reduce costs and develop functions so that it is expanding roles and functions gradually to satisfy consumers` emotional desire as aesthetic marketing strategies. The consumers are making change of values of their buying attitude from the use to the emotion: To create demand of new consumption groups, close communication with new consumer groups is needed to understand exactly by not relying upon existing common ideas. The findings were as follow: Firstly, packing design shall be an effective and continuous communication media. These days, consumers often buy goods at large-scale marts by themselves so that packing design has an important function as direct media. The communication with consumers depending upon a variety of media is needed to let consumers buy products. Packing design is said to be not only final communication media but also continuous communication media even after buying. Secondly, packing design shall be consumer-ended. The consumers generally want to buy products being beneficial so that packing design shall be of help to let consumers make decision of buying. This is because packing design is needed to satisfy precondition that consumers buy goods. Thirdly, packing design shall satisfy consumers` emotional desire. Packing design shall be attractive enough to satisfy consumers` emotional desire because of keen competition in the market. The design`s aesthetic factor that has direct influence upon consumers` buying behavior shall be important. Therefore, packing design shall have concept as well as aestheticism that can be of help to elevate consumers` various senses and to live rich life. Fourthly, aesthetic marketing strategies of differentiated packing design shall be made. Packing design shall be differentiated from that of competitors` products considering influence upon the display at shops. The design can be successful shall when it is differentiated enough to arrest consumers` attention and to encourage buying. The design shall have differentiation strategies that is inherently different at comparison. Packing design`s aesthetic factor had relations with consumers` buying behavior. Packing having a form was found to have the greatest influence upon consumers` preference among various kinds of expression factors. Therefore, container type of differentiation factor shall be firstly considered because it is important at consumers` cognition.