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The Research Journal of the Costume Culture

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  • - ISSN : 1226-0401
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수록 범위 : 19권 2호 (2011)

가상 착의 시스템에 의한 비만 여중생의 교복 원형 개발

임지영 ( Ji Young Lim )
복식문화학회|복식문화연구  19권 2호, 2011 pp. 245-254 ( 총 10 pages)
The purpose of this study was to develop uniform pattern of obese junior-high school girls by using the virtual twin and 3D virtual garment simulation system. The results were as follows; first, by using 3D virtual garment simulation, new uniform pattern considered obese junior-high school girls was development. The basic numerical formula were as follows; bust girth=B/2+2.5, armhole depth=B/4, front waist girth=W/4+1.8, back waist girth=W/4+1, front hip girth=H/4+1, back hip girth=H/4+1, chest width=chest width+1.5, back width=back width+1 and back neck width 8cm. Second, according to the results of the new uniform pattern`s appearance evaluation, it estimated more highly than existing pattern in silhouette and ease amount, confirming that new uniform pattern is appropriate for the obese junior-high school girls. Also, new uniform pattern was evaluated to allow proper space length of bust, waist, abdomen and hip. Virtual models production through 3D body scan data, pattern draft and virtual garment digital program were applied to prototypic design method so as to enhance the fitness of ready-made garments. This study is expected to serve as one of important basic data for ensuing studies that may utilize 3D virtual garment simulation system with 2D patterns, and also for future 3D pattern production program development.

남,녀 파운데이션 이미지 연구

이효진 ( Hyo Jin Lee ) , 양아랑 ( A Rang Yang )
복식문화학회|복식문화연구  19권 2호, 2011 pp. 255-268 ( 총 14 pages)
This study carefully explored today`s preferable beauty images, analyzed Korean adult purchasing trends of functional underwear and market analysis of the most popular items and their designs. Information and methods are based largely on reference book material as well as analysis of real domestic data. The paper`s research timeline simply spans the last three years, as in accordance with project parameters. Helping improve body shape, foundation literally means ``substructure`` and ``base``. The formativeness in these adult foundations typically has three main category classifications. First, natural modem image. This is where we find natural beauty including that which embodies a cool modem sense. Here, you can often see such patterns as either stripes and dots, or simply no patterns at all. Colors are green, red-brown, incarnadine, or khaki from a natural or basic human body color. Its products are marketed as both solid and durable eco-friendly materials, and lace-seethrough. Fashion`s natural modem image is undoubtedly the most popular style purchase choice among both genders. Second, sweet romantic image. This mainly consists of two concepts: a sweet and romantic theme, and visual appeal. Patterns include flowers, lips, hearts, stars, candies and various other appealing characters. Its main colors are pink, yellow, red, purple, and violet. Products are decorated with laces, frills and ribbons. Since only men`s semi-girdles carry such designs, this fashion foundation is largely a women`s world. While men show an obvious interest in foundation, they still mostly prefer the choice of natural modem images. Third, mystic sexy image. This is defined as all feminine images of mysterious and classic sexual beauty. Patterns are variously expressed as paisley, flowers, and geometric. Colors are largely purple, blue-green, royal-blue, cobalt, and black. Products are commonly decorated with beading, spangles, hot-fixes and so on. While this image can be found in all kinds of women`s foundations, it typically appears only in men`s corsets and girdles.

한국과 미국 대학생의 청바지 제품 속성의 기대, 성과, 구매 후 행동에 관한 비교 연구

박수경 ( Soo Kyeong Park ) , 임숙자 ( Sook Ja Lim )
복식문화학회|복식문화연구  19권 2호, 2011 pp. 269-282 ( 총 14 pages)
The purpose of this study was to compare consumer satisfaction by analyzing importance on characteristics of clothing, performance, and their inconsistency between Korea and the United States. The data was collected by using a survey based on three sages of pre-tests, and main survey conducted in The U.S and Korea. Data of 520 participants from each country (260 males and 260 females) was used. The results of this study is as follows: First, both consumers in Korea and U.S. showed five factors such as aesthetics/trend, body shape, practical use/wearing, care, and distorted. In performance factor of Korean students was consisted of wearing/care, aesthetics, body shape, distorted, and trend/symbolism while that of American students was consisted of wearing, aesthetics, body shape, trend/image factor, and distorted. Second, regarding importance rate, aesthetics/trend, practical use/wearing, care, and distorted affected satisfaction of Korean students whereas aesthetics/trend factor affected satisfaction of American students. Regarding performance, body shape factor, distorted, trend/symbolic affected satisfaction of Korean students whereas trend/image affected satisfaction of American students. Third, satisfaction of Korean and American students influenced re-purchase intention and positive word-of-mouth, so proved to be the result variable of satisfaction. By understanding the differences between consumers in Korea and U.S., apparel importers and exporters may develop effective business strategies to better fulfill their customers` needs and desires, and therefore, increase their profit.

현대 패션 디자인에 나타난 치파오의 디자인 특성 -2000~2009년 여성 컬렉션을 중심으로-

유상 ( Shang Ryu ) , 장정임 ( Jung Im Jang ) , 이연희 ( Youn Hee Lee )
복식문화학회|복식문화연구  19권 2호, 2011 pp. 296-308 ( 총 13 pages)
The purpose of this study is to understand Qipao, that Chinese traditional women`s cloth, and analysis the aesthetic characteristics of that. Joining WTO in 2002 and 2008 Beijing Olympic made China get the attention by the world and get the opportunity that advent of China style. Chinese fashion cultural contents have abundant meanings in internal or external, therefore characteristics aesthetic of Chinese traditional fashion had much influence in world fashion design. Qipao that has influence in contemporary fashion design could be used special fashion design data for China market. A variety of literature and prior researches for Qipao`s history and transition process was studied. Internal and external documents, fashion magazines, internet information were investigated to study features of Qipao. Total 20 seasons fashion collections from 2000S/S to 2009F/W was examined, and selected 22 brands that showed Qipao style, after then extracted 418 photos among them. By the seasons, it showed 193 pieces in S/S and 225 pieces in F/W, and was put to practical use in F/W season than S/S. The results are as follows. The contemporary fashion collections shown in the Qipao style silhouette, detail, color, material, pattern and the results obtained by each, were in all respects diversity. In silhouette, including traditional tight silhouettes, ``H`` silhouettes, boxy silhouette was such a variety. The five colors traditionally preferred color from the color was more of a tendency to be gorgeous. Modem reinterpretation of pattern designs by graphic pattern that has emerged. Also, shown in a contemporary fashion collection Qipao style leather material in application utilizing the glossy feel of a plastic material and has emerged feeling.

폴리쉬 사용으로 인한 네일 변색에 관한 연구

이영숙 ( Young Suk Lee ) , 박영선 ( Young Seon Park )
복식문화학회|복식문화연구  19권 2호, 2011 pp. 309-315 ( 총 7 pages)
Due to rapid growth of nail art industry, various materials and expression tools are have been developed. Increasing number of consumers favor diverse nail art techniques including painting and artificial tips in addition to basic care such as cuticle trimming or coloring. Accordingly, the diversity of polish colors has been settled as a concept of total fashion in addition to the clothes and accessories. As the result, nails may be damaged or discolored. A study the nail discoloration by using polish was purposed that contribute to the development of nail protective products. The tests were conducted with 20 college students for six months from March 3 to Aug. 28, 2009, using digital camera as the measurement apparatus. The students were classified into two groups which applied bright polish (white, beige, pink series) and dark polish (purple, blue, black series), and then divided into the groups applied and not applied the base coat which is known to be effective in preventing nail discoloration, and the groups applied and not applied tonic. The students applied polish for one week, and removed the polish with remover and photographed to examine the degree of nail discoloration. Dark colored polished resulted in earlier coloration and discoloration than the bright colored ones. Base coat could prevent coloration and the color changes of hyponychium and eponychium were lighter than the cases not applied with base coat. Tonic could delay coloration and reduced the color changes of hyponychium showing that tonic was effective for preventing coloration and discoloration of nail in addition to nutrition.

3D 가상 이미지의 텍스타일 소재로의 적용을 통한 삼차원 변형가능한 "Living Textile"과 환경변화에 관한 연구 (2)

김기훈 ( Ki Hoon Kim ) , 서지성 ( Ji Sung Suh )
복식문화학회|복식문화연구  19권 2호, 2011 pp. 316-323 ( 총 8 pages)
This research aim concerns questioning how we can generate environments suggestive of nature fused with built environments through textiles. Through literature reviews and experiments with available the 3D imaging techniques of Holography, Lenticular and other new technologies. We also have researched towards finding the most effective method for 3D imaging techniques for textile applications. The advantage of the combining technique is to create the possibility of seeing a number of different floating 3D illusory images, depending on the viewing angle. This objective is to produce intriguing textile patterns and images in which the objects and colours change as viewpoints change. Experimental work was carried out in collaboration with professional textile researchers, scientists, artists and designers conducting research in this field.

인삼 추출물 처리에 의한 천연 염색 면직물의 기능성 연구

김월순 ( Wol Soon Kim )
복식문화학회|복식문화연구  19권 2호, 2011 pp. 324-333 ( 총 10 pages)
This study was accomplished for the purpose of developing a textile processing ingredient that is harmless to the human body and environment. The research method consists of dyeing cotton textiles by extracting the dye solution from ginseng. Then, chrominance, after treatment, antibacterial ratio and deodorization ratio of cotton fabrics dyed with ginseng extracts were tested and results were examined. The research procedure involved first extracting the dye solution from the ginseng`s by-product (fine roots) and then dyeing was effectuated differently according to the test samples temperature and dyeing time requirements. Brightness in all dye substances was lower in pre-mordanting. Beige color could be extracted from pre-mordanted samples. And dark orange from post-mordanted samples. Color-festness was high in all samples. Most of samples show a big antibacterial ratio and deodorization ratio. Through this research it has been discovered that, when applied to textiles, Korea`s ginseng extract possessed reproducibility features as a natural dye and a possibility to be used in cutting which plays a crucial role in hygienic processing. In addition, by using ginseng`s by-product for dyeing processing as the dye solution, efficient application of resources and occurrences of no water waste damages were demonstrated and thus, proved to be environmentally-friendly. Specifically, through this experiment, it was found that saponin, ginseng`s special characteristics, possessed excellent antibacterial odor repelling functions to clothing as well as the capability to prevent skin disease.

고령사회에 대비한 노인 건강 의류 제품 개발을 위한 기초 연구 -니트 소재 압박복을 중심으로-

박명자 ( Myung Ja Park ) , 상정선 ( Jeong Seon Sang )
복식문화학회|복식문화연구  19권 2호, 2011 pp. 334-345 ( 총 12 pages)
A study on compressive garments guarantee the required pressure and form depending on the type of disease and the state of injury can be used in the preventive treatment of cardiovascular disease. This research is to provide a preliminary data to develop medical clothing products, especially knitted compression garments. Starling from analyzing knitted structure of imported pressure goods to apply to test samples, 11 kinds of knitted stretchy fabrics were manufactured under the various knitting conditions, then their tensile, mechanical and hand properties were measured. In comparison size changes by knitting structure, luck stitch applied structure showed an increase in course direction and decrease in wale direction. Float stitch applied structure indicated the contraction of size in width because of unformed loops and floated yam on the technical back of fabric. As a result of tensile properties in tuck and float applied structure, tensile strength was increased in the course direction. On the other hand, the more loops overlapped due to the tuck and float stitch, the more decreased their elongation and elastic recovery were. In case of mechanical properties, as the tuck and float stitch were overlapped double or triple the bending and shearing properties were risen. Accordingly, the drape of fabric becomes stiff, and its surface becomes rough and uneven. The measurements of hand properties showed that the value of KOSHI, FUKURAMI NUMERI in tuck and float applied structure are higher than the plain structure. This results from the relationship between the mechanical and hand properties.

인터넷을 이용한 청소년의 캐주얼 상의 구매 행동

조현주 ( Hyun Ju Cho )
복식문화학회|복식문화연구  19권 2호, 2011 pp. 346-359 ( 총 14 pages)
The purpose of this study was to examine students` reasons and standards for purchasing their casual upper garments through online shopping. A questionnaire composed of 26 items in five-point Likert type (14 items for measuring reasons, and 12 items for measuring standards for their purchase) was administered. The subjects were 422 male and female students attending middle schools, high schools and colleges located in the metropolitan region of Daegu. For a statistical analysis, a 3×2 two way ANOYA design (3 levels of schools: middle school, high school and college and 2 sexes: male and female) was involved, and Turkey`s HFD multiple comparisons were made. The results showed that the reasons for students` purchasing casual upper garments through online shopping malls were as follows: quality, availability of discount coupons and points, other benefits such as special promotions, gifts, the easy return of goods and refunds, and also no trial of wearing shirts even at off-line stores. Significant differences in purchasing reasons through online shopping were found among middle school, high school and college students. There were also significant differences between male and female students mostly found in three variations of purchasing reasons: ease of availability of garments in contemporary fashion, convenient shopping without any restriction on time, and the decision to purchase with help from consumers` recommendations. Significant differences among middle school, high school and college students were found in the following standards for the students` decision to purchase their casual upper garments through online shopping: affordability, color, design, style, payment safety, and ease of maintenance (cleaning and ironing). Differences between male and female students were found to be significant in the following categories: affordabilily, fashionable, brand name, free delivery, product quality, coordination with other clothes, and consumers` recommendations on the products concerned.

패션 시장세분화를 위한 탐색적 연구

김연희 ( Yeon Hee Kim ) , 이규혜 ( Kyu Hye Lee )
복식문화학회|복식문화연구  19권 2호, 2011 pp. 360-375 ( 총 16 pages)
The fashion market focuses on consumers and maximizes consumers` satisfaction. The fashion market has been segmented to better satisfy the variety of consumer group. Although market segmentation has been studied, efficiency and effectiveness of market segmentation continuously bring problems. Also, problems of prediction about real consumer behavior, and efficiency and effectiveness of standards are pointed out. The purpose of this study is to determine the most important variables for dividing fashion product buyers. This study was designed as qualitative study and in-depth interview was conducted. The in-depth interview was conducted with five experts in fashion intelligence agency. In-depth interview was completed by an analytic induction and an investigator triangulation. Questions were about characteristics, demographic characteristics, important factors and fashion buying relationship, and interests of current clothing shoppers. The results of qualitative research demonstrated that clothing shoppers, with their valuable consumption and selective buying behaviors, seek differentiated products. They also long for high quality apparel for its price, because of their valuable consumption and price centered tendency. They illustrated active sides, such as enthusiastic information searching and emotional or experiential consumption, rather than attitudinal sides. The variables for dividing fashion product buyers included: "innovative seeking", "symbolic seeking", "personalized seeking", "quality-seeking", "selective seeking", "price-seeking", "utility-seeking", "hedonic seeking", "sensitive seeking", "brand-seeking", "digital seeking", "information-seeking", and "eco-seeking".
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